2022 Ramadan Fasting Duration: Longest VS. Shortest

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 04, Apr, 2022
2022 Ramadan Fasting Duration: Longest VS. Shortest

Ramadan is here again! As much as we love Ramadan and all the delight it brings to our lives, fasting can be a little bit too unbearable when the day is longer than the night.

If you're the kind of person who wakes up early and goes to work, spending 17 hours without food or water can be too much to handle.

As we shall see in this article, some Muslims will actually have to fast for 17 hours. So, here are the fasting durations according to your geographical location.

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Places with the longest fasting duration

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Countries of the Northern hemisphere have the longest fasting duration of fasting during Ramadan of 2022 due to the earth's rotation.

If you live up above, you'll have to ensure you're adequately fed before going to bed. The day might be long and cold. You'll have to store adequate amounts of energy to help you get by.


Muslims in Europe will experience the longest fasting durations. Countries like the UK, France, and Sweden hold the record for the longest fasting duration, with something between 16 hours to 16 hours and a half.

North America,

North American countries also have the longest fasting duration during Ramadan in 2022. In the US and Canada, the duration of fasting during this Ramadan ranges from 15 hours to 16 hours.

North Asia,

Muslims living in north China are also among those who will experience the longest fasting duration during Ramadan 2022, with a range of 15 hours to 16 hours.


Places with average fasting duration

Countries north of the tropical region are lucky to have an average fasting duration during this Ramadan. The day might be relatively long, but not too much. If you're not doing any hard physical labor, you'll get by as easy as ever.

The Middle East,

For people in the Middle East, the duration of fasting is nothing more than what anyone can bear. Or at least, anyone with no terminal illness or other health condition can bear. Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine expect to fast for 14 to 15 hours a day.

North Africa,

North African countries like Morocco also follow the case of the Middle East. They're expected to fast for no more than 14 hours a day.

In some Asian countries,

Asian countries like Iran, Pakistan, and Japan also rank among the places with average fasting duration. These countries will fast for 13 to 14 hours a day during Ramadan 2022.


Places with average the shortest duration

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The tropical region and South of the Hemisphere countries have the shortest fasting duration during Ramadan in 2022. The day goes by without them even noticing signs of hunger and thirty. Add to that the pleasant nature of the weather, and you have the gentlest fasting conditions ever.

South Asia,

Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia have some of the relatively shortest fasting durations. As you might've noticed, as we go south, the durations get shorter. These Asian countries will fast from 12 to 14 hours during Ramadan 2022.

Middle of Africa, and South Africa

African countries situated in the Middle of Africa have relatively short fasting durations, ranging between 13 to 14 hours a day.

As for the countries in the south, namely South Africa, have the shortest fasting duration; they only fast for 12 hours maximum.

South America, Newzealand, and Australia,

Other places south of the Equator follow suit the previous examples in having the shortest fasting duration during Ramadan 2022. Countries like Newzealand, Brazil, and Australia also fast for only 11 to 12 hours.


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