The Top 10 Places to Shop in Colombo

By Halal Trip | 10, Jan, 2017
The Top 10 Places to Shop in Colombo
When shopping in Colombo, you can find some great deals if you know what to buy and where to buy it in Colombo. And you don’t have to look anywhere else, because here’s your HalalTrip guide to shopping in Colombo right here!

1) Majestic City

Majestic city is a shopping mall in Colombo where you can find a wide variety of shops and products at reasonable prices, be it mobile phones, toys, clothes, stationery, and many more! There’s also a food court, a play area, and a cinema theatre. It’s definitely one of the most versatile shopping places in Colombo.


2) Liberty Plaza

This is the oldest shopping mall in Colombo, built all the way back in 1980! A bit of exploration will find you some great deals on mobile phones, electronic goods, and cameras. This can also be a great place to go clothes shopping in Colombo as well. And you can unwind at the food court when you’re all wiped out from doing some of the best shopping in Colombo.


3) Aracde Independence Square

A great place to go clothes shopping in Colombo, the Arcade Independence square is also a chill spot to hang out. Comprised of mostly high end clothing and accessory stores, a couple large electronics showrooms, fine-dining restaurants and a food court, it is surrounded by beautiful green lawns and white colonial buildings. 


4) Odel

This is the place to be if you were looking to do some quality, high-end clothes shopping in Colombo. There are more than 15 outlets currently all over Sri Lanka. Its flagship store located in Colombo 7 is the largest departmental store in Sri Lanka, and has an international design modeled to fit into any of  the fashion capitals of the world.


5) Crescat

Another shopping mall in Colombo with a lot of history, Crescat has always been a favorite among Sri Lankans whether it be to do some window shopping, grab a bite to eat, or do their weekly grocery run. 


6) Racecourse

Having been used as a temporary airstrip during the Second World War, the Colombo Racecourse has recently gone through a major upgrade. With various interesting restaurants, cafes, and shops surrounding Sri Lanka’s first ever International Rugby Union ground, it is a beautiful space and a unique shopping place in Colombo.


7) House of Fashions

You can’t miss this towering white building with fancy lights as you drive past it on DS Senanayake Mawatha. Ask any Sri Lankan for shopping tips, and they would probably swear that House of Fashions is the best place for shopping in Colombo. And why not, you can find just about everything here, from clothes, household items, electronics, cosmetics and jewelry, and at reasonable rates as well!



Although these places are not exactly shopping malls, there’s always a fair, exhibition, or sale happening at various times around the year. These shopping festivals are where you can do some of the best and cheap shopping in Colombo. But always check before going there about the events and their dates.


9) Pettah

No Colombo shopping guide would be complete without mention of Pettah market, where you can find many shops for just about anything you might need. This is the best place to go for cheap shopping in Colombo, and you can end up finding some great deals if you know where to look. A walk down the bustling streets of Pettah will give you the best street shopping experience in Colombo!


10) Lady J

Located in Colombo 8, Lady J is a store where you can find a bunch of variety of goods all under one roof, from clothes and accessories, to household items and stationery. This is one of the best shopping places in Colombo due to the versatility of the products you can find here as well as their reasonable prices.


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