Bed Down Like A Local In This Muslim-Friendly Hotel: Risshisha

By Arwa Munnaverali | 11, Sep, 2019
Bed Down Like A Local In This Muslim-Friendly Hotel: Risshisha

Back in the day, Kyoto was known as one of Japan's capitals. Now, it is presently renowned as a prevalent tourist spot that is rich and overflowing with conventional Japanese traditions, food, places of worship, garments, language, culture and so much more!

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Over the years, the number of outside vacationers streaming into Japan has expanded gradually, and a large part of this segment are Muslim travelers. As such, Japan travel agencies, associations and organizations linked with managing the travel industry and the food & beverage industry, have started to accomodate Muslims in their products and services. One of these organisations is none other than Risshisha, a prevalent ryokan in Kyoto that manages traditional Japanese lodging.

From March 2019 onwards, Risshisha began creating stay packages which catered to Muslim tourists and allowed them to enjoy a stress-free stay at Risshisha while performing their religious duties. They have a total of 25 ryokans (hotels) and a majority of them are catered towards the Muslim vacationers, which are recognizably known as Muslim-Friendly Ryokans. A typical ryokan can accommodate up to six individuals in a single room. Depending on the size of the ryokan, the bigger the ryokan, the more people it can accomodate.

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At Risshisha, they grow their local vitalization and network building exercises with the city of Kyoto through machiya. A machiya is a traditional wooden townhouse that is found all over Japan. They offer a lodging experience that mixes conventional Kyoto machiya culture with present-day innovation and technology.

Residing at a machiya is engaging because it is an alternate encounter from an ordinary inn or ryokan, and makes visitors feel as if they are living in Kyoto. Guests can appreciate the primary setting of a customary Japanese house furnished with present-day services and facilities at Risshisha. Risshisha's machiya is in located in Kyoto's Omiya-Cho, which is nearby the Kyoto station and other tourist hot spots. They are currently seeking new undertakings to rejuvenate Kyoto machiya as another type of commitment to society so that they can enhance their guests' experience.

Besides the top-notch Muslim-friendly lodging experience, Risshisha also has staff who come from various racial and religious backgrounds, namely Muslim staff from Indonesia and staff from Taiwan. You can be rest assured that all their staff are friendly and produce an amicable and good-natured culture. 

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At Risshisha Muslim-Friendly Ryokan, they provide a wide range of facilities that help Muslim visitors enjoy an overnight vacation. In stay packages for Muslims, there are a few halal menu alternatives that you can request when you make a reservation. Their Halal menu strictly uses Halal ingredients like Halal meat, which is ensured by the Japan Islamic Trust. Visitors can choose from a variety of Halal Japanese food items in the menu such as Gyudon (rice bowl layered with beef) and Daifuku (delectable Japanese desserts, mochi with cream filling) which is vastly raved about and highly recommended. Other signature dishes include chicken curry and penne vegetables. All of the menu items mentioned have a Halal Certificate that is issued by the Japan Islamic Trust. Their menu is derived from Global Corporation Japan, a distributor of Halal products in Japan. 

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Besides food, Risshisha ryokans are also known as a conventional Japanese hotel that includes tatami-matted rooms, common showers, and other open territories where guests may wear yukata and chat with the proprietor. Each ryokan is also well-equipped with prayer mats, Qibla markers, prayer garments (for both male and female) and prayer timetables which are available upon request. This way, Muslim tourists can carry out their prayers in a serene and peaceful setting.

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Below are 6 types of ryokans (rooms) available at Risshisha:

  1. Sen/Omiya Gojo which can accommodate up to 4 individuals. Be sure to experience an exquisite excursion in this Kyoto machiya with a conventional Japanese hearth, and experience life in a house in Kyoto.

    Credit: Risshisha

  2. Satoi/Tessen Omiya Gojo which can accommodate up to 4 individuals. This is set in a tranquil corner of a private home, where there is Tessen (folding fans). Tourists can appreciate the class of a machiya that will make you sense that you are living in Kyoto.

    Credit: Risshisha

  3. Sen/Shichijo Mibu which can accommodate up to 6 individuals. Enjoy an elegant vacation in this Kyoto machiya with a traditional Japanese sunken hearth, and experience life in a house in Kyoto.

    Credit: Risshisha

  4. Mibu-juku which can accommodate up to 4 individuals. 

    Credit: Risshisha

  5. Shisei-juku which can accommodate up to 4 individuals.

    Credit: Risshisha

  6. Satoi Kosetsu/Shichijo-Mibu which can accommodate up to 5 individuals. These are redesigned old Nagoya houses, accessible for one group per day. They join and portray the great parts of the two hotels and ryokans.

    Credit: Risshisha

Each room has a diverse range of amenities created for their guests to be guranteed that their time spent at Risshisha is worth their money. To name a few, these amenities include a TV, air conditioning, floor warming, refrigerator, utensils, microwave, IH stove, tank pan, electric pot, Yukata set, iron, hairdryer, washing machine and most importantly, Wifi!

Upon arriving at Risshisha, you may consider visiting these popular tourist spots:

  • Kyoto Tower (which will take you 7 minutes by taxi from Omiya Gojo reception)
  • Nishi Honganji Temple (which is a 12 minutes stroll from Omiya Gojo front desk)
  • Kyoto Gyoen National Garden (which is 12 minutes by taxi from Omiya Gojo front desk)


Address: 279 Shimochofukuji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8375
Check in timings: 15:00 - 20:00
Contact number: 075-468-1417
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5 minutes car ride away from Kyoto Station

So if you are visiting Kyoto anytime soon, why not experience the lodging and accommodation facilities provided by Risshisha Muslim-friendly Ryokan? It's an experience that'll be worthwhile and unforgettable!

*Do note that the crescent-rated ryokans are inclusive of Mibu-Juku, Shisei Juku, Sen/Toji-Uomitsu, Sen/Omiya Gojo, Sen/Schchijo Mibu, Satoi Tessen/Omiya-Gojo, Satoi Kosetsu/Shichijo-Mibu and Satoi Seishi/Omiya-Gojo only.

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