Tanah Abang Market: Hajj Souvenirs in the Heart of Jakarta

By Leo Galuh | 30, Aug, 2018
Tanah Abang Market: Hajj Souvenirs in the Heart of Jakarta

As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta acts offers many destinations for foreign and domestic tourists. Located in Central Jakarta, the Tanah Abang Market is one of the best budget shopping destinations for both tourists and locals.

Textile and fashion are the main commodities here. Tanah Abang Market boasts as the biggest textile market in South East Asia region. However, Tanah Abang Market has a hidden gem that will blow your mind. Tanah Abang Market is the place to go if you're looking for some Hajj souvenirs.

tanah abang market entrance

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Tanah Abang Market is known for having heavy traffic congestion daily. However, here's a little tip if you're trying to avoid the crowd. Try going on a public holiday! Just like what I did during Eidul Adha.

Location: Pasar Tanah Abang Blok C, Jalan Kebon Kacang XII Number 1, Jati Pulo, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta

I came to the Block C of Tanah Abang Market to buy some hajj souvenirs. The products are mainly imported from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries such as Tunisia, Iran, and Egypt.

dates and other dried fruits

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Here you can buy dates come from several countries, honey, chocolates, pistachio, prayer beads, zam zam water bottles and many more. The price is reasonable as the prices are not far from when you get it in Saudi Arabia.

Lucky me, I could find plenty of hajj souvenir stalls that were still open during the public holiday. Actually, almost all the stalls sell the same product. So you need to decide which stall you want to visit in order to save time.Here are some useful tips when shopping for hajj souvenirs:

  • Prepare Your Shopping List. It is very important to have your shopping list when visiting hajj souvenir stalls. A shopping list will help you to focus on what you need to buy. There are so many attractive products that will tease you. Unless if you just only window shopping, then the shopping list won’t be needed.
  • Select Only One Stall. Every seller will say hi and invite you to come to their stall. So you need to decide as soon as possible once you feel this is the perfect stall. By the way, the seller will give discounts if you buy in large quantities.
  • Pay Attention to the Expiry Label. I believe you won’t embarrass yourself in front of others when giving a souvenir. So you must check the souvenirs expiry date. Sometimes sellers don’t notice the expiry date of the products.

Last but not least, I bought a box of Iranian dates for IDR 50,000 and a bag of Saudi Arabian chocolate for IDR 120,000. Totally worth it! Share your hajj souvenirs in HalalTrip App!

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