Reflections on the Last day of Ramadan

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 27, Apr, 2022
Reflections on the Last day of Ramadan

Ramadan is more like a school than just a holy occasion. Of course, it's not a physical school, but rather a temporal one. We embrace the first days of Ramadan prepared to drop our worldly lusts for the purpose of raising our spirit.

When the last days of Ramadan start to approach, we get a sense of bittersweetness. On the one hand, we want to get our regular schedules back. On the other hand, the spirit of Ramadan is something hard to let go of.

So, how can we embrace the last day of Ramadan with the best reflections?

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Keep the high spirit

a mosque, where it is usually crowded during ramadan

Image Credit: Mosquegrapher on Unsplash

Part of what makes Ramadan such a lovely month is the high spirit that comes with it. Ramadan is such a cheerful month that makes most of us slightly happier than usual.

As children, we grow up on the notion that Ramadan is the fun month when we try fasting like adults and get rewarded for that. As we grow up, we learn that the best reward that comes from Ramadan is getting closer to God and raising our levels of consciousness.

Ramadan is also the month when the whole Mulsim community from all over the world feels a sense of solidarity. Ramadan is the month that raises our collective consciousness as a worldwide community of brothers and sisters. The sense of community that we get from Ramadan should persist as best as possible, even after the holy month is done with.


Keep the good habits

good habits as taught by the quran

Image Credit: Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Part of the Ramadan deal is to drop the bad habits that plague our conscience during the day. During Ramadan, we learn how to manage our earthly desires and our bad temperament.

The good therapy that we get from engaging in Ramadan gives us the opportunity to become better people. Each new year we develop our inner sense of control through the Ramadan schooling experience. And those good lessons should stick with us once they're acquired during the holy month.

For example, suppose you learned during this Ramadan how to manage your gluttonous desires and your anger a little bit better. In that case, those good habits should persist after Ramadan is over.

The last days of Ramadan are the best days to reflect upon the good changes in your personality that you owe to the holy month.


Make the best out of what's left

Instead of spending the last days of Ramadan being melancholic like a little child because Ramadan is soon to be over, you should be more delightful.

The bittersweetness of the last days of Ramadan should be embraced with an open heart. Nothing is permanent in the universe but the face of the Gracious God. Change should be embraced as a fact of the universe.

Also, bittersweetness is something to enjoy in its own right. Consider chocolate, for example. If chocolate wasn't bittersweet, it wouldn't have been what it is.

That's why you should make the best of what's left in Ramadan.


Be grateful for experiencing yet another Ramadan

to see the next ramadan

Image Credit: Abdullah Arif on Unsplash

We often overlook the fact that we're alive in such perfect existence that made it possible for us to breathe in the first place. The fact that we're alive, breathing the spiritual air of yet another Ramadan is something we should be grateful for.

Though our world isn't exactly what we would consider perfect since there are too many atrocities that we can't mention all here, Ramadan is a month that gives the Mulsim community another chance to make things slightly better for ourselves and everyone else.

Thank God for letting us live yet through another Ramadan! And may He give us the opportunity to live through another Ramadan next year. When it's our time to leave this existence, may God take us only after we've experienced many joys, especially during Ramadan. And may God reveal to us His wisdom through personally reading his good book: the Quran.

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