Top 6 Reasons to Visit Greece - From Ancient Ruins to Classic Greek Dishes

By Halal Trip | 16, Dec, 2016
Top 6 Reasons to Visit Greece - From Ancient Ruins to Classic Greek Dishes

Why visit Greece? When this question crosses your mind, you will begin to envision the majesty of ancient ruins and historical sites, picturesque natural sceneries, and the feeling of an overall Mediterranean vibe. All these would be the countless number of top reasons to visit Greece you would have heard time and time again. Nevertheless, the following are six of the best reasons listed by HalalTrip as to why Greece is a popular travel destination in the world.


Why Go To Greece on Holiday

1. Athens - A World-Renowned Historically Significant City


The capital city of Greece itself gives you ample amount of reasons as to why you should visit Greece. You may already know much about the remarkable history of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, but when you visit these ancient Greece sights for yourself, you will most certainly feel bewildered to a point of amazement. In addition to the attractions, travelers can find plenty of shopping and leisure options - the city is truly a blend of modern city life with history.


2. One of the Greatest Empires in the World


The world famous Parthenon, Olympia - where the Olympic Games began, Delphi - the temple to Apollo, and many other ruins and monuments are some of the key highlights that you will be able to witness. Due to the significant archaeological value these sites possess, they have even received recognition as UNESCO world heritage sites. By visiting the many museums such as New Acropolis Museum you will be able to learn so much and feel enriched with knowledge. 


3. The Beaches are Exquisite


Known to be some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the coastline that stretches for over 1000 miles is an essential to include on your must-visit places in Greece. Some of the best beaches you can try to visit during your stay include Arvanitia, Lalaria Beach which is decorated by white pebbles and limestone cliffs, and Agios Georgios and Perivolos beaches located in the coastline of Santorini. 


4. The Climate - Stays great all year through!


As with any other Muslim-friendly holiday, you may be deciding on when is the best time to travel to Greece.  The best part of traveling to Greece is that the climate stays great all year through. That means no matter when you plan on taking your holiday, the weather will allow you to enjoy every season just the same.


5. Amazing Greek Cuisine


Tantalize your tastebuds with delicious Mediterranean cuisine - be it Gyros, Moussaka, Pastitsio or Souvlaki. Make sure not to miss out on some of the must-try Halal-friendly dishes and find out the fascinating culinary tradition of Greek food. If you will be spending most of your time in the major city Athens you will find that there a few Halal food eateries due to a sizable community of Muslims in Greece. Even when you travel elsewhere, you will still be able to enjoy great meals as the vegetarian and seafood dishes are equally delicious options worth trying out.


6. Beautiful Muslim-Friendly Resorts 


There are a few good accommodation options that Muslim travelers could consider. An increasing number of hotels and resorts are now looking to cater to Muslim travelers too to deliver the best possible holiday experience. You could try out the beautiful private resorts such as Villa Sullivan in Paros, Agios Nikolas Daios Cove luxury resort in Crete, and Villa Tramountana in Santorini as accommodation options.   

If you are planning to travel to Greece, HalalTrip offers useful information for Muslim travelers on where to find facilities such as mosques and Halal food. You may check out the link below for some of our city guides for Muslims.

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