10 Muslim-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Little Traveler Entertained

By Deidre Casandra M. | 08, Sep, 2023
10 Muslim-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Little Traveler Entertained

Traveling with a baby can be a delightful experience filled with precious memories. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when keeping your little one entertained during the waiting and long journeys. As Muslim parents, we must ensure that the activities and options we provide align with our values.

Read on to learn how you can explore creative and Muslim-friendly ways to keep your baby entertained while traveling, making the journey joyous for the whole family.

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1. Toys and Books - Delightful Distractions

Pack a variety of small, lightweight toys and board books your baby adores. Look for options that are free from any non-Halal materials and images. According to research, soft toys, rattles, and interactive books can captivate your baby's attention and provide entertainment which is a good activity during the waiting period.


2. Sensory Toys - Engage the Senses
Sensory Toys

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Sensory toys with different textures, colours, and sounds can keep your little one engaged and stimulated during travel. Opt for toys made from safe and Halal materials, allowing your baby to explore their senses with joy and excitement. One of the ways to learn if the toys are using Halal material is through the Halal certification label on the packaging.


3. Snacks - Happy and Halal Munchies

Offering age-appropriate snacks is a surefire way to keep your baby occupied and satisfied. Pack Halal-certified snacks and fruits that are easy to handle and mess-free. These tasty treats will not only keep your baby happy but also ensure you have peace of mind.


4. Peekaboo Games - Endless Entertainment
Peekaboo Games

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Simple peekaboo or hide-and-seek games always succeed in entertaining babies. Create fun and exciting moments during waiting times, engaging your little one's curiosity and sparking giggles.


5. Sing Songs and Rhymes - Melodies of Joy

Singing nursery rhymes and songs can be entertaining and soothing for your baby. Entertaining your kids with fun and appropriate songs and rhyme choices embraces your beautiful bonding experience and can be an experience your kids will treasure from the trip.


6. Baby Carrier - Close Comfort

If you have a baby carrier, carrying your little one close to you can provide comfort and a sense of security during travel. It also lets you have hands-free moments while waiting or exploring new places.


7. Interactive Apps or Videos - Age-Appropriate Entertainment

For older babies, consider using interactive apps or videos with age-appropriate content. Several Muslim-friendly apps and shows can entertain and educate your little traveller.


8. Magnetic Drawing Board - Mess-Free Fun

A small magnetic drawing board can offer endless drawing fun without any mess. Your baby can scribble and explore their creativity, all while you travel hassle-free.


9. Look at the Surroundings - Fascinating Discoveries

Engage your baby's curiosity by pointing out interesting things in the surroundings, such as colours, shapes, or animals. Nature can be an excellent teacher during your journey.


10. Stroller Ride - Calming and Scenic
Stroller Ride

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Take your baby for a stroll in the stroller during waiting times, as this can be a calming and enjoyable experience for both you and your little one.


Creating Lasting Memories

Traveling with your baby is a beautiful journey filled with love and joy. By incorporating these Muslim-friendly entertainment ideas, you can create lasting memories and ensure a delightful experience for your little traveler.

This recommendation will help you with your travel. Safe travels, and may your adventures be blessed! For more info on trips like this, check out our other blogs on Halaltrip.


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