The HalalTrip Mobile App - The Essential App for all your Ramadan Travel Needs

By Halal Trip | 01, Jun, 2016
The HalalTrip Mobile App - The Essential App for all your Ramadan Travel Needs | HalalTrip

With our smartphones attached to us like a limb, the HalalTrip Mobile App is the most convenient tool you could have this Ramadan. Whether you are traveling or you’re at home, the app solves any issue that you may have.


In-flight Prayer Time Calculator

With the In-flight Prayer Time Calculator, the application ensures that you never miss a prayer. With an accurate qibla direction, and the tool accessible even offline or when on flight mode, reminders can be set for the timings of salah so that you are prepared on time, up in the air. The feature also informs you of prayer facilities once you have entered your flight details, and the options for halal food upon arrival and departure – allowing you to plan your suhoor or iftar accordingly. The app only requires an internet connection if you need to change your flight details.


Mosque Discovery

On land, the Mosque Discovery option lets you know if there is a mosque in your vicinity, and how long it will take you to get there – such an essential tool when trying to reach a place of iftar in time! If you are traveling or at home, the app shows you how much time it would take you to reach either your home or the nearest mosque, simply by switching from “Home” to “Traveller” mode. It is an ingenious way to plan your routes and make sure you don’t miss your prayers in this holy month.


Halal Food Spotter

Breaking fast has never been this much fun! Try something new by using the Halal Food Spotter tool – a favorite amongst the HalalTrip community, and see what everyone else is breaking fast with. Spot the halal food in your area, or search for what tickles your taste buds with the help of pictures uploaded by others, and read real reviews. Dishes by the same restaurant are now grouped together for your ease. Assist others with their iftar by adding to the app and being a part of the community if you discover more halal food. With everyone on the lookout for halal meals, the options for delicious food are immense.


Travel Dua(s)

Don’t waste a moment with the Travel Dua(s) feature. Allowing you to select between an Arabic or English interface – with more languages to be added soon – the app offers a large collection of traveling duas in both languages, along with audio playback for your ease. Never feel lost again having forgotten your pocketbook of duas, when you can avail the handy Travel Duas feature at no added inconvenience. Whether you are on the plane or simply waiting in traffic, the audio and visual components allow you to use the moments that are normally wasted in the day in a more productive manner.

Featured as one of the top apps for Ramadan 2015 in the iTunes Ramadan collection, the HalalTrip app is the perfect companion for your Ramadan needs, covering all the bases of salah, dua, and iftar. Experience the convenience for yourself by downloading it here for Android or iPhone:



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