The Incomparable Joy and Perks of Solo Traveling

By Maryam Aftab Kola | 03, Aug, 2022
The Incomparable Joy and Perks of Solo Traveling

Lying under the vast expanse of jet black sky with twinkling stars sparkling the place with their luminous light; amidst the ethereal glow of lush green carpets of plants and small huts; living in the countryside with locals and learning about cultures; accepting the call of mountains; a stroll on a beach with an unending horizon of the blue hues with the breeze gently striking your body; a whirlwind of adventures with extensive flora and fauna; an exotic vacation in a faraway land... the list of ways to experience travel is an endless one but so is the joy it offers. Traveling truly brings out the happiest versions of ourselves and when we embark on this journey alone, we are more empowered and rejuvenated than ever before. 

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As COVID-19 restrictions are being eased, a massive momentum has been witnessed in travelers choosing to travel solo, either to quench their wanderlust and enjoy a holiday or to work (digital nomads). Solo traveling is an enriching experience as it adds value to our overall well-being. The chief joy of not having to stick to schedules, neither compromising on individual wants nor simply going with the flow of your direction, is an incredible experience. You do what you want, how you want when you want - solo travel is your ultimate road to personal growth, self-reflection, and learning. 

If you want to escape from the concrete jungle and chaos of day-to-day life for a while, then a solo escapade is the right thing to do. Think of it as a gift from yourself to yourself. Solo traveling gives us time to be with ourselves - moments that are often unavailable as we are immersed with relationships, work, and other priorities. 

Formal education can provide you with basic knowledge, but what you learn and unlearn beyond the four walls of a room goes a long way in shaping you. So travel as near and far as the intrepid explorer within you can. 

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Solo travel for work saw a sharp rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. It continues to increase with the opening up of borders across the globe. Digital nomads are remote workers, generally freelancers who prefer this mode of travel as they get to work in an environment that is of their choice and gives them fulfillment and satisfaction. A fun work-life balance is what drives them to start and stay on this journey. 

Although solo traveling is not always as it is depicted in the drool-worthy pictures and reels that make it on our feeds on Instagram - they have a filter and often miss out on daunting experiences. Therefore, research adequately about your destination and read up on their customs, safety, language, weather, food, etc. Little preparation beforehand never goes to waste. Be flexible with your plans. On the brighter side, with the rise of the Internet and Communication Technologies, the world is doing better to accommodate people who travel solo.  


Perks of Solo Traveling

The Fresh Feel of Empowerment

The places you want to visit, the cuisines you want to indulge in, the way you wish to go on your travel, the on-the-spot changes you decide to make - it is possible to customize the itinerary solely based on your choices without the dosage of guilt. Want to spend a whole day at a museum? Go for it; no one is stopping you. Want to extend your stay because you enjoyed the vibe the place gave you? Do it, not just once, but as much as you would like. A liberating feeling to make decisions without being influenced by others.


Boosts Your Confidence

The ability to make decisions on your own, talk to unfamiliar people, take calculated risks, and sometimes take steps to move outside the comfort zone that challenges you as a person because solo traveling is not all roses and butterflies, but at the end of the trip, you will gain more confidence in steering the wheel of life and having the strength to deal with things in a strategic and relaxed manner.

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Educates You

Every place has elements that will make you a better-informed person. You appreciate that gaining knowledge has no limits, and you integrate them into your life in one way or the other. Every experience counts - the visits to national parks, libraries, art galleries, archaeological sites, and museums; tours that focus on sustainable tourism; indulging and relishing the local delicacies and finding out more about what goes in its preparation; understanding the culture and history of the place that dates back to several decades or centuries.


Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company

Humans often do not understand the need to be content with their own company. Solo travel will teach you how to be alone and happy. It is essential as it shows that being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely. Accepting solitude is the key.


Ability to Understand and Respect Different Perspectives 

If one trait can make this world a better place, it has to be empathy and compassion for one and all. Wandering and exploring places shows you how privileged you are and makes you acknowledge the same.

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Gain Deeper Insights About Yourself

You reflect on the choices you have made, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you want to go about in life. While traveling solo, you begin to understand yourself better; it will show you things you would never know about yourself.


It Opens A Wide Array of Opportunities

Networking is integral to today’s world. Solo traveling can build meaningful relationships and expand social networks.


A New Outlook On Life

Traveling humbles most solo travelers. You experience more than what meets the eye. Based on your solitary traveling experience, you gain a deeper meaning of life and make decisions that revolve around that new, profound understanding.


Soothes Your Soul

Traveling for a holiday soothes your soul. It freshens up the mind and is excellent for your mental well-being.

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The world is filled with beautiful places and as a globetrotter, you must experience solo traveling (if you haven't already!). Although it is believed that memories are best when shared, sometimes it is alright to have a few treasured, cherishable moments all for yourself. If you are privileged enough—can make decisions for yourselves, and can afford to travel alone—trust your gut and pack your bag immediately. This time do it for you. Not many have this freedom to enjoy the peculiar pleasure of solo traveling. Our world is filled with awe-inspiring wonders, just follow your heart and go—you won’t regret it a bit; instead, you will be grateful that you did it!

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