Halal Delights: Popeyes Goes Halal & Pacific Coffee Introduces Limited Halal Menu in Hong Kong

By Shameel Ibrahim | 15, Aug, 2023
Halal Delights: Popeyes Goes Halal & Pacific Coffee Introduces Limited Halal Menu in Hong Kong

The city has had a number of Halal restaurants popping up. After KFC’s Halal-friendly menus, the recent entry has been Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Pacific Coffee’s limited Halal menu. The American fast food chain, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, got its Halal certificate on June 15th, 2023, making it the first fully Halal American fast food chain in the city. Pacific Coffee, a popular coffee shop chain has also joined in the trend by offering limited Halal options at its Hong Kong stores.

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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s Fully Halal Menu
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Hong Kong Halal Menu

Experience the fusion of Southern-inspired flavors and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Hong Kong. Located in Mong Kok, one of the city's busiest shopping districts, this branch will fulfill your hunger pangs after shopping and sightseeing the area’s famous Ladies' Market and electronic stores. Located in Mong Kok's T.O.P Shopping Mall, it is directly accessible from Mong Kok Station Exit B4. From their Cajun Chicken Sandwich to their Cajun wings and drumsticks, Popeyes has fully gone Halal, and meets the highest Halal standards while retaining the authentic Cajun charm. Included are the location, the menu, and the Halal certificate for reference.

Address: Shop S2, B/F, T.O.P, 700 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok
Contact Number: 2333 3251


Pacific Coffee’s Limited Halal Menu
Pacific Coffee Hong Kong Halal

The newest contender in the Halal scene is Pacific Coffee, one of the city's first coffee shop chains to offer a limited Halal menu. Apart from its coffee (which we all know is Halal obviously), the menu offers vegan, vegetarian, and Halal options. I have attached a table detailing the options they offer. These options can be found on their official website under their “Food Menu” section which includes a list (updated as of 12 July 2023) detailing their products and the ingredients that are used in them. Included are the Halal certificate, which was issued on 7 Dec 2022 and a picture of the Chicken Tikka Ciabatta with the Halal logo on it in one of its branches for reference.

You can find your nearest store here


  Type Category Food
1 Halal Sandwich Chicken Tikka Ciabatta
2 Halal Sandwich (Packed) Avocado and Turkey Sandwich (Whole)
3 Halal Sandwich (Packed) White Truffle and Beef Salami Sandwich (Whole)
4 Vegetarian Sandwich (Packed) Mediterranean Style Sandwich with Cheese (Whole)
5 Vegetarian Savory Spinach Ricotta Roll
6 Vegan Yogurt Coconut Chia Seed Pudding with Banana Chips


The decision of both Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Pacific Coffee to offer Halal options marks a significant milestone for Muslims as well as the food and beverage industry, especially after KFC’s Halal-friendly menus, which shows us one thing – that Halal food options are gaining a foothold in the city at a rapid rate and businesses are starting to understand and realize the huge potential of this untapped industry. Let’s hope for more and more options in the near future Insha Allah.

Cover Image Credit: Pacific Coffee & Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Hong Kong on Facebook

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