The Enticing Flavours of Dubai Food

By Halal Trip | 06, Apr, 2016
The Enticing Flavours of Dubai Food

Finding Halal restaurants in Dubai will be quite a simple task. With almost every restaurant in Dubai serving Halal food, Muslim travellers will be presented with an amazing variety of mouthwatering dishes to choose from – including popular local delights such as Shawarmas and Falafels. A wide range of food is on offer, with Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and South Asian fare available at numerous restaurants.

A few prominent restaurants and eateries have been highlighted below:

Chili's is one of the most popular hamburger restaurants in Dubai that runs on a delightful chili house theme with a southwestern flair. With outlets scattered across the country, Chili’s offers a variety of scrumptious fast food options ranging from burgers to sandwiches and pitas to BBQ ribs. Fire-grilled steaks, Pastas and Seafood dishes are some of the other popular options at Chili's amongst locals.

Another popular restaurant in Dubai is the Zahrat Bilad al Sham Restaurant which offers a wide array of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. It is known for serving some of the best Falafels in town, with shawarmas and kebabs also being hot favourites. Though takeaways are extremely popular, the restaurant also offers an elegant dining venue that has the perfect ambience for a quiet family meal or private gathering.

For exquisite South Asian cuisine, Muslim travellers should try the Karachi Darbar restaurant which is located at 235 Regent Street. Karachi Darbar Restaurant offers a wide variety of food ranging from Indian to Pakistani to Chinese to Mughlai cuisine. BBQ and vegetarian options are also popular and the Karachi Biryani is perhaps one of the best dishes on offer! The restaurant is well-known amongst locals for serving some of the best food in the area and it is a highly recommended spot when travelling to Dubai.

The Automatic Restaurant is an excellent Lebanese restaurant located at Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Residence, providing good food and fantastic views at the same time. The restaurant is frequented by more local residents than tourists, unlike some of the other spots in the area, but the food at Automatic Restaurant is as good as it gets. Shawarmas to Kebabs to Fattoush to Hummus - there's something on offer for everyone, at a good price range and uncompromising quality.

In addition to the popular and well known dining spots in Dubai, travellers could also visit Emly & Chilli - a delightful Pakistani fast food restaurant located at a number of spots across Dubai serving a range of scrumptious rolls, Bun kebabs, grilled meats and Biryani. "Chill Out Meals" and "Family Meals" are popular menu items and it is also possible to opt for takeaways.

 A rapidly-growing International Halal fast food chain - Chicking Fried Chicken - has a global presence that spans across nearly 20 countries. Chicking Fried Chicken in Dubai is located at Mohammad Al Rizwan Building, opposite the Marcopolo Hotel, and offers full Halal menus of a wide assortment of scrumptious fast food. Several other excellent dining spots in Dubai are available at the Dubai Mall area which also presents travellers with a wealth of shopping opportunities. Exploring the city area will reveal plenty more dining options.

The choices are endless! Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Dubai .

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