Ramadan 2023 Denmark: Everything That You Need to Know

By Saniya Baxi | 26, Apr, 2021
Ramadan 2023 Denmark: Everything That You Need to Know

The Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the most-awaited ones for each and every Muslim in the world. Denmark certainly isn’t an exception as 5% of its total population consists of Muslims. 

To help all of them, we, at Halaltrip, have made an extensive guide to know everything related to Ramadan 2023 in Denmark. So, read on to find out more about it! 

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When Is Ramadan in Denmark?

According to the Islamic Calendar, Ramadan in Denmark will start on Wednesday, April 22nd 2023.


When Does Ramadan End in Denmark?

In Denmark, Ramadan will end on the evening of the 21st of April depending on the moon sighting. 


Ramadan 2023 Prayer Times in Denmark

You can check the prayer timings for Ramadan 2023 and other timings online on the HalalTrip page.


What Is the Qibla Direction in Denmark?

The Qibla is slightly in the South-East direction from Denmark. However, this won’t give you an exact idea of the Qibla. 

So, today, you can pretty much find various tools online to find the direction of Qibla. We have also made that easier for you as you can check the Qibla direction on the HalalTrip website or app too!


When Is Laylatul Qadr in Denmark? 

The Night of Laylatul Qadr may fall on the 27th day of Ramadan, as per some scholars. However, some of them also beg to differ as it can fall on any day (specifically, odd days) in the last 10 days of Ramadan. 

Hence, there is no specific idea about the exact date of Laylatul Qadr which is why you can always choose to pray extra on the last 10 days of Ramadan. 


When Is Eid in Denmark?

Eid-ul-Fitr may fall on the 22nd of April 2023. However, the exact date depends on the moon sightings. 


How Long Will People In Denmark Fast in Ramadan 2022?

The people of Denmark will fast for around 14-15 hours in Ramadan 2023, for 30 days.


Are Masjids Open During Ramadan 2023 in Denmark?

As of now, with decreasing COVID cases and restriction lifted, Mosques in Denmark would be expected to be open with authorities already allowing public gatherings indoors. Hence mosques may be open.

However, you can still check with your nearest Mosque to get a better idea.


Denmark: Mosque Near Me

There are more than 150 Mosques present in Denmark today. So, to find out the Mosques near you, check out the HalalTrip website

Once you know of the Mosques around you, you can easily check whether they are open or not during Ramadan 2023. 


What Time Is Iftar/Suhoor in Denmark?

Different cities in Denmark have different Iftar or Suhoor timings. Moreover, it also differs day by day. 

Given below is just a rough idea about the timings in some of the major Denmark cities on the first day of Ramadan (22nd March). We advise you to check the timings every day as per the city and the date. 

City Sahur Iftar

03:58 am

06:27 pm


03:55 am

06:29 pm


04:06 am

06:37 pm


04:10 am

06:39 pm


04:07 am

06:35 pm


04:05 am

06:38 pm


04:17 am

06:43 pm


04:13 am

06:39 pm


04:10 am

06:35 pm


04:12 am

06:39 pm


Denmark: Halal Restaurants near me

However, if you wish to go for takeaways and delivery, you can check Halal restaurants around you with the help of the HalalTrip website


Final Thoughts

This is pretty much everything that you need to know about Ramadan 2023 in Denmark!

If you still have any questions, head over to Halaltrip’s very own Ramadan website and get your questions answered! 

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