Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023: Kampong Gelam’s Annual Bazaar is back!

By Nur Qa'riah | 30, Mar, 2023
Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023: Kampong Gelam’s Annual Bazaar is back!

As we greet Ramadan in 2023, Kampong Glam is bringing back their annual Ramadan Bazaar with Raikan Cahaya Ramadan from 15 March to 16 April 2023. This year, they’ve prepared their biggest curation of booths (up to 100) to-date. Not missing out on light installations and performances, One Kampong Glam has also teamed up with various partners to bring you two charity drives in the spirit of giving back.

Welcoming the hustle and bustle of the Ramadan bazaar, check out what Kampong Glam has to offer as a heartening conclusion for all visitors to celebrate ahead the end of a holy month of introspection, patience, and community. Find out about the bazaar highlights, including what to eat, things to shop, and things to see, along with special community activities that One Kampong Gelam has organized.

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What to Eat

Boasting their biggest food line-up with a total of 86 stalls, here is what I tried and things you should try during your visit!


Known for their various signature sauces, De’Tak0 By Degenerous sells sushi bake rice and takoyaki. Choose from Chuka Idako (Seasoned Octopus, SGD15), Mentaiko Hotate (Scallop, SGD15), Kani Egg Mayo (Crab, SGD12), Spicy Tuna (SGD12), Teri Unagi (SGD15), Beef Ghosting (SGD15).

They also sell 6 kinds of takoyaki flavors so make sure you give it a try as well! Their takoyaki is made to order, so be prepared to wait a little as they whip up fresh takoyaki for you.

de tako mentaiko hotate

I got to try their Mentaiko Hotate and don’t be fooled by how small the portion may seem, it was filling and though the baked rice was pre-packed, I enjoyed it just as much.

Halal-status: Muslim-owned

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2. LOCO LOCOloco loco stand

A familiar brand at bazaars, offering local fusion finger foods, enjoy yummy treats from some crispy, fried churros to refreshing milk tea.

Their Thai Red Milk Tea is their signature drink along with Thai Green Milk Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea, and Taro Milk Tea. Each cup is SGD4. They also offer 4 types of takoyaki from Original (SGD6), Cheese (SGD6), Mentaiko (SGD7), and Chilli Crab (SGD7). Each box comes with 6 pieces of takoyaki.

I recommend their Original churros (SGD) with White Chocolate sauce if you’re someone who enjoys dessert but isn’t too much of a sweet tooth.

Halal-status: Uses halal-certified ingredients

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3. TEBUUUUtebuuuu stand

If you’re familiar with MILK that used to operate along Arab Street, TEBUUUU is the rebranding of them. TEBUUUU, as the name implies, sells Air Tebu (also known as sugarcane juice). This is the perfect drink to quench your thirst. Their cup size is also pretty big so you will definitely be getting your money’s worth. Each cup is SGD6. You can choose from Original, Grapefruit, Orange, Calamansi, and Lemon. They also offer Ramadan special drinks such as Katira (SGD6), Bandung (SGD6), and Chendol (SGD7).

Halal-status: Muslim-owned


4.  PICANHAS’picanhas' stand

PICANHAS’ has been serving up Italian-style steaks since 2020. Since then, they’ve garnered lots of love for their hearty plates and rave reviews on the internet. They offer a concise menu at the bazaar including Peoples’ Steak & Mash (SGD18), PICANHAS’ Philly Steak (SGD15), and daily specials (be sure to check with their staff).

Halal-status: Muslim-owned

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5. 47 Beverages

Searching for a cup of authentic Thai Milk Tea? 47beverages first started out as a home-based Thai Tea business founded by Malek Sjamsir in early 2020. You can opt to have their drinks served in a cup or bottle if you'd like to bring it back. Their menu includes Thai Tea Original, Thai Green Tea, Viet Coffee, Black Viet Coffee, Avocado Melaka, and Cocoa.47 beverages thai tea

I purchased their Thai Tea Original packed into a bottle (SGD5) and it was delicious! It’s a tad bit on the milkier side for my liking but you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Halal-status: Muslim-owned

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6. BANG BANG BY ZEEKRIbang bang by zeekri

Bringing you Korean dishes, BANG BANG is a Korean booth set up by The Secret Garden By Zeekri. You can find Jjajangmyeon (SGD10), Tteokbokki (Regular SGD10, Large SGD15), and 5 piece fried chicken. They offer a combo menu of their signature dish (Jjajangmyeon or Tteokbokki) with fried chicken (Spicy Gochujang or Soy Garlic) and a choice of drink (Butterbeer or Cucumber Mint Cooler) at SGD28.

Halal-status: Muslim-owned

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These are some of the food stalls I tried during my visit but there’s a lot more to feast and try so don’t miss out on them! Also, note that most stalls accept PayNow as a form of payment so you don’t have to worry about not having cash on hand.

live music stage

Of course, the bazaar would be incomplete without entertainment. The main stage is located in the air-conditioned area by the Baghdad Street carpark, you can enjoy live music with a roster of singers, traditional and modern dances. (It’s right behind the booths with a seating space above. Be sure not to miss it because I did.) There, you can also enjoy your meal with the seating area that’s been prepared for visitors.


Things to Shop

Located in between the food stalls of the F&B zones, there are 23 retail booths selling modern arts, traditional crafts and clothes by independent artists or artisans.

Brands available at the bazaar include IN LOVE BY TNS, MUSLIM PRO, Sherkzy Co, MAMA SHOP BY PORTONOVO, and many more.


Light Showslight show

Image Courtesy of One Kampong Gelam

Lighting up the night sky in Kampong Glam, Raikan Cahaya Ramadan has two special light shows only during the weekends.

Show timings: 8PM and 10.30PM.

Moment Project - Friday to Sunday

Catch One Kampung Glam’s Cahaya Ramadan series’s third rendition of their projection lighting to uplift and vivify festival grounds. Illuminating the iconic façade of the Masjid Sultan, passers-by can enjoy an immersive projection depicting the evolving arts and culture of Kampong Gelam that can be witnessed from afar.

Show timings: 8.30PM and 10PM.

Aerial Light Show - Friday and Saturday

Check out the drone-controlled LED kites at Sultan Gate as they dazzle you with their brightly colored lightings as the microlight installations brighten the atmosphere and signify the ever-deepening connection between people and the holy month of Ramadan.


Mass Iftarmass iftar

Image Courtesy of One Kampong Gelam

Only on 1 April, enjoy a mass Iftar along Arab Street. Organized in partnership with Coca-Cola, as the official beverage partner, Vision21, and Travelconnect.sg. Attendees can purchase tables in advance for their own Iftar, or pay it forward for beneficiaries of the Mosque Sultan Community Chest and Jalan Besar GRC.

You can book a table for Iftar here.


Charity Drive

Matching Qiyamullail (night prayers over the last ten days of Ramadan), in partnership with Enniche, Helwa’s Gourmet, and Ilham Childcare, you can donate non-perishable foods and home essentials to the collection spot at 45 Sultan Gate, the Vision21 booth.

All items will be consolidated, then distributed by the kids of Ilham Childcare to less fortunate beneficiaries at the end of Ramadan. The charity drive runs from 7 to 16 April, 4pm to 8pm.



There aren’t many old school kuih muih stores at the bazaar that I’m used to seeing when I was younger but I would definitely encourage anyone to drop by Kampong Gelam this Ramadan and enjoy the buzz of life as we return to celebrate festivities after the 2 years of pandemic. There are also many seating spots for you to sit and enjoy your purchase.

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