The Value of Mother in Islam

By Rola Abou Alouf | 23, May, 2022
The Value of Mother in Islam

"Allah has given mother such high value in our life that even if we only smile while looking at her Allah will reward us for it."

Islam called for honoring one’s parents, but it paid special attention to the mother, and this was evidenced by what was proven on the authority of Abu Hurayrah - may Allah be pleased with him - who said: 

A man came to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, and said: "O Messenger of Allah, who is more deserving of my good companionship?", He said: "Your mother", "Then who?", "Then your mother", "Then who?", "Then your mother", "Then who?", "Then your father."

And the Messenger of Allah - may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him - said: "Allah commands you to your mothers three times, Allah Almighty commands you to your fathers twice, Allah Most High commands you to be the closest and the closest".

the virtue and value of a mother

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The mention of the mother three times in both hadiths indicates three things: the first is that honoring the mother and being kind to her takes precedence over that of the father, and the second is that the mother’s share of righteousness and good relationship is greater, as it is equivalent to three times the father’s share. Obedience to the mother takes precedence over obedience to the father. The reason for the mother’s entitlement to prioritize her righteousness and good relation over the father is that she alone bears three things; It is the difficulty of pregnancy, which lasts nine months, childbirth, and breastfeeding, then the father continues to participate in education, and she prays for good and success for her children secretly and publicly, and that nothing happens to them that melts and grieves her heart.


The virtues of honoring one's parents

virtues of honoring your parents

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Islam pays great attention to parents, and two things demonstrate that: The first is that Allah Almighty has combined the command of belief in Him and singling Him out with worship with the command to be kind to parents and be kind to them, as in His saying — the Highest —: “And your Lord has commanded that you not worship Allah and the two benefactors.” - The Most High - combine his thanks by thanking them, as in His saying - the Most High -: (Be thankful to me and your parents), It should be noted that being kind to parents and being kind to them is one of the characteristics and noble morals of the prophets.

  • Being close to parents with everything that would bring joy and happiness to their hearts; Such as kissing their foreheads and hands, giving them space in the gathering, walking behind them except at night for fear of stumbling, and staying away from the bad company in order to preserve oneself and the reputation of the parents.
  • Seek to end the differences and problems that may arise between the parents by clarifying the points of agreement and meeting between them.
  • Asking parents’ permission to enter their rooms, or to travel for study, work, and other aspects of life.
  • The initiative to help the parents, and to respond quickly to their call when they are busy or not.
  • Teaching parents what they are ignorant of about the rulings and teachings of the religion, and being keen to advise them with kindness and leniency by abandoning the sins and sins that one of them may be committing.
  • Avoiding anything that causes distress or distress to the parents; Like frowning in their faces, kindness to them, quarrels in front of them, blaming and admonishing them for their actions and words, and transmitting sad news to them.
  • Avoiding interrupting, refuting or denying the parents’ conversations, raising one’s voice in front of them or them, complaining, getting bored, and shying away from their commands, because of what the Most High said: (Do not say to them, “Afa” or hurt them,and do not rebuke them.)
  • Continuing to honor parents and be kind to them after their death, and this can be achieved by several things,
    • Praying for parents for mercy and forgiveness
    • Pay off parental debts
    • The obligatory fast of the month of Ramadan that the parents were not able to fulfill in order to make up for them
    • Maintaining parental relations and relatives
    • Giving charity in your parents' name.


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