The Best Muslim-friendly Destinations in Switzerland

By Halal Trip | 18, Sep, 2014
The Best Muslim-friendly Destinations in Switzerland

Switzerland, a landlocked country in central Europe, bordered by France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Germany is every traveler's dream destination. With beautiful snowcapped mountains, breathtaking surroundings, crisp fresh air, crystal clear lakes, fantastic sites to visit, and fabulous shopping, Switzerland is a popular holiday destination globally and is the ideal destination to enjoy a perfect holiday getaway with family or friends. This picturesque and captivating alpine country is also becoming popular among Muslim travelers. Home to a sizeable Muslim population, Muslim tourists will be able to find Muslim-friendly facilities in Switzerland.

Finding prayer facilities and halal food in Switzerland will be quite easy when you visit the cities discussed here. Muslim tourists must however be aware that some of the cities in Switzerland have better Muslim-friendly facilities than others largely due to the number of Muslims visiting those cities.  


Bern, the capital of Switzerland is one such destination that draws many tourists including Muslims, mainly due to its Old Town area; which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Bear Park. Known as the City of Fountains, this historic city with wonderful architecture and numerous museums is a must-visit destination when in Switzerland. Muslim tourists will be able to find a number of halal restaurants in Bern. Prayer facilities are also available, as Bern is home to 5 mosques; with the most prominent one being Masjid-Ul-Qghair.


Geneva, a captivating city with breathtaking surroundings is another popular destination among those visiting Switzerland. Situated along the banks of Lake Geneva, with beautiful mountains as a backdrop, this French-speaking city is a wonderful holiday destination.

The city’s most famous attraction is the Jet d’Eau - the world’s tallest fountain. While other places of interest include the Old Town, its many museums and galleries, numerous parks, the lakeside promenade, and much more. Muslims visiting Geneva will find the city Muslim-friendly as it is home to quite a number of halal restaurants and it also houses several mosques that Muslim visitors along with the city’s residents can use when necessary.  


Zurich In switzerland

Zurich; located on the shore of Lake Zurich is not only the largest but is the most visited city in Switzerland. This picturesque city has much to offer its visitors, with several museums, parks and nature reserves, visitors will not be bored as there are plenty of activities to keep them busy. Apart from all the recreational activities, visitors would be pleased to find out that the city is a great shopping destination as well. Muslim travelers will find it easy to locate Muslim-friendly facilities in Zurich as the city has a number of halal restaurants and numerous mosques serving its residents as well as its visitors.   


Basel In switzerland

Basel, the city of culture has the highest concentration of museums in Switzerland. With over 40 museums and its beautiful Old Town and modern architecture; tourists will find the city an interesting destination to visit. With the River Rhine winding through the city, Basel is the closest that Switzerland comes to having a seaport. Muslim travelers will be able to find some Muslim-friendly facilities in Basel as it is home to a few halal restaurants and a couple of mosques.  


Lausanne, known as an Olympic City is a combination of a commercial city and a resort city. Surrounded by beautiful scenery; this city is a great destination to spend a relaxing holiday. Walking around its Old Town, visitors will find some beautiful architectural designs. Home to a number of interesting museums and several green spaces, Lausanne is a great place to visit. Muslims visiting Lausanne will be able to locate Muslim-friendly facilities without a problem; as the city has a number of halal restaurants as well as mosques catering to its Muslim visitors as well as the locals.  


Lucerne in Switzerland

Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland is a charming little town popular among tourists visiting Switzerland. This stunning town with its panoramic mountain views, lakeside location, and numerous attractions and activities is a great destination to enjoy a fun-filled holiday. Muslim tourists will be able to find quite a few mosques to offer their prayers in and a few halal restaurants in Lucerne they can dine at.  

Switzerland is the ideal destination for those wanting to relax as well as for those looking to enjoy some thrilling activities. With most of the cities having Muslim-friendly facilities, Switzerland is a definite must-visit and should be on every traveler's bucket list of places to visit.

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