Muslim Friendly Beach Destinations for Women

By Halal Trip | 24, Jul, 2015
Muslim Friendly Beach Destinations for Women

Having the wind in your hair and cool sand under your feet is one of those clichéd feelings that you daydream about but never really think to look for. At least that’s often the case for Muslim women who are all too aware of the stresses of mixed beaches. There aren’t a lot of options for Muslim-friendly beaches, but the following are the main tourist destinations that do cater to Muslim women who want a beach experience with the level of privacy they are looking for. Turkey The beautiful blue waters of Turkey should not be missed when on holiday there, and now that also applies to Muslim women seeking a beach experience that does not compromise their dress code. There are three women-only beaches in Istanbul: Sarıyer Altınkum Beach, Florya Menekşe Beach and Beykoz Poyrazköy Beach. In Antalya, Sarisu beach is reserved for women, and has plenty of facilities allowing you to spend the perfect day-out with sun and sea. For example find a variety of restaurants, and even a tea garden!



In 2007 the city council of Riccione opened a women’s only beach along the resort town’s Adriatic coast. The abundance of beautiful coastline has encouraged tourism officials to select an isolated area that is screened off for privacy and also has an all-female staff. While partitions don’t reach into the sea, there are female patrols that regulate the area.



A women’s beach along the Askar coast was announced in 2014 as the first public women’s only beach in Bahrain. The area is planned to be securely partitioned and guarded. However, you can also find women-only beaches in private resorts around the country.



There are currently two beach locations in Dubai that can be considered Muslim friendly, in that they have allocated days for only women to attend: Jumeirah Beach Park and Al Mamazar Beach Park. Both provide two days a week during which women and children can go to the beach, where boys must be below the age of four. Full privacy is granted, as everyone with access, from the lifeguards to the cleaning and ticketing staff, is female. Further to that, you can even choose to go to the separate sections for female tourists, locals, the elderly, etc. Talk of women’s-only beaches is growing in Muslim and non-Muslim countries alike, so if you’re looking for your well-deserved beach holiday destination, explore your options and be sure to find the most comfortable place for you.  

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