Semarang, Indonesia | You Haven't been To Semarang If Haven't Try These Street Food!

By Leo Galuh | 06, May, 2019
Semarang, Indonesia | You Haven't been To Semarang If Haven't Try These Street Food!

Semarang, Indonesia is an amazing city, especially for backpackers. This city is exceptional for travelers who are in for some adventure. But more importantly, Halal food is a breeze to find here in Semarang. If you're on a budget or just curious about the local food in Semarang, we've got 5 mouthwatering street food to recommend. Let's skip the talking and get right into it!



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This is the best halal street food recommendation if you visit the capital city of Central Java province, Semarang. Deep fried with bamboo sprout, carrot, and shrimp inside, the lunpia is pretty similar to a spring roll. You can also request to skip the deep fry if you enjoy the softer version of the lunpia. The lunpia is best to serve with pickled cucumber, a thick sauce, and chives.

If you can't stand the smell of bamboo sprout, we recommend you the lunpia stall in Semarang China Town. Lunpia Gang Lombok never fails to serve fresh crispy lunpia. If you happen to grab some lunpia from Lunpia Gang Lombok, you'll find your lunpia in a traditional weaved box with a sticker of the famous lady in striped dress, having a lunpia herself.

Lunpia Gang Lombok is located not far away from the iconic landmark of Semarang, Semarang Tugu Muda. Within a 15 mins drive, it will land you right to your crispy lunpia.

Address: Jalan Gang Lombok Number 11, Purwodinatan, Semarang
Contact No.: +62 816 4881 194
Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Daily)
Price Range: IDR 12,000 - IDR 15,000 (depending on your filling)

Tahu Gimbal

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Another typical food of Semarang City is the Tahu Gimbal. This halal street food consists of fried tofu, chopped cabbage, rice cake, bean sprout, eggs, poured over with a shrimp-flavored peanut sauce.

On top of that, this mouthwatering dish is also served with deep fried shrimp called shrimp bakwan. The shrimp-flavored peanut sauce is made from lemongrass leaves, spices, sand ginger, bay leaves as well as garlic.

If you're craving for this, Tahu Gimbal Pak Edi stall is the way to go! This stall is a 10 minutes drive away from the Tugu Muda Statue. Click here if you want to see the route.

For just IDR 13,000 you'll get a generous portion of the Tahu Gimbal!

Address: Jalan Menteri Supeno, Mugas Sari, Semarang
Contact No.: +62 856 4174 2116
Opening Hours: 9AM to 11PM (Daily)
Price Range: IDR 13,000 onwards

Pankuk Ice

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Getting annoyed at the hot and humid weather? Pankuk Ice is the best solution for your thirsty throat.

Located just 5 minutes drive away from the Tugu Muda Statue, Pankuk Ice Pak Yono is the ultimate stall you need to go to get your Pankuk Ice cravings fixed! Hit this button and you can see the route.

The Pankuk Ice in Pak Yono’s stall is different from most ice cream pancakes since it is still traditionally made. Three scoops of ice cream, with slices of bread, gelatin and thinly cut pancakes to top it all off.

Pak Yono still uses traditional tools to make the pancakes. Till today, Pak Yono still retains the traditional way of making Pankuk Ice ever since 1950.

This ice pancake stall has three main taste which is chocolate, durian, and avocado. It is only IDR 13,000 for each portion.

Address: Jalan Tanjung, Sekayu, Semarang
Contact No.: +62 812 2877 1554
Opening Hours: 10.30AM to 4.30PM (Daily)
Price Range: IDR 13,000 onwards

Gado Gado

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Yes, we are not moving anywhere. We are still in the same stall that is owned by Pak Yono. This stall is also famous for its gado-gado.

Gado Gado is a mixture of rice cake, vegetables, eggs and a scoop of peanut sauce to bring the ingredients together. Pak Yono has his own way of cooking his peanut sauce. Somehow, he is able to make it sweet and sour at the same time!

You can have this delicious Gado Gado for IDR 17,000 per portion.

Tip: This stall can only accommodate 25 people. Lunch hour is the most crowded time.

Address: Jalan Tanjung, Sekayu, Semarang
Contact No.: +62 812 2877 1554
Opening Hours: 10.30AM to 4.30PM (Daily)
Price Range: IDR 17,000 onwards

Bakmi Jawa

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Surely it is Javanese noodle! Javanese noodles are mostly boiled with soy sauce to give that sweet taste.

Located just 10 minutes walk away from the Tugu Muda Statue, Bakmi Jawa Doel Noemani is known to serve one of the best Javanese Noodles in Semarang. Using a small skillet over earthenware stoves, heated by charcoal, the Bakmi Jawa is being cooked to perfection. Originally cooked in a stew, you'll find scrambled eggs, noodle, and shredded chicken in a plate of Bakmi Jawa. You can also add extra dishes like chicken liver and gizzard that provided on every table. To add on to that, you could also get yourself some satay to add to your meal.

If you happen to drop by the stall, you'll find that all employees would don the traditional batik to uphold the tradition.

For one portion of Bakmi Jawa, you only need to pay IDR 15,000 and satay IDR 5,000 per each.

Address: Jalan Pemuda Number 117, Semarang
Contact No.: +62 813 2920 3448
Opening Hours: 10AM to 10PM (Daily)
Price Range: IDR 15,000 onwards for a plate of Bakmi Jawa

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