5 Restaurants with the Best Halal Foods in Brisbane CBD

By Nur Qa'riah | 30, Sep, 2022

The capital city in the Australian state of Queensland is also known as the ‘Sunshine State’. Brisbane is home to many Halal and Muslim-friendly food options. After a recent trip, I wanted to share the food options we found for anyone that plans to visit Brisbane!

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Halal Status in Australia

Most restaurants in Australia will not carry a Halal certificate for their restaurant as they mainly do certification for food manufacturers. So during your trip, be sure to keep a lookout for certificates that the meat they sell is from a Halal-certified supplier!

It will also be good to check with the staff if they use separate grills for food preparation if the shop sells other types of meat.

*Do note that the status of food is based on what the staff at the stores had shared so do dine at your own discretion.


Sendok Garpu Brisbane

foods in sendo garpu brisbande

A long-running Indonesian eatery, Sendok Garpu moved from their previous location at Indooroopilly this year. Sendok Garpu was founded by Alicia Martino in 2010 and from June 2022, they are now located in the heart of Brisbane. Within a walking distance from The Myer Centre, Sendok Garpu serves street-food-inspired dishes.

Before their shop was fully launched, I visited and got to try their pre-launch menu but simply from that, I knew that if any of you were sincerely wishing for a taste of authentic Indonesian cuisine, you definitely can’t miss out on them. Who would’ve thought you could get the deliciously authentic dishes miles away in Brisbane. So be sure to prepare your tastebuds for your meal here but be warned, their spicy sauces truly pack a strong punch.

sendok garpu restaurant

The best part is that the restaurant also serves as an in-house grocery store, selling curated Halal grocery that is available for your purchase.

It is relatively easy to find the restaurant as there are multiple other Asian cuisine restaurants located near the premise of Student One at Elizabeth Street, a student hostel.

Price point: $$-$$$

Dine-in: Available

Address: Shop 6/97 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia | Opening Hours: 11.30am - 8pm (Sun - Wed), 11.30am - 8.30pm (Thurs - Fri) | Website


Olive Garden & Kebab

When it comes to Halal food in Australia, you will notice an amazing variety of Kebab stores available providing one special menu that you may not find at other stores. Olive Garden & Kebab is situated along the streets near Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. You can get an amazing portion of falafel kebab at reasonable prices here.

Be sure not to miss this store while walking along the streets of Brisbane’s Central Business District area!

Price point: $

Dine-in: Available

Address: Shop 4a/120 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia | Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (Mon), 9am - 2.30am (Tues), 9am - 3am (Wed & Thurs), 9am - 4am (Fri), 11am - 4am (Sat), 2pm - 3am (Sun) | Facebook


Myer Centre

A multi-story retail building located between Queen Street Mall and Elizabeth Street, Myer Centre is located in the heart of Brisbane’s Central Business District. They offer an incredible array of shopping and entertainment options under one roof. So if you made plans to spend your day shopping, be ready to be spoilt for choices with the options available within Myer Centre itself.

Address: 91 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia | Website

Nene Chicken

nene chicken restaurant

That’s right folks, you can get some Korean fried chicken in Brisbane. As shared earlier, you will find that the restaurant itself is not Halal-certified, but you can find their Halal certifications for the chicken they sell displayed behind the cashier counter. Please note that it only applies to this outlet and we encourage you to check with the other outlets before dining.

Apart from their yummy chicken and side dishes they also offer delicious K-Dogs, Korean corn dogs. They offer three different types of fillings, full cheese, half cheese and half hot dog, and full hot dog.

Price point: $$

Dine-in: Available

Store Location: Level A | Opening hours: 9am - 9pm (Mon - Thurs), 9am - 10pm (Fri - Sat), 11am - 9pm (Sun)

Abra Wraps

abra wraps food stall

Having earned a reputation as one of the stores to try, the shop owner also shared that many patrons visit their store especially Muslim flight attendants that have their layover in Brisbane. Located amongst the various food stalls, Abra Wraps serves Chicken and Chips, Wagyu Steak Burger, Wraps, and their highly recommended Al Karrumba Nachos.

Be sure to not miss out on them if you drop by Myer Centre. You are definitely missing out if you don’t try their Al Karrumba Nachos, a combination of nachos topped with fresh tomato salsa, melted cheese, guacamole, and sour cream.

Price point: $-$$

Dine-in: Available

Store Location: Level E | Opening hours: 9.30am - 5.30pm (Mon - Thurs), 9.30am - 9pm (Fri), 9.30am - 5.30pm (Sat), 10am - 4pm (Sun)



turquoise kebab and pizza

Just a few streets away from Myer Centre, you can find Turquoise Kebab and Pizza. If it’s late at night and you’re searching for a snack, Turquoise is open 24 hours each day so you know that you won’t go hungry. Apart from their kebabs and pizzas, be sure to try their freshly handmade gozleme. They are absolutely delicious and the spinach and feta cheese option should not be missed.

turquoise halal certificate

You can find their meat certification located behind their counter.

Price point: $

Dine-in: Available

Address: 1/79 Albert St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia | Opening hours: Open 24 hours | Facebook

I hope that this helps you with your next trip to Brisbane. No matter what your preferred cuisine is, you can find great Halal food in Brisbane to suit your every palate!

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