Ramadan 2023 Australia: All You Need To Know

By Arwa Munnaverali | 27, Apr, 2021
Ramadan 2023 Australia: All You Need To Know

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Visit our Ramadan 2023 page for more Ramadan and Eid content!


When will Australians begin and end Ramadan in 2023?

Upon the sighting of the moon, Ramadan will commence on 22nd of March 2023 (Friday). Ramadan every year ends after 29 or 30 days, depending on the sighting of the new moon thus this year it is expected to end on 20th April 2023 (Thursday). For more information check out our Ramadan 2023 page.


What are the prayer times in Australia?

As we all know, prayer timings can differ on a daily basis. To make your life easier and for the purpose of convenience, you can check the prayer times for your location on our prayer times page.


What is the one site you can visit which is full of information regarding Ramadan?

Our Ramadan 2023 microsite is the one-stop place for all your Ramadan and Eid content. Check it out here!


What is the Qibla Direction in Australia?

Qibla direction is usually the way facing the Ka’ba but for more accuracy, you can utilize the Qibla finder tool on our Qibla Direction page.


When is Laylatul Qadr in Australia?

April 18th. Laylatul Qadr is generally on the 27th of Ramadan and during the last 10 days of Ramadan according to some scholars but it could vary as there are no set dates as to when Laylatul Qadr is.


When is Eid-ul-Fitr in Australia?

Australians will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr on the 21st of April.


How long will people in Australia fast in Ramadan 2023?

Australia will see fasting periods of around 14-15 hours.


What time is sunrise in Australia?

Usually around 5:54 AM. Click here for daily updated times.


What time is sunset in Australia?

Usually around 05:59 PM. Click here for daily updated times.


Will Covid-19 vaccines break your fast?

Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer/BioNTech, and Moderna are halal and will not break your fast. This was validated by Muslim scholars as well as the Fiqh Council of North America along with the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America.


What is the daytime temperature in Australia?

The daytime temperature varies below 21°C.


Are masjids open during Ramadan 2023 in Australia?

Some masjids are allowed to be opened and with the Covid-19 safety regulations and social distancing measures lifted in most of the areas, it is possible that masjids and its festivities to open fully this ramadan. General precautionary measures have been set up for daily prayers and reviews have been carried out by health inspectors. However, it is better to stay safe, take your dose of vaccines, and stay home if you contracted the virus. For further information on which masjid is located closest to you, you can visit our Mosque Near You page.


What are some Halal restaurants in Australia?


· Website


· Website

Maya Masala

· Website

To find out more options you can browse through our Halal Restaurant Finder here


What are some food delivery options in Australia?

In light of the current situation, most of food operations are resuming normally and get food delivered to your doorstep for the convenience is possible. In Australia, you can utilize UberEats, Menulog, and DoorDash.


Are there are any Islamic TV channels in Australia?

Certain members of the Muslim community of Australia have gotten together and set up a television studio called The One Path Network. The aim of this was to provide a more authentic and professional approach towards Islam.


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