7 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Solo Journey

By Bayu Novanta | 23, Aug, 2019
7 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Solo Journey

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of travel? Are you thinking about all the fun things you could do with your family and friends? If your answer is yes, perhaps you should consider venturing through a destination alone instead.

Rest assured, embarking on a solo journey could be one of the best decisions you make for yourself. In case you're not totally convinced, here are 7 reasons why you travel by yourself at least once in your lifetime.


1) Make new friends

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One of the biggest misconceptions is that solo traveling is only meant for people who have no friends. It's not! Solo traveling is meant for anyone and everyone looking to embark on an exciting journey with a peace of mind. Instead of going to a destination with your own group of friends, why not make friends at your destination?

There are so many things you can learn from people living in other regions of the world. This includes their culture, cuisines, history, societal norms; etc. More so, this will serve as a great opportunity for you (especially introverts!) to break out of your shell and foster new friendships with people you never thought you'd be friends with. 

You've only got one life to live with 7 billion other people so why not make full use of your time and get to know as many people as possible? Indeed, traveling solo is full of surprises. Who knows you might find your long-lost partner at your destination!


2) Everything will go your way

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Solo travelers are generally more flexible in their trip planning process as they need not worry about accomodating the needs of anyone else's except their own. This means no arguments about where to go first or which places you don't want to visit, because everything is in your control. If you wish to leave your hotel room at 12 noon so you can spend more time getting a good night's rest and choosing your outfit the next morning, then you can do just that! After all, you're the boss!


3) Be more self-disciplined

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Indeed, traveling solo is a great way to push you out of your comfort zone. As you can only depend on yourself, day-to-day activities like waking up on time, cooking food and washing your own clothes and dishes must be done by you and you only! This is a great practice especially for those who wish to lead a more independent lifestyle and want to quit being so lazy.

Besides this, as traveling solo is an accomplishment in itself, you might feel even more eager to achieve more things throughout the course of your journey. This includes participating in thrilling activities like riding roller coasters or tasting spicy food for the first time. Who knows what you're capable of?


4) More time for self-reflection

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Another perk of solo travel is that you get more me time. More time on your hands means more time for self-reflection. Some of us may find ourselves diving deep in thought and questioning things such as who we are, what our strengths and shortcomings are, what our purpose in this life is, how we will benefit from this solo journey and how we've interacted with the people around us thus far.

Ultimately, self-reflection will serve to be very useful for you it the long run as it helps you become a better, improved version of yourself overall.


5) Build your confidence

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As a wise men once said, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Likewise, as solo travel is so liberating and gives you the power and freedom to do anything you want, you must act responsibly. For instance, staying up past 12 the night prior to going on a hiking trip will only make you regret the next the next morning. By realising this, you will keep watch of your sleeping schedule and ensure you get enough rest the next day.

Besides sleeping, other forms of responsible acts include limiting your unhealthy food intake while overseas, ironing your clothes the day before leaving your hotel and researching on Halal-certified food places near your area (Psst! Our HalalTrip app can help you find all the best Halal food places near you in one click!)


6) Gain valuable learning experiences

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Yes, traveling with loved ones will also benefit you greatly as you learn new things with them. However, what differentiates solo traveling from group traveling is that you get to learn everything at your own pace and time. For example, while visiting a museum, you do not have to rush through reading the signs detailing the history of artefacts because after all, you are in-charge!


7) Be more money-savvy!

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Next is finance. Traveling alone requires you to pay for your food and transportation costs. This means no more relying on your parents or friends as a safety net if you ever run out of cash. Solo travel teaches you to spend your money wisely and not to splurge unnecessarily. Being money-savvy is an important trait everyone should exercise because it eases your worries when you keep track of how much money you're spending. 

So what are you waiting for? Go book your ticket to any destination of your choice and embark on your first solo journey! Our travel packages could help give you some ideas. Tell us how it was too, we can't wait to hear your responses!

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