Packing Essentials for Muslim Travelers

By Halal Trip | 05, Jan, 2015
Packing Essentials for Muslim Travelers

Be it a family vacation, business trip or spiritual journey, there are a few travel essentials that will be useful for every Muslim traveler. To help travel planning, we have compiled a list of travel essentials that will enable Muslim travellers to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.


1) Travel Prayer Mats

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Prayer mats are amongst the most basic and essential items for a Muslim traveller to carry around with them. Plastic-lined mats specially crafted for travelling are ideal for this since they are highly durable, light-weight and do not get soiled easily. These mats usually come with a travel bag that makes them easy to carry around – which will be useful when sight-seeing or visiting places at prayer times, when a mosque is not available in close proximity.


2) Qibla

To help determine prayer directions during prayer times, travellers can carry a compass needle along with them. Some prayer mats are already equipped with inbuilt compasses and are available at most Islamic stores.

Travellers can also simply download the HalalTrip app which will prove to be an excellent guide and travel companion for every Muslim traveller. Most of these apps also have other functions that allow you to find out the prayer times as well as locate mosques nearby.


3) Prayer Attire

Travellers should remember to pack prayer dresses and a few extra headscarves. Some hotels and prayer facilities do offer prayer dresses for travellers - which you will be able to call and find out in advance.

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Prayer Attire for ladies can be heavy and bulky to carry around. As such, companies such as Zaahara, have developed lightweight cotton prayer wear that even comes with their own bags to make it even easier to travel. Travel telekungs such as these can fit into a larger handbag which makes praying easier when moving around from place to place. 


4) Utensils 

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Finding Muslim-Friendly food may be difficult at times, especially when travelling to more rural places where there are little available. As such, one can opt to cook their own meals when on holiday. Cooking your own food using halal Ingredients would ensure that the food is Halal provided you use clean utensils. Well, of course, this is provided that cooking facilities are available. Utensils are also useful when eating takeaway food at your hotel room and having the odd travel spoon or two can also prove handy from time to time.

5) Clay Soap (Sabun Sertu)

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Bringing pots and pans can take up a lot of space in your baggage. So to avoid that hassle, one can buy clay soap or sabun sertu in both bar and liquid form that make cleansing of cutleries no longer a hassle. You can now ensure that  all the utensils you use at the hotels or serviced apartments used are halal while leaving more room for  buying more souvenirs  Available for both body and  utensils, this travel essential is also useful to have even if you don't intend on cooking as you might not know what you may come in contact with during your holiday. As such, the clay soap is one of the Muslim travel essentials you must have.

Other Essentials:


Water Bottles

Always carry a water bottle around with you when travelling. In addition to keeping you hydrated, it will be useful at times when clean water is not accessible for wudu. Travellers should also take care not to refill bottles with tap water which could be contaminated with impurities.



Due to the limited availability of Halal food at certain destinations, it is advisable to carry around a few snacks for times when Halal food is inaccessible. Do a bit of planning prior to travelling to find out whether Halal food will be available at the hotel or at the destination and bring your own food to places where Halal food seems to be scarce.


Essential Documents

Last but not least, ensure that you keep a copy of essential documents such as personal identification documents with you at all times. Always carry around a copy of your identity card, passport and visa documents to avoid any mishaps and problems that might arise during travelling.

Download the Halal Trip app for more travel tips, travel doas and to locate nearby mossques.

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