Top 10 Must-Visit Spots In Redang Island, Malaysia

By Leo Galuh | 07, Sep, 2021
Top 10 Must-Visit Spots In Redang Island, Malaysia

Malaysia's Redang Island lies northeast of Terengganu, or in the South China Sea.

Redang Island is the largest and most impressive island in eastern Malaysia with a row of breathtaking scenery. It is a very popular destination for domestic and international travelers.

There is more to this place than just a tourist attraction. It helps protect and maintain turtle populations.

HalalTrip offers 10 suggestions that will enhance your holiday experience while on this island.

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Snorkeling and Diving
Snorkeling in Malaysia

Image Credit: Moe Mvp on Unsplash

Snorkeling and diving are the most popular tourist activities on this island. Beautiful coral reefs line the bottom of the sea, and the view below the surface is breathtaking.

You don't even need to dive deep to see the diverse group of tropical fish swimming among the rocks.

Redang island is known for its crystal clear waters.

As an added bonus, you can relax on a beach with white and clean sand. The abundance of tropical fish and the warmth of Redang's tropical climate add to the earthly beauty of this island.


Pasir Panjang Beach
Pasir Panjang Beach Redang Island Malaysia

Image Credit: MukherjeesaikatCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Redang Island's Pasir Panjang Beach has the longest coastline, thus its name. The seawater at this beach is clear, and the sand is white. This wide stretch of white sand feels even more enticing with the addition of sports facilities.

Beach volleyball and beach football are available on the four fields along the long sandy beach. In addition, Pasir Panjang is also a favorite spot for sunrise enthusiasts.

You can also enjoy a culinary tour here at this place. It offers a wide variety of international and local restaurants and shops. The majority of restaurants here are open until late at night.

Several lodging facilities are available in the long sand area as well. Laguna Redang Island resort offers complete facilities for visitors on this beach.


Teluk Dalam Beach
Teluk Dalam Beach Pulau Redang Island

Image Credit: @federicapelliccioni on Instagram

Teluk Dalam has two distinct beaches. Specifically, Teluk Dalam Besar and Teluk Dalam Kecil Beach, both are interesting places to go swimming, bathing, and playing various kinds of water sports activities.

The beach is beautiful and clean with crystal clear water.

A road made of rafts connects the two beaches, despite several large rocks separating them. Teluk Dalam in Redang Island is a wonderful spot to take your family to enjoy a lovely and picturesque view.


Teluk Kalong Beach
Teluk Kalong Beach Pulau Redang Island Malaysia

Image Credit: @mohdazimrahman on Instagram

Incredibly beautiful Teluk Kalong beach is a great place to relax.

Teluk Kalong Beach, which has crystal clear water, is also one of the interesting spots on Redang Island. You and your family can take a bath in the sea and swim in this place.

If you are a photographer, this is a place you simply have to capture, so that you will have an ever-growing collection of images of the seascape.


Pasir Mak Kepit

On Redang Island, Pasir Mak Kepit is one of the turtle breeding sites. Turtle lovers will find this place a fascinating stop to observe the different activities of this particular animal.

If you visit Pasir Mak Kepit Island during turtle nesting season, you will have the opportunity to see turtles nesting. Nighttime is the best time to observe the turtles lay their eggs.

Not everyone has the opportunity to observe turtles laying eggs.

It is best to visit Redang Island between the months of March and September to see turtles laying eggs, so make sure you don't miss out on this unique experience.

On Pasir Mak Kepit, you can find interesting accommodations.


Pasir Mak Simpan
Pasir Mak Simpan Pulau Redang Island Malaysia

Image Credit: Musafir Rindu. on Twitter

The Pasir Mak Kepit provides the opportunity to watch turtles lay and hatch eggs, while on the Mak Simpan Island you can dive and see beautiful fish species.

It's not just about looking at these fish, you can feed them if you want.

Mak Simpan Island is surrounded by beautiful and interesting shallow waters.

For those of you who love snorkeling, this place is perfect for you, as you feel more comfortable and safe in the water activities here.


Marine Park
Marine Park Pulau Redang Island

Image Credit: Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash  

Marine Park was designed as a place to conserve and research a wide range of plant and animal species on Redang Island. It is also a place to cultivate coral reefs, home to a variety of fish and marine animals.

This is also one of the most popular places to snorkel and see the beauty of the Redang islands' sea.

Here you can also relax while sunbathing or swimming.

It is possible to rent boats and tour guides who will help your trip around the Redang Marine Park.

The Redang Marine Park can be reached from Redang Island by renting a boat at an affordable price.

However, if you're buying a Redang Island tour package, the price usually includes a rental boat.


Batu Rakit
Batu Rakit Pulau Redang Island Terengganu Malaysia

Image Credit: Beautiful Terengganu

Batu Rakit is a fishing village located in the Redang archipelago fifteen kilometers from the city center.

The beaches in Batu Rakit Village are scenically stunning, typical of the unspoiled Redang Islands.

Batu Rakit has an attractive beach, anchored with a variety of colorful fishing boats.

Visitors who arrive at this beach early in the morning will be rewarded with views of fishermen returning after spending the night at sea with their catches of marine animals. Definitely fresh!

Tourists who are tired of traveling can try the favorite culinary of Batu Rakit Village residents, known as Keropoklekor, which they can eat on the spot or bring home as a gift.

Batu Rakit is located not too far from Sultan Mahmud Airport so tourists from nearby cities can easily reach the area. Buses and taxis can take visitors directly to Batu Rakit from the airport.

A wide range of hotels is available at the Batu Rakit beach for overnight guests.

After playing on the beach, visitors can dine at one of the many restaurants or shops available around the beach.


Shahbandar Jetty

Shahbandar Jetty is a pier that connects to Redang Island. You can tour the islands by ferry or boat. A 30-minute to 2-hour trip is required to reach Redang Island.

Speed and weather conditions affect travel time on a boat or ferry. You will likely experience seasickness even if the ferries are larger. This is due to the waves that rock the ferry fast and make the waves quite unstable.

It is a good idea to bring along your medicine and some plastic if you get seasick. For fun, you can record your journey from embarking at the pier to getting to Redang Island.


Redang Beach Resort
Pulau Redang Island Beach Resort

Image Credit: www.journeytoplaces .com on Unsplash  

There is nothing more calming than a trip to Redang Beach Resort. This popular and luxurious resort is situated along its longest white sand beach.

In this resort, there are more than 150 rooms of various sizes and types. The most popular facilities are Standard and Superior resorts. The price is also very competitive between the different resorts on this island.

Chinese and Western dishes are served a la carte in the resort's restaurant. There is a Kopitiam in the tropics that serves the most delicious coffees and teas.

In case you are interested in scuba diving, or if you want to do diving lessons, this resort offers diving training and all diving necessities.

Redang Island has many attractions that you should not miss! Don't wait any longer!


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