The HalalTrip Mobile App: The Must-Have Travel Companion of Every Muslim at the South East Asian Games 2015

By Halal Trip | 04, Jun, 2015
The HalalTrip Mobile App: The Must-Have Travel Companion of Every Muslim at the South East Asian Games 2015

If you are a Muslim participant or visitor at the 28th South East Asian Games in Singapore, HalalTrip's Mobile App is the ideal tool to help you discover what Muslim-friendly facilities will be available during the games. Read on for more details on why the HalalTrip Mobile App is the perfect travel companion of every Muslim at the South East Asian Games 2015.

Visiting Singapore during the 2015 South East Asian Games will undoubtedly be a memorable experience. Those who are unsure about the ease of accessibility to Muslim-friendly facilities during the games, need not worry. While Singapore offers an abundance of Muslim-friendly facilities, HalalTrip's Mobile App will help simply travel planning and ensure that travelling is as hassle-free as possible for Muslims.

The HalalTrip App focuses on key aspects of Muslim-friendly travel – such as Halal food and prayer facilities – and has been specifically designed to cater to the requirements of Muslim travellers. 

A few of its unique features include:

1) The Halal Food Spotter – This feature will be an excellent tool to help locate Halal food in the area. With this exciting and innovative feature, you be able to browse through a number of Halal dishes that are available nearby, as well as share images, reviews and recommendations of your own Halal dishes. Finding Halal food has never been more fun and intuitive!

2) Mosque Discovery – This feature will provide you a list of all nearby mosques that are located closest to you, based on your current location. With just one click, this feature instantly calculates the prayer times for your current location, the distances for nearby mosques and the time it will take to reach them. It will also determine whether you can reach your hotel in time for prayers.

3) In-flight Prayer Calculator – The app's in-flight prayer calculator is yet another innovative feature that provides you the prayer times and qibla direction for all your upcoming flights. This feature helps you plan your prayer timings on-board the aircraft and also provides information on prayer facilities and Halal food availability at the departure and arrival airports.

4) Travel Dua(s) – The app also offers a large collection of important travel dua(s) in both English and Arabic. Audio playback is available for each dua. The HalalTrip App is available free-of-charge for both iPhone/iPad & Android devices. It can be downloaded by searching for ‘HalalTrip’ on App Store/Google Play.   

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