Muslim Guide: Travel Hong Kong With Ease In This 21st Century

By Shamilka Rasheed | 11, Jun, 2018
Muslim Guide: Travel Hong Kong With Ease In This 21st Century

Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, with wonderful attractions and intriguing historical places that are worth exploring to satisfy the traveler in you. But what about Muslim-friendly travel to Hong Kong? A question that Muslim travelers have on their mind when it comes to finding Halal food and prayer places during their stay. But don’t postpone your trip just yet! Hong Kong has become more Muslim friendly in the recent years with a significant increase in excellent Halal food places to satiate your appetite. Additionally, most mosques in Hong Kong and prayer places are conveniently located in active areas of the city.

Find Halal Restaurants in Hong Kong

13 Best Halal Food Places near you in Hong Kong

Finding Halal Food Places in Hong Kong

There is no doubt that food is a great reason to travel to Hong Kong and the local flavours are something that you simply must experience during your travels. However, pork and pork lard are usually used in food preparation and are a big part of the cuisine. Alternatively, you can go vegan or vegetarian while traveling to Hong Kong or stick to seafood as well. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to find out if non-Halal products will be part of the meal you ordered.

While you might need to go the extra mile to locate Halal restaurants, you will still find some amazing places that serve up some delicious Halal food. The best thing about Hong Kong is that there is a variety when it comes to cuisines, so do check the international spot as well.

Halal Food Spots In Hong Kong To Check Out

Hong Kong is best known for unique dishes with great flavor that you might not find anywhere else. Wondering where you can find Halal food restaurants near you in Hong Kong? While finding Halal friendly options can be a bit of a task, Muslim travelers will soon realise that there are more options for Halal food or vegetarian options that you really can’t go wrong with. Check out some of the popular spots to get a taste of the local delights!

Wai Kee Duck Rice

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Just as the name suggests, this popular restaurant is best known for their traditional, delicious duck and rice and their lamb curry. Not only is the food Halal, this spot remains a favourite among locals as well, and you can enjoy some excellent food in a casual setting.

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
Address: Shop 5, Bowrington Road Cooked Food Centre, 1/F, Bowrington Road Market, 21 Bowrington Road, Wan Chai
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Price/Price Range: HKD 38 – HKD 50
Reservation: -
Contact: +852 2574 1131


Islamic Centre Canteen

The canteen can be found in the Ammar Mosque and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, so you can easily drop by after prayers. The Islamic Centre Canteen is another gem where you can taste some excellent dim sum or sample traditional Cantonese dishes. No worries here on whether the food is Halal. Every meal here is worth your money! You might even want to pack some in your bag before you continue with your journey.

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Dim Sum
Address: 5/F, Masjid Ammar And Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai
Opening Hours: 10:00am to 3:00pm (for dim sum), 6:00pm to 9:00pm (Cantonese menu)
Price/Price Range: HKD 25 – HKD 40
Reservation: -
Contact: +852 2834 8211


Ma's Restaurant

A simple, casual spot to enjoy some excellent food, Ma’s restaurant is especially well-known for their veal goulash patties, lamb rolls, and meat curries.

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Xinjiang
Address: 21 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 11:30 am to 11:00 pm
Price/Price Range: HKD 50 – HKD 60
Reservation: -
Contact: +852 2787 6108


Prayer Places in Hong Kong

Even though there are limited prayer spaces in public areas, Muslim travelers will be able to conveniently find mosques in Hong Kong near most of the main areas. As Hong Kong has become more Muslim-friendly combined with a growing Muslim population, it won’t be too hard to find prayer facilities. You can visit the following mosques or prayer spaces while you are on a visit to Hong Kong.

Jamia Mosque

Picture Credit:, Christopher DeWolf

The Jamia Mosque is the oldest mosque in Hong Kong and stands out with its unique architecture among the more modern buildings, and you really can’t miss it. Also known as the Lascar Temple, this mosque was first opened in 1890 and can be reached easily from popular spots such as the Hong Kong Park, the Cenotaph, and Lion’s Pavilion.

Address: 30 Shelley Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: -
Contact: +852 2523 7743


Ammar Mosque and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre

The Ammar Mosque is part of the Islamic Centre and has two separate prayer halls for men and women, while there is an ablution area located in the first floor.

Address: 40 Oi Kwan Road, Morrison Hill, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: -
Contact: +852 2575 2218


Mezquita Kowloon

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You cannot miss this impressive mosque in Kowloon that is located right next to Kowloon Park, where you can visit after you go sight-seeing.

Address: 105 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: -
Contact: +852 2724 0095

Disneyland and Ocean Park

If you are visiting some of the popular theme parks, you will be able to find convenient prayer places in Hong Kong especially in places such as Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong.

Disneyland Hong Kong

Here, you'll be able to find Halal-certified meals at the Tahitian Terrace and the Explorer's Club Restaurant. While the meals at these restaurants may be costly, you might want to try the Halal-certified sides at the Main Street Market U.S.A.

Muslim travelers will find a prayer room with a shared ablution area at Hong Kong Disneyland next to the Explorer’s Club Restaurant.

Ocean Park

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At Ocean Park, no need to worry about finding Halal-certified food because there are two restaurants that offer Halal food. The Club Panda serves savoury asian delights such as dim sum and barbecued dishes. Try their Halal Hainan Chicken Rice to fuel up after a long day! You can also find Halal food at Dive Into A Float at the Marine World. 

Finally, there are prayer rooms with the marked Qibla direction in Ocean Park at the Guest Relations office as well.


Halal Food at Hong Kong International Airport

Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits

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If you are feeling a little hungry and still have some cash to spare, head down to Popeyes at the Terminal 1, Departure Level before boarding your flight back home!

Address: Level 7, Departures Level, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport Restricted Area [Food Court after Departures (South)]
Opening Hours: 6.30AM to 11.30PM (Everyday)
Contact: +852 3171 1982

Old Town White Coffee

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Or if you really miss some good old Malaysian food, pop by Old Town White Coffee at the Terminal 1, Departure Level (L6). This outlet is the brand's first outlet in Hong Kong. Don't miss trying pout their Old Town Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun!

Address: Level 6, Departure Level, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport Restricted Area (Food Court near gate 40-80)
Opening Hours: 7AM to 9PM (Everyday)
Contact: +852 2261 0750

You will be pleased to know that you can find non-denominational prayer rooms at the Hong Kong International Airport. There is an ablution area too, while the Qibla directions are marked in the rooms.

In conclusion, Muslim-friendly travel to Hong Kong is possible when you know where to find what you need – so start planning your trip soon!

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