Singapore's Mid - Autumn Festival [2017]

By Halal Trip | 18, Sep, 2017
Singapore's Mid - Autumn Festival [2017]

Singapore's Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

As the autumn harvest period comes to an end it marks the beginning of one of the most unique cultural performances Singapore, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Closely intertwined with traditional legends and folklore this event brings together a host of vivid celebrations that has made many want to visit Singapore during this time of the year. As always the mid-autumn festival 2017 is back with a host of festivities so read on to find out how you too can join in the celebrations.
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Significance of the event

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The festival is centered on Chinese traditions and lunar appreciation; therefore it comes to no surprise that the moon is at its brightest when the festivities begin. This year the mid-autumn festival 2017 is scheduled to take place from 22nd September to 8th October with the main event taking place on 4th October. Owing to the significance the moon plays in the festivities most the activities take place after the sun goes down.

Highlights of previous mid-autumn celebrations

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This event is one that has celebrated in China for over thousand years and due to the strong influence of Chinese culture on Singapore, much prominence is given to the celebrations here as well. Just to recap, the previous years’ mid-autumn celebrations concluded with the finest cultural displays and some of the noteworthy happenings included:
- In 2015 the Gardens by the Bay was beautifully lit up with handcrafted lanterns including 50 goat shaped lanterns from the public lantern decorating competition and the colourful Chrysanthemum floral display in the Flower Dome.
- The cultural display at Chinatown featuring over 2300 lanterns by students from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
- Gardens by the Bay was once again lit up in 2016 with over 4000 lanterns of unique designs. 
- The waterfront lantern walkabout at the Esplanade.
- The massive dragon playground created at Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall.

What to expect at the mid-autumn festival 2017

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Keeping the traditions alive, the mid-autumn festival is set to return once again to a whole range of activities designed to create one of the most vibrant celebrations in the country. So get ready to sample delicious mooncakes and witness the splendor of Gardens By The Bay, Chinatown and much more during this special time of the year.


Enjoy the mooncake festival Singapore

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Mooncakes are delicious delights that make up an important part of the festivities. As the mid-autumn festival, 2017 kicks off you will find these seasonal sweets offered at most shops. While there is no shortage of where to buy mooncakes in Singapore, you might want to choose carefully as most of these delights might not be Halal. Some of the top Halal food spots in Singapore that will offer their mooncake promotion 2017 include Prima Deli, 1989 by Swee Heng, #Bakedwithlurve and Polar Puff & Cakes.


Visit Singapore Gardens By The Bay

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If you are looking to enjoy the very best celebrations you most certainly should head on down to the Gardens By The Bay. This year too, the Gardens are set to put on a spectacular display with an amazing array of events like "Waters of Prosperity" lantern display – the largest of its kind, "Grains of Gold" – where an entire paddy field will be illuminated with 4,000 glowing rice stalks, "Splendour of Blooms" – a display of floating water lily lanterns, "Flight of the Dragonflies" – with over 100 dragonfly lanterns lighting up the Supertrees, and "Autumn Harvest" – the impressive floral display featuring some very interesting lantern designs even a giant pumpkin.
In addition, the Garden will also feature several traditional theatrical performances and interactive arts and crafts booths so you can learn more and enjoy being a part of the festivities.


Chinatown festival

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Chinatown plays a very special role in keeping the culture and heritage alive, therefore it comes to no surprise that this is going to be one of the best cultural performances Singapore. You can have loads of fun as you enter the free walking trail that extends along Kreta Ayer Road, Sago Street, Pagoda Street and New Bridge Road. The carnival-like atmosphere will set your mood to enjoy this magical celebration and you could even grab some festive goodies at the Festive Street Bazaar to remember the event.

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