Our Collective Responsibility Towards Refugees | Mohamad’s Ramadan

By Aayesha Fazal | 20, May, 2020
Our Collective Responsibility Towards Refugees | Mohamad’s Ramadan

At a time when many are losing their livelihoods due to Covid-19 measures, some of the hardest hit are those who were already in financially and socially vulnerable positions. Refugees and internally displaced people are facing increasing uncertainty and instability. A little support from each of us can go a long way in providing for basic needs.

Families like Mohamad’s whose lives have been disrupted by conflict, separated from family, community and a means for a livelihood, are able to meet basic needs through necessary cash support.

UNHCR supports thousands of families living in displacement. This year’s Ramadan campaign will focus on funding to provide shelter, food, clean water and cash assistance to the most vulnerable refugees and IDPs, namely orphans, female headed households, and the elderly in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

“This year more than ever, your contributions are critical to saving lives."

- Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.


This Ramadan #EveryGiftCounts https://bit.ly/HalalTripRMDN

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