Mr Bean Singapore: Now Halal Certified by MUIS

By Halal Trip | 14, Jun, 2022
Mr Bean Singapore: Now Halal Certified by MUIS

Mr Bean is now Halal-certified and we’ve never bean happier. Together with Mr Bean, Do Qoo, Mr Bean’s sister brand, has also been announced to be Halal-certified by MUIS.

As of 13 June 2022, both brands have been cleared for Halal certification and have started to display the Halal certificates and logos at all of their 69 stores in Singapore. They’re also now listed in the list of halal-certified eateries on MUIS’s website.

Taking the extra steps to assure their Muslim customers, Mr Bean has also created a dedicated in-house team to ensure Halal compliance at all Mr Bean and Do Qoo stores.


Mr Bean's Expanding Menu

The renowned soy milk and bean curd chain are known for its iconic pancakes, soy porridge, and many other snacks that are easily accessible islandwide. Now that it’s Halal, we Muslims can now enjoy the full extent of the menu at Mr Bean, which has been expanding its menus with plant-based food, meat alternatives, and more.

Mr Bean Halal Promo

Image Credit: Mr Bean Singapore

To commemorate the Halal certification, Mr Bean is also adding some new local items to their menu such as: 

  • Soy Curry Chicken with Potato Wholegrain Mixed Rice Bowl
  • Curry Chicken with Potato Pancake
  • Gula Melaka Pancake
  • Grass Jelly Thai Tea Soy Milk
  • Pearly Thai Tea Soy Milk


Do Qoo New Outlet

The on-the-go dessert brand Do Qoo sells traditional desserts like grass jelly, aiyu, and soy pudding bowls which are to be enjoyed with a myriad of toppings to make the dessert bowl truly yours. It was also announced that a new Do Qoo outlet will also be opening at Punggol Plaza in July 2022

Do Qoo Dessert bowls now halal

Image Credit: Do Qoo

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