Muslim-Friendly Facilities at Incheon International Airport

By Halal Trip | 14, Sep, 2015
Muslim-Friendly Facilities at Incheon International Airport

Serving as the main entrance gateway to South Korea, the Incheon International Airport – also referred to as Seoul-Incheon International Airport - is the country’s largest airport. It is located about 50 kilometers away from Seoul, west of Incheon, on Yeongjong-Yongyu Island. The highly rated airport is also one of the best and busiest in the world; with over 40 million international passengers using the airport in 2014. With the sheer number of travelers that use the airport; including those on long transits, it is no surprise that Incheon International Airport offers an incredible amount of facilities and services to suit everyone’s needs and wants.

For travelers to relax while at the airport, there are a variety of lounges to choose from. Those who wish not to spend money using the facilities offered at a lounge will be able to unwind at one of the airport’s beautiful gardens which are filled with a variety of colorful trees and plants, or at one of the Rest Zones that can be found all over the airport. These areas are equipped with comfortable chairs and couches meant for resting.

Another great way to relax would be to visit Incheon International Airport’s 18-hole putting golf course. A visit to the airport’s spa is also sure to get rid of the stress that inevitably comes with traveling. Equipped with saunas, massage area, and tubs, the spa found at the airport is as good as, or even better than any other spa.

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A couple of great places to learn about Korean culture and history are the Korean Culture Museum and the Cultural Experience Zone, both found within the airport. While here, visitors not only get to see a collection of thousand-year-old relics, but they also get to experience traditional performances, and try their hand at making traditional artifacts that can be taken with them as souvenirs.

Those with kids, and time to kill, should also make it a point to visit the airport’s Observation Deck. Kids are sure to have a fantastic time here, watching aircraft from all over the world taking off and landing. There is also a Skating Rink at the airport that is sure to keep kids and adults alike occupied for hours. The airport also offers free WIFI and internet lounges throughout.

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Shopping at Incheon Airport will be an excellent experience. The airport is a shopper’s paradise, home to a duty-free shopping mall that has something for everyone. Restaurants, cafés, snack bars, and food kiosks; both local and international, can also be found all through the airport. For Muslim travelers, however, there may not be any Halal food at Incheon Airport, since the country is made up of non-Muslims for the most part. They will however find eateries serving a variety of suitable vegetarian and seafood dishes.

Since the Prayer rooms at Incheon International Airport are meant for individuals of all religions, Muslims will also be able to offer their prayers while here. One of the multi-faith prayer rooms at Incheon Airport can be found on the 2nd Floor, and the other is located on the 4th Floor Concourse; in the transit area.

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There are a bunch of things Muslim travelers can do at Incheon International Airport. Not only that, the facilities are kid-friendly, and family-friendly as well. Those in transit at the airport will be able to explore and discover a plethora of things that are sure to make them want to stay at the airport longer than they even have to!    

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