The Top 5 Humane Moments in Olympics History

By Halal Trip | 02, Aug, 2016
The Top 5 Humane Moments in Olympics History

The Summer Olympics 2016 will be a major sporting event that showcases hardworking talented athletes from around the world. The Olympics has always been more than just a sporting event with many athletes coming together from different countries and backgrounds to compete. With the Rio Olympics 2016 being held from 5th to 21st August, we can look back on some of the amazing Olympic moments that have made impact including Olympic moments that changed history. 

1) Jesse Owens and Luz Long

The1936 Olympics in Berlin was where black American runner Jesse Owens and Luz Long from Germany formed a bond that overcame racialprejudices. Jesse Owens was feeling dejected when he made fouls on the first two long jumps, where Luz Long then offered him some friendly advice.This led Owens to reaching the finals and winning a gold medal. Long was the first to congratulate him right in front of Adolf Hitler himself. Owens went on to win four more gold medals in track and field events later on and the two of them remained friends until Luz Long’s death during World War II.


2) Medals of Eternal Friendship

At the Berlin Olympics in 1936, Japanese pole vaulters Sueo Oe and Shuhei Nishida ended up tied for the second place while Earl Meadows from the United States had won the gold medal. So for the Olympics records, it was decided that Shuhei Nishada should be awarded with the silver medal and SueoOe with the bronze medal. However, both of them did not feel right about the results and this led to one of the inspirational Olympic moments.  Once they returned to Japan both of them decided to cut their medals in half and solder them together as two half silver-bronze medals.

3) Lawrence Lemieux’s Honorable Act

One of the most humane moments of the Olympics occurred at the 1988 Olympics in South Korea. Canadian sailor Lawrence Lemieux had a good start during the race. However, he abandoned his position to help another competitor whose boat had capsized and saved both sailors. After the rescue team arrived he got back into the race. Even though he did not win an Olympic medal, he was awarded with a medal of honor.

4) The Korean Unification Flag

2000 Sydney Olympics saw North Korea and South Korea marching together under a unified flag, which was a symbol of peace for both countries who were at constant unrest. The white flag had an image of an undivided Korean map in blue. While not a permanent solution, it is considered as one of the inspirational Olympic moments. 

5) Derek Redmond

British runner Derek Redmon was running the 400m race at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics when he tore his hamstring during the semi-final race. As he chose to continue running, his father came out from the stands and helped his injured son complete the race and let him go before reaching the finishing line.

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