9 Must Try Halal Food in the East | Bedok Edition

By Hidaya Alatas | 26, Nov, 2020
9 Must Try Halal Food in the East | Bedok Edition

1. Ashes Burnnit

Ashes Burnnit - Halal food in the east

Credit: Ashes Burnnit Instagram

This place sneakily crept into one of the coffee shops in the Bedok South Avenue 3 area one day. I’m sure most of you have heard of it by now, and if you haven’t tried it, what’re you waiting for? 

If there’s one thing you need to try, it’s their beef patties. Ashes Burnnit does an amazing job keeping their patties consistently succulent and deliciously charred. My personal favorite is their Truffle Mushroom Burger ($8/single patty, $10.50/double patty) that comes not only with a creamy truffle sauce, but is packed with a heap of sautéd mushrooms. They’re also known for their Signature Ashes Smash Cheese Burger ($5.90/single, $8.40/double), and I would recommend completing your meal with cheese fries (an additional $2). Sinful, but worth it. 

Ashes Burnnit Truffle Mushroom Burger - Best halal food in the east

Credit: Ashes Burnnit Website

You can choose between a black charcoal bun or a potato bun, try out both and see which you prefer. They also offer the choice between having a single or double patty.

Ashes Burnnit burgers - best halal places to eat in the east

Credit: Ashes Burnnit Instagram

Ashes Burnnit is a must-try for burger-lovers out there. Delicious, filling, and one of the more affordable burger joints in Singapore. And if you aren’t a huge fan of beef, you can opt for their Fish & Chips Burger, their chicken burgers, or even their mac & cheese menu.

Address: 69 Bedok South Ave 3, Singapore 460069

Opening Hours: Open Daily, 11.30 am–8.30 pm

Halal Status: Muslim Owned

More Info: Website | FB | IG


2. TFF Boneless Chicken Rice (Bedok Corner)

TFF Boneless Chicken Rice - best halal places to eat in bedok

Credit: @_norarazak on Instagram

An unassuming stall within Bedok Food Center (otherwise known as Bedok Corner), some chicken rice enthusiasts say TFF serves the best chicken rice in Singapore. At an average price of $4 for a plate of roasted/steamed chicken rice, it’s definitely worth the visit, whether you’re hunting for the best chicken rice in the country or simply looking for a good meal in the East. There’s just something about their soy sauce that takes it a notch above most places (I think there’s sesame oil in it or something), and the rice is delicious enough to eat on its own. Don’t get there too late if you’re a fan of roasted chicken rice, because they usually run out by evening time.

TFF Boneless Chicken Rice Halal - Bedok Food Corner

Credit: @dr_pornsark on Instagram

Another important thing to note is that TFF at Bedok Corner is the ONLY halal-certified TFF stall in Singapore. All other TFF/Tong Fong Fatt outlets are not halal so please be careful to get the right address when planning your visit there. 

Address: 1 Bedok Rd #01-22, Singapore 469572

Opening Hours: Everyday except Wednesday 11am–9pm

Halal Status: Halal-Certified only at Bedok Corner

More Info: FB 


3. Deanna’s Kitchen

Deanna's Kitchen - halal prawn mee in Singapore best halal food in singapore

Credit: Deanna's Kitchen FB

One thing that makes me happy is getting to try food I never thought would be Halal. Living in Singapore, there are a lot of dishes you just eventually accept you’ll never get to try, and that’s ok. But when places like Deanna’s Kitchen (and Yizun Noodles) open up, it feels so empowering to be like, “Yeah! We can explore a world of possibilities while sticking to our faith!”

All this to say that I’m really glad Muslim revert Denise Deanna decided to open up this authentic halal prawn mee stall in 2017. And once you’ve tried their food, you probably will be too. 

Deanna's Kitchen - best halal prawn mee in singapore halal places to eat in singapore halal places to eat in the east

Credit: Deanna's Kitchen IG

Prices range from $7 to $13 for a bowl of Prawn Mee, depending on the size you choose and whether you want clams or not. Just a tip, when they ask you for your choice of noodles, you might want to pick the yellow noodles as it adds an impeccable richness to the broth and pairs perfectly with the prawns. 

P.S. The Bedok outlet also serves fishball noodles cooked separately from the shellfish broth, ideal for those who may have shellfish or prawn allergies. Do eat at your own discretion.

Address: 28 Senang Crescent BizHub 28, #02-11, Padi Emas coffeeshop, 416601

Opening Hours: 10am–7pm (Tue–Thur) | 10am–9pm (Fri–Sun) | Closed on Mondays

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

More Info: Website | FB | IG


4. Tang Tea House

This is a staple for many who live and love to have supper in the East. A big name all over the country, Tang Tea House is definitely not unknown. Affordable, fast and delicious Hong Kong food, Tang Tea House still lives up to its reputation, and is definitely worth a visit any time you’re in the East. If you’re there for a meal and don’t know what to order, my personal recommendation would be to get either the Fried Tang Hoon with Seafood ($6.50 for Small) or the XO Beef Fried Rice ($6.80 for Small, comes with taugeh), along with an order of Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings ($4.70 for 3 pieces) and a cup of Teh Ais. Mmm comfort food. 

Tang Tea House

XO Fried Rice. Credit: Tang Tea House IG

Tang Tea House deep fried shrimp dumplings

Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings. Credit: Tang Tea House FB

Top your meal off with the sweet, ooey-gooey Golden Sand Bun (otherwise known as salted egg yolk pau. $4.80 for 3 pieces). 

Tang Tea House Golden Sand Bun

Golden Sand Bun. Credit: Tang Tea House FB

Address: 357 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469545

Opening Hours: 11am–1am (Sun-Thur) | 11am–2am (Fri & Sat)

Halal-Status: Halal Certified

More Info: Website | FB 


5. Time For Thai

Time for Thai Lobster Tom Yum Soup

Lobster Tom Yum Soup. Credit: Time for Thai IG

Just across the street from Tang Tea House is Simpang Bedok, home to a Thai eatery called Time for Thai (among other eateries). Now, I’ve only eaten here thrice but I’ve been sold from my very first sip of their Seafood Tom Yum Noodles Soup ($7.90). Their ingredients are incredibly fresh and the food is definitely worth the money. You should also try their Seafood Phad Thai and Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice, both cost $7.90 per dish. 

Best Halal Thai Food Singapore - Phad Thai at Time for Thai

Seafood Phad Thai. Credit: Time for Thai IG

Do note that their food tends to be rather spicy, so if you can’t tahan spice, do ask them to make it less spicy!

Address: Simpang Bedok, 282 Bedok Road, Singapore 469438

Opening Hours: Open Everyday 11am–1am

Halal-Status: Halal Certified

More Info: Website | FB | IG


6. Sanook Kitchen

Sanook Kitchen Thai

Credit: @celine_laiyc on Instagram

If you’re craving for Thai food, you should also check out Sanook Kitchen at Bedok Mall. The dishes are very reasonably priced and you can keep your total bill pretty low if you choose the right dishes. If you choose to go there, you must try their Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($5.90 – unbelievably cheap???), Minced Beef/Chicken with Thai Basil ($7.90) and Green Chicken Curry ($7.90).

Sanook Kitchen - best halal food in bedok

Credit: @yummyroamer on Instagram

Sanook Kitchen - Best halal Thai food singapore, best halal places to eat in the east

Minced Chicken with Thai Basil. Credit: @biswajit.khatua on Instagram

Address: Bedok Mall #B2-44, 311 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467360

Opening Hours: Open Everyday 11am–10pm

Halal-Status: Halal Certified

More Info: Website 


7. Warong Jawa @ Bedok South Market & Food Centre

Warong Jawa - blk 16 Bedok south market & food center best nasi lemak

Credit: @fendiboy92 on Instagram

For those who want a taste of good, old school Malay food, you need to go to the Hawker Center at Block 16 Bedok South Road (opposite Temasek Junior College). A hidden gem, it’s the kind of place your mother could walk to with her eyes closed but not know the name of – seriously, my family loves this place but all they could tell me was that their plates are yellow and that the owner was a cute little makcik back in the day.

With their fluffy coconut rice and sweet sambal tumis stir-fried to perfection, you’ll be transported back to the kampong days of our parents and grandparents. If you want to know why your parents still reminisce about the good ol’ days, you must give this place a try. Your wallet and your belly will thank you. 

P.S. You should go down early because they’re known to sell out by about 10 or 11am.

P.S.S. Their mee rebus is said to be exquisite as well.

Address: #01-17 Bedok South Market & Food Centre, Blk 16 Bedok South Road, Singapore 460016

Opening Hours: Open Everyday 7am–1pm  *Opening Hours/Days may vary 

Halal-Status: Muslim-Owned


8. Enak @ Bedok South Market & Food Centre

Just a few stalls down is one of the cheapest Nasi Ambeng places in Singapore. For just $5.50, you will get a plate of white rice with beef rendang, sambal goreng, sambal terung (eggplant), bergedil, serunding and achar. A perfect place to satisfy your Ambeng craving without breaking the bank. 

Address: #01-04 Bedok South Market & Food Centre, Blk 16 Bedok South Road, Singapore 460016

Opening Hours: 7am–2pm (Wed-Sun) | Closed on Mon & Tue *Opening Hours/Days may vary 

Halal-Status: Muslim-Owned


9. Inspirasi Stall @ Bedok Interchange Hawker Center

Another classic you might have heard of growing up is the Inspirasi Stall.

Inspirasi Stall at Bedok Interchange Hawker Center

Credit: @chegu on Instagram

The OG must-try food in Bedok, Inspirasi has been serving their famous Mee Soto and Mee Rebus at the Bedok Interchange Hawker Center for years. If you’re a fan of Malay food and want to support local Hawker Centers, you must give this place a try. Bring your parents along too. 

Inspirasi Stall Best halal food in bedok

Inspirasi Stall's Famous Mee Soto. Credit: @danmookata on Instagram

Inspirasi Stall Bedok - Famous Mee Rebus Singapore

Inspirasi Stall's Famous Mee Rebus. Credit: @_norarazak on Instagram

Address: #01-11 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, 208B New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 462208

Opening Hours: 11.30am–9.30pm (Mon-Sat) | Closed on Sundays *Opening Hours/Days may vary 

Halal-Status: Muslim-Owned

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