10 Steps To Stay Focused & Motivated For The Right Reasons

By Nathasha Wickramasinghe | 30, Aug, 2019
10 Steps To Stay Focused & Motivated For The Right Reasons

Sometimes staying focused and maintaining motivation to finish a task or attain a goal can be difficult, especially with our other life commitments. However, it is important to achieve your goals and dreams, even if it’s just a personal goal or a small task.

Different people approach goals in their own way, but not everyone can see a task through to the end. That is where the following tips come in, if you are struggling with staying focused and motivated these tips are for you!


1. Start afresh and set your goals clearly

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How many of us set goals for ourselves but fail to work towards them? There can be many reasons why this happens – mostly distractions, but that is ok! Remember, you can always start fresh.

Yes, there should one end goal but you can set up as many mini achievable goals along the way! Goals don’t have to be these big unattainable tasks, they can be anything from – read a paragraph of the Quran everyday to writing a to-do list for the next day before bed.

If you are someone who has been evading your goals for awhile, start from the beginning, look at the reasons why you didn’t stick to them in the first place and work around that. Write down your revised goals or jot them down in your head – whatever works best for you and stick to them this time round.


2. Figure out your game plan

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Once you have figured out your goals, set up a clear work plan to achieve them.

What are the steps you need to take to achieve said goal? How can you implement the steps? These are questions you can ask yourself; it will help you start on it without leaving you lost and confused.


3. Work towards a bigger cause

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As important as self improvement is, it can be a bit tedious therefore, focusing some of your energy on a cause that you are passionate about can be quite refreshing and make you realize that you are capable of great things.

It could be anything! You can start small by making measures to ensure that you reduce the amount of plastic you use in your everyday life, make sure you dispose of waste correctly (i.e. putting a milk carton in the right bin), maybe even give food to a needy person. You could even help someone who’s struggling with studies or someone who is stuck on a task at work.


4. Feeling content

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It can seem hard to feel content in our busy everyday lives, we always overlook the small achievements we have made and even sometimes think we don’t deserve to give ourselves a break, but this is not healthy.

Take a minute to feel content with what you have achieved so far, look back at the things you have done and give yourself a pat on the back. This will keep you motivated to do more and work harder.

It is also important to remember that failures are not always such a bad thing, failures are the best teachers, don’t give yourself a hard a time just cause you could not do something the way you planned. As important as it is to plan things out, you must also be open to the idea that not everything can be controlled and that plans do go wrong, so be content with whatever else that you have achieved.


5. Always count your blessings

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A close second to contentment is gratitude. Be grateful for the life you have, be grateful to the people closest to you – your family and friends. It is very important to stay grounded but that does not mean you should not dream big.

Keep an open mind but keep your head low, approach things logically and carefully asses a situation before making a solid decision. Be thankful for the small things, even for a glass of water – be grateful to yourself as well, sometimes it is very easy to overlook yourself. Self love is very important too!


6. Sense of responsibility

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It is very important to develop a healthy sense of responsibility; we need it to navigate the complex dynamics of society. Have a sense of responsibility to be better for God, as well as for your parents and the rest of society.

Be responsible for your actions, that way you will be able to do anything well and without much error. Also have the strength to own up to your mistakes as well as any good work you have done.

People easily forget they have a responsibility to be a good citizen within society, set good examples and, live in harmony.


7. Never rush to push yourself

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We can sometimes be in such a hurry to finish a task; therefore we tend to rush ourselves. This is not a good thing and is definitely not healthy.

Have a clear mind and work steadily towards your goal, this is where your game plan comes into play. If you have carefully planned everything out, you don’t need to rush. Just follow the steps one by one and you will eventually reach your goal.


8. Consistency is key

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Be consistent throughout your journey, stick to the plan as much as possible, constant changes can lead to indecisiveness which will distract you from your end goal. Also remember practice makes perfect, so stick to a routine plan and after a few days or weeks it’ll be just like breathing to you.


9. Challenge yourself

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It is easy to be within our comfort zones and for some of us it may even be helpful in attaining our goals, however, it is important to challenge yourself once in awhile. This will get you prepared to face any situation and will keep you motivated.

Setting a challenge for yourself is actually fun way to achieve a goal, achieving a goal doesn’t always have to be so serious. Challenge yourself to finish a task within a few days or a week and then enjoy the relief and feeling of contentment afterwards. You can even challenge yourself by planning a trip abroad and saving up money within a specific time period.

Setting personal deadlines is a great way to stay motivated and on task – but be sure to do it in a healthy way and not stress yourself too much!

If you really want to get out of your comfort zone, register for a marathon, go on hike, maybe do public speaking – try at least one thing that is out of your comfort zone!


10. Enjoy the journey

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Everything doesn’t have to be all work and no play, plan your goals in a way that you can enjoy your life as well, because if not you will start resenting the very goal you set out to attain. Keep things light whenever possible and remember to enjoy the process.

If you don’t enjoy it and it starts stressing you out at a very unhealthy level then it is not for you or you are doing something wrong. So take time to reassess your plan and goal instead of just enduring it.


Hope these tips will help you be focused and stay motivated.

Good luck and dream big!

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