Top Muslim NFL Players to Watch in 2023

By Halal Trip | 04, Sep, 2023
Top Muslim NFL Players to Watch in 2023

The NFL season is nearly upon us, and fans across the nation are gearing up for another thrilling year of football action. As the 2023 season unfolds, it's time to take a closer look at some of the standout Muslim NFL players who are expected to leave their mark on the gridiron. These athletes bring a combination of skill, dedication, and faith to the game, making them a source of inspiration on and off the field. Join us as we delve into the stories and strengths of these remarkable players.

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Kareem Hunt - Running Back (Last: Cleveland Browns)
Kareem Hunt

Image Credit: Kareem Hunt on Instagram

Kareem Hunt is a dynamic running back known for his versatility. His ability to rush for tough yards, catch passes out of the backfield, and pass block effectively makes him a key component of any team's offense. Hunt's journey to the NFL wasn't without its challenges, as he overcame adversity and legal issues to earn a second chance in the league. His determination and talent are a testament to his character. At the time of writing, he is still a free agent, but one that has been garnering a lot of interest from multiple teams ahead of the start of the season.


Mohamed Sanu - Wide Receiver (Last: Miami Dolphins)
Mohamed Sanu

Image Credit: Mohamed Sanu on Instagram

Mohamed Sanu has built a reputation as a reliable wide receiver capable of making clutch catches in critical moments. He's known for his precise route running and sure hands, attributes that have endeared him to quarterbacks throughout his career. Sanu's dedication to his craft and his commitment to his faith make him a role model both on and off the field.


Ameer Abdullah - Running Back (Las Vegas Raiders)
Ameer Abdullah

Image Credit: Ameer Abdullah on Instagram

Ameer Abdullah is a versatile back who can contribute both as a runner and receiver. His agility and elusiveness make him a valuable weapon for the Las Vegas Raiders' offense. Abdullah's dedication to his faith and his commitment to improving his game are qualities that Raiders fans can admire as he takes the field in 2023.



As we look ahead to the 2023 NFL season, these Muslim NFL players represent not only their respective teams but also their faith and dedication to the game. Each player has a unique story and set of skills that make them compelling to watch. Whether it's breaking tackles, making crucial catches, or disrupting opposing offenses, these athletes are sure to make a significant impact on the field, inspiring fans and aspiring players alike. So, keep an eye on these remarkable individuals as they aim to shine on the gridiron in the upcoming season.

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