Ramadan 2023 Finland: All You Need To Know

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 15, Apr, 2021
Ramadan 2022 Finland: All You Need To Know

We all love Ramadan and how it changes our lives every year. Our sisters and brothers in Finland also share the same sentiment about this holy month of asceticism and spirituality. Ramadan 2023 in Finland will bring joy to the over five million Muslims who live there, as it does every year.

As you already know, location and time play a huge role in determining how you’re going to spend Ramadan. The situation in Finland is quite different from the other countries. Because of its geographical location in the far reaches of the European north, Finland is an oddity. For example, the sun doesn’t set for six months in the town of Rovaniemi in Finland.

Anyway, if you’re keen on knowing all there is to know about Ramadan 2023 in Finland, you should really check out HalalTrip’s Ramadan microsite. You’ll absolutely love all the info you can find there.

Here, we will answer the commonly asked questions about Ramadan in Finland in the form of a Q&A. Let's get on with it!


When is Ramadan 2023 in Finland?

Unlike all the Asian and African nations, Ramadan in Finland and other European countries may be delayed by a day and therefore needed further check nearing the month to be sure.

We all know that Ramadan starts with the new moon, which is very likely to be Wednesday, March 22. Ramadan 2023 in Finland is also going to be done on Thursday, April 20. I highly recommend you to visit HalalTrip’s Ramadan microsite to learn everything about Ramadan.


Ramadan 2023 Prayer Times in Finland

Salat times in Finland will change as we approach the end of April and the beginning of May. To keep track of everything, the best option is to download the HalalTrip app — which is a must-have as a Muslim traveler. You can also find all the necessary info on the website here.

1 03:35 AM 06:36 PM 22 March 2023
2 03:31 AM 06:39 PM 23 March 2023
3 03:26 AM 06:42 PM 24 March 2023
4 03:22 AM 06:44 PM 25 March 2023
5 04:17 AM 07:47 PM 26 March 2023
6 04:12 AM 07:50 PM 27 March 2023
7 04:08 AM 07:52 PM 28 March 2023
8 04:03 AM 07:55 PM 29 March 2023
9 03:58 AM 07:58 PM 30 March 2023
10 03:53 AM 08:00 PM 31 March 2023
11 03:47 AM 08:03 PM 01 April 2023
12 03:42 AM 08:06 PM 02 April 2023
13 03:36 AM 08:08 PM 03 April 2023
14 03:31 AM 08:11 PM 04 April 2023
15 03:25 AM 08:14 PM 05 April 2023
16 03:22 AM 08:16 PM 06 April 2023
17 03:20 AM 08:19 PM 07 April 2023
18 03:19 AM 08:22 PM 08 April 2023
19 03:17 AM 08:24 PM 09 April 2023
20 03:16 AM 08:27 PM 10 April 2023
21 03:15 AM 08:30 PM 11 April 2023
22 03:13 AM 08:32 PM 12 April 2023
23 03:12 AM 08:35 PM 13 April 2023
24 03:10 AM 08:38 PM 14 April 2023
25 03:09 AM 08:41 PM 15 April 2023
26 03:07 AM 08:43 PM 16 April 2023
27 03:06 AM 08:46 PM 17 April 2023
28 03:05 AM 08:49 PM 18 April 2023
29 03:03 AM 08:52 PM 19 April 2023
30 03:02 AM 08:54 PM 20 April 2023


What is the Qibla Direction in Finland?

The Qibla Direction is something that all the local Muslims know. Since Finland is in the farthest northwest of Europe, intuitively, we can deduce that the Qibla Direction is directed toward the southwest, where the holy Kaaba is. However, since this is the 21st century and technology has made everything easy, you can always track the Qibla direction with an app.

Again, the HalalTrip app is one of the best apps that deliver that service (and more). You may also check it out in the Qibla Direction section of our website.


When is Laylatul Qadr in Finland?

According to some scholars, the 27th day of Ramadan is Laylatul Qadr. However, it’s believed to be on the last odd-numbered days of Ramadan.

There are many signs that people look for to guarantee when Laylatul Qadr is. For Example, some believe that it’s the most peaceful night, dogs rarely bark, and the weather is neither too cold nor hot (I don’t know about Finland because it’s always cold).


When is Eid in Finland?

Ramadan might end on Thursday, April 20, which makes the next day Eid al-Fitr. That’s Friday, April 21.


How long will people in Finland fast in Ramadan 2023?

The situation in the far north is a little bit complicated. But, there are times set for people to follow. These times will be determined by the times set for the closest city to you. The list regarding fasting on the first day of Ramadan can be found below as an illustration. But on average, Muslims in Finland will be fasting for around 15 to 18 hours.


Ramadan Timetable 2023 Finland

Oulu 03:11 AM 06:39 PM
Espoo 03:50 AM 06:40 PM
Helsinki 03:49 AM 06:39 PM
Lahti 03:41 AM 06:36 PM
Vantaa 03:04 AM 06:38 PM
Kuopio 03:20 AM 06:29 PM
Pori 03:54 AM 06:52 PM
Tampere 03:46 AM 06:44 PM
Turku 03:58 AM 06:50 PM
Jyvaskyla 03:33 AM 06:36 PM


Are masjids open during Ramadan 2023 in Finland?

According to the Finland's government website, the epidemic restriction of COVID-19 is now lifted and public and private gatherings are not going to be limited as long as you get vaccinated, take a COVID-19 test if needed, and stay home if you have symptoms.

Therefore, masjids are going to start opening their doors. You can always check the Halal Trip App to see if there are any open mosques. The same might be applicable to Islamic classes.


Food Delivery in Finland?

Several Halal restaurants all over Finland offer food delivery. So, you can always deliver food. But honestly, I prefer to eat homemade food during Ramadan, so I’m not a fan of delivery during this holy month. However, if you want to find all the Halal Restaurants that offer food delivery, you can just use the HalalTrip App.

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