Oola Sportswear – Pioneering Trendy Travel Sportswear for the Active Muslimah!

By Halal Trip | 30, Dec, 2016
Oola Sportswear – Pioneering Trendy Travel Sportswear for the Active Muslimah!

Having trouble finding loose-fitting, contemporary and elegant sportswear suitable for traveling? For Muslim women, it is not easy to find breathable and lightweight activewear that caters to the active Muslimah. Oola Sportswear - a new modest activewear brand based in Qatar - might just be the solution!

HalalTrip has now partnered with Oola Sportswear to promote modest and contemporary female activewear, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience for Muslim women.

You Now Stand a Chance to Win $120 Worth of Modest Activewear!

All you need to do is be a part of the #ACTIVEHTMUSLIMAH movement

If you are an #ACTIVEHTMUSLIMAH and want to try out one of Oola Sports’ head covers, you are in luck because an Oola Sports Head Cover Combo worth $120 is now up for grabs!

Simply share your story on how you stay fit when traveling - while dressing modestly of course! Share your story with us by posting it on HalalTrip's Facebook or Instagram page. Make sure that you're following our accounts and don't forget to tag us!

The most interesting story will be selected and will be awarded the Head Cover Combo consisting of three pieces: the toque, tube scarf and scarf.

The toque is designed to fit snugly, with minimum adjustment, and shaped for optimal coverage while staying in place during your activities. It utilizes snaps to attach easily to the tube scarf or scarf when more coverage is desired.

The tube scarf is made of lightweight Tencel. It is soft and provides more coverage for the neck without any friction inconvenience.

The scarf is versatile and falls elegantly on your shoulders. This unique design utilizes snaps to pair with the toque and style in many different ways – you’ll never have to worry about using pins again!

For more information on Oola Sportswear and their passion for modest activewear, visit their website!

Competition Details

- The competition will be hosted on HalalTrip’s Facebook and Instagram.
- The competition is open to everyone globally.
- To enter the competition, you will need to:
        - Follow HalalTrip's Facebook & Instagram accounts
        - Follow Oola on Facebook & Instagram 
        - Share your own story on how you stay fit during vacation while dressing modestly
        - Tag HalalTrip in your post
        - Include the hashtag #ACTIVEHTMUSLIMAH in your post

- The competition will be held from the 30th December 2016 and will end on 31st March 2017.

About Oola Sportswear

Oola Sportswear is a new modest activewear brand based in Qatar that provides loose-fitting yet elegant activewear for Muslim women, promoting a healthier lifestyle by making outdoor sports more accessible. Products offered by Oola include head covers, tops, pants and jackets that are all made of sports fabrics designed to be both stylish and comfortable.

Terms and Conditions

- Facebook and Instagram posts of participants will need to be set to public
- One (1) contest winner will be selected at the sole discretion of HalalTrip
- Winner will be contacted directly by the HalalTrip team via Facebook or Instagram
- Posts need to include the hashtag #ACTIVEHTMUSLIMAH


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