Muslim's Guide: 9 Things To Do In Birmingham, England

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 22, Jul, 2022
Muslim's Guide: 9 Things To Do In Birmingham, England

So, you’ve heard about Birmingham and finally decided to check out this rich city! Located in the heart of England, Birmingham is the second largest English city after London. With a population of 27% Muslims, there are plenty of things to do in Birmingham, England, as a Muslim.

Birmingham is a city of art and culture. You’ll always find something to entertain you in the city (especially if you love Western Music). And don’t worry! Even if it’s a huge urban area, Birmingham has some cool, quiet spots where you can just relax and connect with yourself and your loved ones.

To make navigating the city easy for you, we dedicate this guide to the 10 best things to do in Birmingham, England. The following list includes the iconic must-dos that make every trip to Birmingham a unique experience.

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1. Attend a Concert at the Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham Symphony Hall UK

Image Credit: Institution of Civil Engineers, UK

Visit the Birmingham Symphony Hall; it’s one of the most sophisticated concert halls in the world. The acoustics are stunning, and the architecture is very pleasing to the sight.

The Birmingham Symphony Hall hosts show all the time. During your stay, attending rock, jazz or even a comedy show is one of the most interesting things to do in Birmingham, England.


2. Discover Artifacts at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery UK

Image Credit: Victor on flickr

Lose yourself in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery exploring a vast collection of unique artifacts. You will be surprised by the rich history from all over the world that is well preserved in this museum.

The section on Egypt has some amazing coffins and mummies that look spooky. And of course, there are many exhibitions of European culture that you may discover if you’re a fan of that.


3. Explore Birmingham City Centre, dine in a Halal restaurant and pray in a mosque
Birmingham City Center

Image Credit: Phil Dolby on flickr

Birmingham City Centre is the pumping heart of the city, where you can explore diverse architecture from various eras.

The most impressive old buildings are Aston Hall, the St Philip’s Cathedral, and the Methodist Central Hall. The most notable modern building in City Centre is bubbly looking Selfridges Building.

Drop by Birmingham Central Mosque while you’re in City Center for some spiritual healing, and don’t forget that there are plenty of Halal restaurants around that you have to dine in, or stop by for a nice afternoon tea.


4. Spend the afternoon at the Gas Street Basin
Gas Street Basin Birmingham UK

Image Credit: @_shamrock_sean on Instagram

The Gas Street Basin is the center of England’s canal system. Walking around the great-looking canals, you may want to taste some English cuisine in one of the restaurants on the sidewalks.

Make sure to take a camera with you to capture the beauty of the place. The Gas Street Basin is only a few minutes away from City Center.


5. Take a Ride on the Shakespeare Express
Shakespeare Express Birmingham UK

Image Credit: @maxinetait67 on Instagram

The Shakespeare Express is the iconic train of Birmingham. It’s a still-operating steam train that links Birmingham and Stanford.

Take a ride to the countryside of Birmingham on the Shakespeare Express to get a glimpse at the spirit of the Industrial Revolution.

You can also dine on the train and try the delicious English meals on board.


6. Visit Winterbourne House
Winterbourne House Birmingham UK

Image Credit: @anjongbok on Instagram

Only a few miles from Birmingham, you may visit the Winterbourne House and Gardens where you can breathe fresh air.

The house exhibits artifacts in its corners that show English authenticity.

After finishing with the house, take a stroll around the luscious gardens. The design of the gardens is truly a sight that you mustn’t miss. They are home to over 6,000 plants from all over the world.


7. Shop at the Great Western Arcade
Great Western Arcade Birmingham UK

Image Credit: @ron_parikh on Instagram

The Great Western Arcade is one of the most iconic places in Birmingham. It’s a Victorian complex building where you can shop. There are plenty of independent shops around and some of the best places where you can dine.

The place thrives with activity and people. You can make some English friends there while drinking coffee in a nice place.

Make sure to get some chocolate from Chouchoute Chocolaterie (it’s the best).


8. Relax at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Birmingham Botanical Gardens Birmingham UK

Image Credit: @bhambotanicalgardens on Instagram

Relaxing in the Botanical Gardens is one of the best things to do in Birmingham, England. The theme of the gardens is the beauty of nature when organized by the human intellect.

You can explore the amazing plants in the greenhouses from all over the world and relax outside where the air couldn’t be fresher.

Depending on the time you visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens, you might encounter a music gig or a show that you can attend.


9. Treat yourself with a visit to Cadbury World
Cadbury World Birmingham UK

Image Credit: Cadbury World

Last, but most definitely not the least, is the highly popular Cadbury World. Basically Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory in real life, visitors from around the UK travel to Birmingham to get an insider peek into the inner workings of one of the world's favorite chocolate brands. 

Fun for the whole family? Yes.

Educational? Yes.

Free chocolate? Yes.

There's no reason not to spend a day at Cadbury World.



Our list may summarize Birmingham’s activities into only the 9 best things, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to this rich city. There are plenty of things to do in Birmingham that you can (and should) discover on your own once you’re in there. Make sure to take your time in the city!

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