Rabi al Akhir (Rabi al Thani): The Fourth Month in the Islamic Hijri Calendar

By Halal Trip | 26, Oct, 2022
Rabi al Akhir (Rabiʽ al-Thani): The Fourth Month in the Islamic Hijri Calendar

The month of Rabi al Thani or also known as Rabi al Akhir, Rabi ul Akhir, or Rebiülahir in some parts of the world. According to the Islamic Hijri Calendar, Rabi al Thani is the fourth month in the 12-month Islamic Calendar. As with any Islamic date, the dates are different every year due to the nature of the Hijri Calendar being a lunar calendar as opposed to the solar Gregorian Calendar. The timing or day of the event depends on the sightings of the moons.

This year the month of Rabi al Thani starts on 26 October 2022 and ends on 29 November 2022

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Meaning of Rabi al Thani

The name Rabi al Thani is similar to the month of Rabi al Awwal with the relation to Spring. The name Rabi Al Awwal means “The First month of Spring” and Rabi al Thani literally translates to “The Second month of Spring”.

Another interesting fact about the name of the month is that in the days of the Ottoman Empire, Rabi al Thani was called “Rèbi' ul-aher”. Which might be where the name Rabi al Akhir came from.



There are no specific deeds recommended during Rabi al Thani but we should always continue our ibadah throughout the year. You can find our collection of Daily Zikr and other Islamic content on our Youtube channel here. May it be beneficial for you, In Shaa Allah.

Let us follow the advice of our beloved Prophet (SAW) and may Allah (SWT) give us ease and guidance to perform our ibadah and forgive our sins. In Shaa Allah.

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