6 Halal Sports Snacks to Elevate Your Game Day

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 20, Sep, 2023
6 Halal Sports Snacks to Elevate Your Game Day

It's the time of the year when sports season is coming and fans cheering can be heard from both the arena and from the comfort of our own couch. NBA, Asian Games, and even Rugby World Cup are coming, and whether you’ll be watching it alone, with family, or with friends, your game day will only then be perfect if you also have something to munch along.

You need the ideal snacks to go along with the excitement when you're watching sports, whether it's a frantic soccer match, a nail-biting basketball game, or an exciting football game. The appropriate snacks may improve your game day experience and transform each match as if your favorite team won the series. Discover the ultimate list of snacks to munch on while watching sports, and make your next game day a truly epic experience with our choices of classic favorites to alternative unique bites.

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1. Chicken Wings chicken wings

Image Credit: Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

Starting off the list with an American classic, where no list of snacks to watch sports would be complete without it. The beloved chicken wing comes in a perfect portion size while being THE definition of finger-lickin’ good. Some of the fan favorites that would be the embodiment of a game day snack will usually be the classics such as buffalo wings, honey soy wings, cheesy wings, or sweet and spicy barbecue. However, with its rising popularity, you can now choose from a variety of flavors, with experimental flavors that come from different influences such as Korean gochujang, sambal matah, or even Japanese miso. Be it crispy or baked, chicken wings is the perfect snack especially to share with friends and family.


2. Nachosmexican nachos

Image Credit: Herson Rodriguez on Unsplash

Easy to eat and great to share, nachos are a fan favorite that never disappoints. This traditional Mexican dish is loaded with toppings and texture while being highly customizable according to your own liking. Using tortilla chips that are loaded with gooey cheese, jalapeños, salsa, and guacamole, these are the basic ingredients to create an easy yet delicious snack. You can also add pico de gallo, lettuce, grilled corn, beans, sour cream varieties of meat, and even fried tofu. Pick and choose your own topping to your liking and enjoy the great night, hassle-free.


3. Hot Dogshot dogs

Image Credit: Ball Park Brand on Unsplash

While they are a stadium classic, hot dogs are simple, satisfying, and perfect for munching during timeouts. Hot Dogs are one of those timeless snacks that have been gracing game day tables for generations. Its simplicity could also make it perfect to enjoy at home! A simple toasted bun with a wiener is all you need to prepare to enjoy this snack. Halal versions of these thick sausages are now easy to find. Planning on stepping it up? Slice yourself some veggies and experiment with sauces! It’ll be a simple yet mess-free game.


4. Popcornpopcorn

Image Credit: Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

Looking for a lighter option that won't fill your belly? The crispy and airy texture of popcorn is a light, addictive, yet guilt-free option for those who want to keep it simple. Pop it into a microwave, and you are ready to go, as no preparation is needed to enjoy this simple snack. It is also highly customizable, as the savory yet buttery taste will always blend well with the sweet caramel or other deserts. 10/10 recommended to be served with other sides and pairings.


5. Mini Sliders and Fries

Looking for a non-classic option? Try including these mini burgers, from classic beef to gourmet options like truffle mushroom sliders. The portion size gives you the option of having different types to enjoy in one sitting. A simple side of fries will always do it justice, but loaded fries with crispy potato skin, cheese, sour cream, and meat bits are on a whole different level. This is the perfect snack for you if you're looking for a much more gourmet option


6. Veggies and Fruits

Try not to miss out on the fun, while also not sacrificing your diet? Healthier options are always available to enjoy. For a healthier twist, spicy cauliflower bites tossed in buffalo sauce are one of the favorites to swap out the wings you’re missing out on. Snacks like veggie sticks are always easy to enjoy too, with different dips to experiment with such as hummus, tzatziki dip, a creamy spinach and artichoke dip, or a smoky chipotle ranch dip to accompany the veggies. A simple fruit platter, yogurt parfaits, or fruit skewers are also perfect for a dessert that could balance out the indulgence of heavier snacks.



In the world of sports, while making sure your favorite team wins and enjoying the match basic thing to do, having the right snacks can make all the difference. May it be classic favorites like chicken wings and nachos or non-conventional food options like gourmet sliders, these snacks are the key to enjoying the game to the fullest. So, gather your friends, set up the big screen, and get ready to cheer on your favorite teams while savoring these mouthwatering treats. Game on!

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