Ramadan Bazaar 2022: Ramadan Treats to Check Out While You Still Can

By Lily Qistina | 25, Apr, 2022
Ramadan Bazaar 2022: Ramadan Treats to Check Out While You Still Can

After a two-year hiatus, Ramadan Bazaars are finally making a comeback in Singapore! This year, we celebrate the opening of two Ramadan Bazaars, Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar as well as Kampong Gelam Laloolalang Ramadan Souq as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

Although there are not as many stalls as before and safe management measures are being implemented, we are finally able to experience once again the vibrant atmosphere and delicious food.

With Ramadan 2022 coming to an end real soon and Eid being just around the corner, it's still not too late to treat your tastebuds and savor some of the Ramadan Bazaar treats we've been missing for 2 years! 

From traditional must-have Pasar Malam (night market) delicacies to new hipster treats and drinks, here are our top recommendations:

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Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

Address: Geylang Serai

Opening hours: Daily 1 pm to 11 pm

Operating dates: 2 April to 2 May 2022

Nearest MRT Station: Eunos [EW7]

Bazaar Instagram

Stretching from the Wisma Geylang Serai building all the way to the open car park next to Tanjong Katong Complex, this bazaar is divided into four zones, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4 to ensure crowd control at each zone. 

In total, there are 70 stalls operating to provide a wide variety of food and festive essentials. Here's what we recommend:


1. Praffles by Fooditude
Praffles Prata and Waffles

Image Credit: @fooditudesg

As the name states, they sell prata waffles. Enjoy the fluffiness from the waffles as well as the crispiness of the prata! 

A fusion of waffle and prata batter is cooked in a waffle maker, then served with either sweet savory toppings from their menu: Truffle Cheese ($10.90), Chilli Crab ($15.90), Curry Chicken ($12.90), Assam Pedas Fish ($13.90) and Gula Melaka ($9.90).

Their popular items include their Truffle Cheese Praffles, stuffed with gooey mozzarella, popcorn chicken, chicken sausage, and a creamy truffle cheese sauce on top, and their Chilli Crab Praffles, packed with soft-shell crab meat topped off with their signature chili crab sauce.

If you are craving something sweet, their Gula Melaka Praffles is the way to go. Served with mochi, coconut ice cream, and gula Melaka drizzle. A refreshing treat!


2. T-Bob’s Corner
T-Bob's Corner Steak

Image Credit: @tbobscorner

Calling all meat lovers, savor to your heart’s content over at T-Bob’s Corner. The famous steakhouse originally based in Bras Basah has brought their juicy steaks and fried chicken to their bazaar menu. 

You should try their best-sellers: Angus Beef Burger ($15), Steak & Fries ($15), and Ayam Percik XL ($10) - fried chicken coated with flavourful percik gravy. Worth the queue!

They are also available at Kampong Gelam Laloolalang Ramadan Souq.


3. Alley (Dutch Pancakes)
Alley SG Dutch Pancake

Image Credit: @alley_sg

Alley has been serving Poffertjes ($6.50), Dutch mini pancakes, and a variety of drinks since 2014. Since then, they have been operating at various bazaars and markets islandwide. Their Poffertjes come in 3 different flavors: Ondeh-Ondeh with gula Melaka drizzle, Cookies and Cream, and Nutella Pops.

If you need something to quench your thirst in the heat, try their beverages. Their Pop Sodas ($4) come in 3 flavors as well: Blue Hawaiian, Strawberry, and Green Apple. 

Not a fan of carbonated drinks? They have shakes too! Their Chendol Shake ($6.80) is a customer favorite. Topped with coconut, gula Melaka, and green jelly.


4. Ole Ole (Paella)

Ever tried Spanish cuisine? Ole Ole offers hearty Paellas. A classic rice dish cooked with arborio rice, saffron, vegetables, chicken, or seafood in a single pan. 

Choose between their bestseller, Barcelona Seafood Paella ($18.90) with mussels, shrimp, and squid rings, or the Valencia Meat Paella ($15.90) for a non-seafood option with chicken chunks and sausage.

One spoonful is never enough! Luckily, it is a big portion and can be quite filling. Hence, it is great to share with your friends and family!


Kampong Gelam Laloolalang Ramadan Souq

Address: Kandahar Street, Kampong Gelam

Opening hours: Daily 3 pm to 11 pm

Operating dates: 2 April to 1 May 2022

Nearest MRT Station: Bugis [EW12 / DT14]

Bazaar Instagram

The area, although it is on a single stretch of road, is also divided into zones: Zone A, Zone B, and Zone C. Here's what we recommend:


1. JohnJee
JonJeeSG Roti John

Image Credit: @johnjeesg

Craving for Roti John? JohnJee offers a 12-inch bread packed with eggs, sauces, and toppings from $10 onwards. It also comes in a set with fries at $12. Additional sauces such as black pepper or cheese can be added as well.

You can also add topping to your fries. You can opt for cheese sauce or mentaiko sauce for something a little more unique. 


2. Markozar
Markozar martabak mini flavors

Image Credit: @markozarmarkozar

This is not like your ordinary pancake. Markozar sells Martabak manis. Stuffed pancakes served warm and crispy around the edges with 6 different toppings. Their best-seller, Nutella Falls ($7) is a chocolatey Nutella goodness topped with crushed peanuts and cheese. A Ramadan Bazaar must-have!

Besides martabak, they also sell Banana cheese ($6), Banana Fritters topped with cheese with milk. Should you require more toppings? You can dip in their live chocolate fondue or matcha as the icing on the cake.

At first, the combination of banana and cheese seemed odd to me but I did not regret trying it. The sweetness and crispiness of the banana fritters blend perfectly with the saltiness of the cheese. 


3. Kayu Manis
Kayu Manis Keropok Lekor

Image Credit: @kayumanis.jomsantap

Ever tried, Keropok Lekor? Kayu Manis brings the classic Malay fish crackers to the next level. 

Choose between three flavors: Original ($7), Keropok Lekor drizzled with a generous amount of fiery chili sauce, Chili Cheese ($8), and Cheese Chili K-Pop ($8.50) topped with Samyang and chili sauce.


4. Bang Bang Kuali
Bang Bang Kuali Kuali Bowl

Image Credit: @bangbangkuali

Bang Bang Kuali serves Wok-style fried bowls which you can also customize to your liking. 

To make your own Kuali Bowl (from $6), first select your base (basmati rice, laksa noodles or yellow noodle), then add a sauce (squid ink, tom yam, salted egg, or Aglio olio), and last add your favorite proteins and veggies. 

Bang Bang Kuali also serves their version of Roti John, Roti Bang2 Cheese ($7), and creamy Butterbeer ($10.50) to complete your meal.


5. House of Lemang
Lemang from House of Lemang

Image Credit: @lemang.sg

Not common in Singapore, House of Lemang brings this traditional Malay delicacy for everyone to enjoy during this special time of the year. Lemang is made from glutinous rice, salt, and coconut milk cooked in a hollow bamboo tube over an open fire. 

House of Lemang serves this as a set ($14) with traditional Malay dishes such as beef rendang, serunding, and sambal goreng.


Final Thoughts and Tips

All this talk about food has certainly made my stomach growl. It's still not too late to go treat your tastebuds with these Bazaar Ramadan treats even though Eid is right around the corner. But do take note that it's just going to get more and more crowded the closer we get to Eid!

Having been to the bazaar, here are a few tips to survive the heat, avoid the large crowd and try the foods available:

  1. Stall owners are advised to stop selling by 10.30 pm and most often food runs out pretty fast. Hence, do come early to avoid the long queue and accommodate for the waiting time.
  2. Arrive before 7 pm or after 7.30 pm as stall owners take breaks from time to time to break their fast. 
  3. Unless you can stand the heat, I suggest bringing a portable fan. It will be a life-saver while you are waiting in line.
  4. And last, if you have little self-control like me, set aside some money because you will be tempted to get everything when you are hungry! 

Ramadan bazaars are something a lot of us look forward to each year to commemorate the festive occasion and I am so glad that it is back. With how great it is to see Bazaars back, I can't wait to see what Ramadan Bazaar 2023 will be like next year!

Are there any more of your favorite bazaar treats that are not included in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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