Rocky Mountaineer Vacations Canada

By Halal Trip | 26, Apr, 2015
Rocky Mountaineer Vacations Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer is a Canada based travel company that offers 45 exclusive vacation packages across Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer offers four different rail routes that take visitors across historic and natural wonders through Alberta and British Columbia. The travel packages vary from 25 days to 2 days. The Rocky Mountaineer train travels across the best sceneries of Western Canada and the Canadian Rockies, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Itinerary: The Rocky Mountaineer Vacations offer different itineraries that you can choose from. There are numerous Canadian Rocky Mountain Routes that you can choose from.

Circle Rail Route: Taking this route will let you experience some of the most popular rail routes. This is one of the best routes to see the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Banff and Jasper, Lake Louise and Whistler.

First Passage to the West: This route takes you through the historic rail route and the famous Spiral Tunnels. This rail service holds a lot of importance in Canadian history and also takes you across the Continental Divide.

Journey through the Clouds: This route takes you through some of the wonders of Western Canada. The route follows the Fraser River route and takes you across the Coastal Mountain Range and the Fraser Canyon.

Rainforest to Gold Rush: This rail route traverses the coastal rainforest and the Fraser Canyon into the Cariboo Plateau. The rail route ends in the Canadian Rockies.

Coast to Coast: Explore Canada from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

There are also Rail and Cruise, Rail and Drive packages available where rail journeys and cruises and road rides are combined to take visitors to some of the best destinations of Canada.

The Whistler Route is excellent to enjoy incredible views between Vancouver and Whistler. This three and half hour journey traverses through Howe Sound and the Cheakamus Canyon and crosses the snow-capped peaks of the Tantalus Mountains, finally arriving at the Whistler Village.

Rocky Mountaineer also offers a number of City Excursions. These itineraries allow you to explore the Canadian cities thoroughly. You can opt for a guided tour of the attractions or pick an adventure tour.

Accommodation: There are three types of accommodations that guests can choose from, namely the Red Leaf Service, Silver Leaf Service and the Gold Leaf Service. The Red Leaf Service offers comfortable reclining seats and meals (not Halal) at your seat so that you do not miss out on any scenery. The Silver Leaf Service offers single-level; glass domed coaches so that you can enjoy the best scenes. The Gold Leaf Service presents two level, glass-domed coaches where you can enjoy exclusive vistas from the upper coach and relish delicious meals at the lower level.

There are several offers under each of the Rocky Mountaineer Vacation packages that visitors can choose from. For up-to-date information on the offers and packages please visit the official website.  

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