Stop By These Honolu Ramen Outlets For Some Halal Ramen When You're In Japan

By Shamilka Rasheed | 11, Sep, 2018
Stop By These Honolu Ramen Outlets For Some Halal Ramen When You're In Japan

It's a fact - a trip to Japan will not be complete without trying a delicious bowl of ramen with some delectable toppings. So where can a Muslim traveler enjoy some Halal ramen? Finding Halal food in Japan can be quite hard sometimes, however, there are more restaurants serving Halal food options these days.

If you are looking for a nice little place that serves Muslim-friendly food in Japan and want to satisfy your ramen craving - you should drop by either of the Honolu Ramen outlets which are located in Tokyo and Osaka. Honolu Ramen has created a special Halal menu with some delicious things you simply cannot miss out, especially if you are a fan of ramen.

So whether you favour something spicy or just want that awesome umami flavor - Honolu Ramen has a pretty great selection of Halal ramen that you should definitely check out.

Where Can You Find Honolu Ramen in Japan?

1. Halal Ramen Honolu Osaka

Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen

Fried Chicken Ramen

Picture Credit: 帆のる 大阪なんば店(Halal Ramen Osaka Honolu) Facebook

This outlet opened in 2016 and quickly became a favourite spot for Halal ramen in Osaka. If you do plan dropping by, keep in mind that their Spicy Ramen is a top favourite and their Fried Chicken Tamen is worth trying out as well. The restaurant also has a vending machine where you need to place your orders and insert your cash - which is quite convenient really!

Picture Credit: 帆のる 大阪なんば店(Halal Ramen Osaka Honolu) Facebook

Enjoy an amazing bowl of ramen topped off with egg, chicken and some seaweed in a simple cosy setting from their Halal menu. It's worth mentioning that the fried chicken is pretty great at this branch, so don’t leave without trying this either!

Most Muslim travelers will find it slightly hard to locate Halal restaurants and face a few issues when deciding on what to eat in Japan. However, now you know where to get your Halal Ramen fix!

Address: 1st Floor, 2-5-27 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0016

Opening Hours: 11.30AM to 2.30PM | 5.30PM to 9.30PM (Mon-Sun)
Contact: 06-6710-9604

2) Halal Ramen & Dining Honolu Ebisu

Picture Credit: 麺屋 帆のる 恵比寿店 HALAL Ramen & Dining Honolu Facebook

The Honolu Ramen Ebisu branch is the newest addition to the scene, and boasts of the special Halal menu - where their Spicy Ramen and tasty Halal Gyoza dumplings are some of the popular items. You just can’t beat the wonderful combination of well-seasoned chicken and flavourful broth combined with noodles! Some other favourites to try out include the Rich Chicken Ramen, Yakiniku BBQ - and their crispy fried chicken of course.

Picture Credit: 麺屋 帆のる 恵比寿店 HALAL Ramen & Dining Honolu Facebook

Placing your orders is quite easy at this branch as well, since all you have to do is select your dish from the vending machine and insert your cash – just like at the other outlet.

Picture Credit: 麺屋 帆のる 恵比寿店 HALAL Ramen & Dining Honolu Facebook

Additionally, Honolu Ramen has taken the extra step in being more Muslim-friendly by having a small prayer space for Muslim visitors as well. Isn’t it just great when you can find a cosy restaurant that with amazing Muslim-friendly food in Japan?

Address: ABC Americabashi Building 1F, 1-23-1 Ebisuminami, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo 105-0022 
Opening Hours:
 11.30AM to 2.30PM | 5.30PM to 9.30PM (Mon-Sun)

Most of the traditional versions of the ramen feature pork broth and, and most Muslims are aware that the majority of the ramen restaurants heavily feature pork items on the menu. However, there other types of broth as well which include the soya bean-based Miso Ramen, while Shio Ramen is salt-based and the Shoyu Ramen broth is soy-based.

What perhaps stands out most from Honolu Ramen is that the Halal ramen variations are based on a delicious savoury chicken broth (made with Halal chicken of course!) unlike the traditional options.

But the ramen is pretty great as the dishes still maintain that perfect umami flavour combined with fresh ingredients - there is no compromise when it comes to great taste. Most importantly, you can dine at Honolu Ramen with no worries and simply enjoy the wonderful bowl of ramen in front of you.

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