Ramadan Desserts and Sweets Recommendation(s), Deliciousness Guaranteed!

By Hooria Tahir | 07, Apr, 2022
Ramadan Desserts and Sweets Recommendation(s), Deliciousness Guaranteed!

Are you traveling this Ramadan? Perhaps you’d like to learn about the different international Ramadan delicacies. The blessed and Holy month of Ramadan is one that Muslims from all around the globe look forward to. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar, and Islamic traditions state that Muslims initiate fasting. 

The month of Ramadan also allows for Muslims to practice self-restraint, good deeds, and of course, a distinct eating schedule throughout the thirty days. There are many delicacies that Muslims around the globe like to enjoy, especially during Ramadan. 

After breaking a fast, a typical Iftar, also known as the meal consumed after a day-long fast, will include a variety of treats, both sweet and savory. However, many people experience a newfound love for sweets during the Holy month of Ramadan. Below, we have listed the top-recommended desserts from around the world, so prepare your travel tastebuds for a mouthwatering read! 

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1. Kunafa 

kunafa from nablus

Image Credit: Nada on Pexels

Originated in the Palestinian city of Nablus, Kunafa is a well-known treat in the Middle East. It’s essentially a sweet pastry filled with cheese and covered in delicious sugary syrup. Cooked until golden-brown, Kunafa is an exquisite dessert. The traditional recipe has since been altered as many like to enjoy the pastry with various toppings such as nuts or raisins. 

Kunafa seems to be the perfect blend of both sweet and savory, as both flavors compliment each other. This treat is typically best served during Iftar as Muslims all around the world sit together to break their fast. It is a local delicacy in the Palestinian lands, and one must try it at least once! 


2. Falooda 

falooda, a dessert from persia

Image Credit: Kanchana Bose, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Originating in Persian grounds, Falooda is a refreshing and sweet dessert now famous within the South Asian lands. Falooda is better known for being an almost drink-like dessert with refreshing elements of rose syrup, basil seeds, sweetened milk, and ice cream. It is typically served in a glass with layers of these ingredients built one by one. 

It is a popular favorite of many and is consumed regularly during the time of Iftar or Suhoor in Ramadan. It can be an excellent choice of nourishment after a long day’s fast without consuming any water. Enjoying Falooda is also a way for many to regain hydration for the same reason. 


3. Baklava 

baklava from turkey

Image Credit: Meruyert Gonullu on Pexels

Are you visiting Turkey anytime soon? Perhaps you should indulge in one of their most famous desserts known as Baklava. Much like Kunafa, this rich pastry is filled with sweetened, chopped nuts and covered in sugary syrup or honey. Deep-fried till golden, Baklava is the go-to for centuries! 

Many like to enjoy this Turkish delight with a side of Turkish coffee. The contrast between the two vastly different flavors makes for a perfect combination! 


4. Shahi Tukra 

shahi tukra from pakistan

Image Credit: Dreams Time

If you enjoy trying different textures, then this one is for you! Shahi Tukra is a Pakistani delicacy known for being a soft, creamy, and flavourful dessert. It consists of deep-fried bread topped with thickened sweetened milk, nuts, and saffron flavors. If any of this sounds good to you, you must try it at least once! 

It’s typically a quick dessert that can be ready anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour. The deep-fried bread soaked with the sweetened liquid makes it melt in your mouth with each bite you take. Shahi Tukra is a typical dish served at Iftar as it can feel too rich for Suhoor. 


5. Kheer (Rice Pudding) 

kheer or rice pudding from india

Image Credit: Swayampurna, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kheer, also known as rice pudding, is a delicacy first discovered in ancient India. A mixture of rice, milk, and sugar, Kheer is another refreshing choice of dessert. For those of you who enjoy a creamy and slightly thick texture in your desserts, you simply must give Kheer a try. 

Not only is this Indian treat super delicious to devour, but it offers a bunch of health benefits. In fact, due to the rich starch content in this delicacy, Kheer can help reduce inflammation and improve gut health which is especially key for Ramadan.  

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