Style Picks and Local Trinkets

By Halal Trip | 30, Jul, 2021
Style Picks and Local Trinkets

Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers are packed with information on what to do in Singapore, where to visit, and even what to eat! Becoming the "all you need to know" guides to Singapore, whether you're a tourist visiting Singapore or a local rediscovering Singapore, both these guides will be the perfect companion to exploring and getting the best out of your time in Singapore!

Singapore is known to some as a shopping haven with the availability of international brands that are easily found almost anywhere in the island nation. However, did you know that there are some really interesting and unique brands, products, and experiences that are undeniably uniquely Singapore?

Some might not even be aware that these brands are actually from Singapore. There are a number of local brands that offer exciting products and experiences that you have to check out when you're in Singapore. For the full list, check out Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers.

Here are some locally designed and crafted products that contain functional yet quirky items for a slice of Singapore to take home with you:

Planning on a trip to Singapore? Or planning to rediscover Singapore? Find out everything you need to know when visiting Singapore with Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers!


Baju by Oniatta
Baju by Oniatta Utama pants batik

Image Credit: @bajubyoniatta on Instagram

Baju by Oniatta is a brand that is dedicated to the revival of Batik by incorporating modern designs and traditional batik fabric. Reinventing Batik by bringing it into the 21st century while preserving the traditional aspects of Batik as we know it. Their line of products makes them a great fit into the modern wardrobe, with their unique takes of beautiful intricate patterns and functionality. They are also suitable for modest fashionwear too!

One of the products that are simply ingenious is their signature Utama pants. These Utama pants combine both style and comfort, with the beautiful batik motifs and the ingenious flap in the front. Who said you can't be practical while being stylish?


Carrie K.
Carrie K jewelry silversmith

Image Credit: @carriek_rocks on Instagram

Carrie K. is a local brand that specializes in silversmith and jewelry. Carrie K. creatively creates modern jewelry out of traditional materials such as pearls, jade, and many others. Reinventing jewelry designs to suit the modern lifestyle. In addition to the spectacular designs, Carrie K. works with artisans and gemologists, to marry quality craftsmanship with innovative design in each and every piece of jewelry they produce.

Their approach to reimagining and reinventing jewelry has won them many accolades around the world. Carrie K. even offers services where you can design and create your own unique piece of jewelry. Bespoke to you.


The Shirt Bar
The Shirt Bar

Image Credit: @tsb_theshirtbar on Instagram

The Shirt Bar strives to bring value and style by pushing the boundaries on men's fashion with their creative approach to producing and tailoring their products. Striving to craft the best products with quality and fit, whilst also keeping them affordable. Made up of a team of experienced individuals from international clothing brands, quality is the name of their game. Other than just that, they also have specially engineered apparel that pushes practicality and function that anyone will appreciate.

Contrary to their name, their range of products covers more than just shirts for the modern Muslim. From Shirts, Vests, Pants, Shoes, and even other accessories, you can practically create your look from top to bottom at the Shirt Bar. From classic formals to quirky casuals, know that you are in
for a great fit every wear.


Lasouk Musholla Prayer Mat

Image Credit: @mylasouk on Instagram

Lasouk is a modest fashion brand that caters to the modern Muslimah with their line of modest wear clothing line. Lasouk's range of modest wear will be perfect for the modern Muslimah with its contemporary and minimalist designs.

Other than just modest fashion wear, Lasouk also makes beautiful and comfortable-looking prayer mats for everyday use. Whether it's for Home or Mushollas, their range of prayer mats makes it easier for travelers to perform their daily prayers anytime and anywhere. One such product from the Musholla range is the Sultana Purple Prayer Mat.


Bynd Artisan
Bynd Artisan

Image Credit: @byndartisan on Instagram

Bynd Artisan is a different entry when compared to the other brands referenced in Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers, as they are a unique experiential brand. Bynd Artisan specializes in leather craftsmanship and bookmaking. They work with expert craftsmen in their ateliers are to craft custom-made and personalized paper and leather products.

Made by craftsmen, these fully customizable handmade goods exude luxury with their quality and style. You can even join in the experience by learning how to make these products yourselves, under the guidance of the expert craftsmen at Bynd Artisan.


Comprehensive Guides to Singapore

There are just so many things that can fit in this article but this is not even half of what Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers has to offer. The comprehensive guides have all the things you need to know to get the full experience of what Singapore has to offer!

So be sure to download the Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers to get the full list of brands and products you should check out in Singapore!

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