Top 10 Things You Need For Travel in 2022

By Nurul Izzah Saifuddin | 09, Feb, 2022
Top 10 Things You Need For Travel in 2022

With the rise in the number of COVID-19 vaccinations, the travel industry is looking brighter again with borders now opening up through the Vaccination-Travel Lanes (VTL).

Airline procedures in the COVID era

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If you're planning a trip after staying home for a long time, or you're a first-time traveler and you are looking for a list of items to pack in order to better prepare yourself for a more efficient and safer journey, fret not! We have compiled a list of essentials that will undoubtedly help make your trip more enjoyable.

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1. Passport/Visa
Passport visa and plane ticket boarding pass

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Without a doubt, any traveler would know that the passport is the most important item on the list - serving as proof of your identity and nationality. The bearer of a passport is also guaranteed safe passage and protection in the foreign land.

However, in some countries, having just the passport alone is not enough and thus would not guarantee that you will be permitted to enter your desired destination. So also make sure to check whether the country you will be traveling to requires a Visa - a document to allow a person to legally enter a foreign land.

There are also many different types of Visas you can apply for, which you can get more in-depth details through your respective immigration authorities.


2. Vaccination Certificates/Records
Vaccination certificate and face masks

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With VTLs in place, only vaccinated individuals are allowed to travel to another country. Therefore, it is important for you to always have your vaccination records on hand.

On top of having a valid vaccination record, many destinations would also require you to have a Negative Pre-Departure COVID-19 test or Proof of Recovery to ensure that you are also fit for traveling.

Therefore, ensure that you have all the necessary documents and measures done in order for safe travels for all!

You may check the documents you require through your respective immigration authorities. For Singaporeans, or travelers coming to Singapore, you may find out more here.


3. Medication/Travel First Aid Kits
Travel first aid kit medications

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Having a travel first-aid kit is always handy to carry it around with you at all times. It is also highly recommended by health professionals as you would be prepared to handle common medical emergencies at all times. With the current COVID-19 situation, as travelers, we must decrease our chances of falling sick as much as possible.

There are many travel first-aid kits readily available with all the things you need in one small bag. However, if you are wondering what you should be packing in your personal kit, we recommend you to seek your doctor's advice and also check with your airline on what you will be able to bring inflight so that you can put together a medical kit that will be appropriate for your travel.


4. At-home Rapid Antigen Test Kits (ART)
ART Test Kit Rapid Antigen Test

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With COVID-19 still highly present in many countries, many things remain quite uncertain. Although we may be fully vaccinated, it's always great to take extra precautions when we're traveling to another country.

There were many instances where travelers would end up contracting COVID-19 while they are traveling and would end up having to spend more money to purchase test kits and also take additional PCR tests to return home.

Therefore, it is great to always stay prepared with some ART kits in the event that you do end up contracting COVID-19 (although, hopefully not.).

However, do also check the prevailing measures by your respective destinations regarding this issue.


5. Travel Wallet
camera, pen, eyeglasses, watch, coin bank notes

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Travel wallets will change your life if you have never owned one because it does not just help you to stay organized but also keep your important documents, cash with different currencies, credit cards, hotel keys, flight tickets, and everything else easily accessible. It also helps you to keep your items safe all in one place.

Some travel wallets also have safety features like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which will prevent hackers from scanning a person's passport, credit cards, or debit cards without their knowledge using a dedicated card reader - thus giving you peace of mind.

So the next time you're looking for a travel wallet, we suggest finding one with RFID technology that will help block RFID readers!


6. Foldable Shopping Bags
Folding bags on Amazon

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Foldable shopping bags are especially great for traveling as they are not just light but easy to carry around, and will definitely not take up too much space in your luggage!

It also is a perfect storage space to store everything that you have bought throughout your journey. These bags are not just reusable but also durable and come in different sizes.


7. Portable Power Banks/Adapters
Power bank portable chargers and cables

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Portable chargers are important for every traveler especially if you are on the move a lot. For instance, if you are going for a long drive or taking a hiking trip, or even going for a camp, it will definitely be useful in times of need when your devices are running low on battery.

Travel adapters, on the other hand, are important especially if you are going to another country that uses a different type of plug and socket type. There are many travel adapters that you can easily get online which will definitely make your charging experience much easier.


8. HalalTrip App
HalalTrip App Features

As Muslim travelers, when we go to a non-muslim destination there would be times when we will struggle to find Halal food or even the nearest mosque to do our prayers.

Fret not, when you download the HalalTrip App, we've got everything covered for you. From travel duas, prayer times, qibla directions (both inflight and on land) to find the nearest Halal restaurants, mosques, free travel guides, and many more!

The HalalTrip App will definitely be a great companion and make traveling a lot easier for any Muslim traveler and the best part is, it's available for free on both IOS and Android.

Find out more about the HalalTrip App here!


9. Toiletries
Assortment of Toiletries

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Hygiene is definitely one of the most important things that we should not skip especially with the prevailing COVID-19 situation. It is essential for us to take extra precautions with our hygiene and sanitation.

Therefore, you should always keep a pouch with all the different travel-sized hygiene products with you at all times for easier access. Although, you should also ensure that the products you are planning to pack are allowed to be carried inflight.


10. Face Masks & Case
Face masks in cases on sale

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With the ongoing pandemic, to better curb the spread of COVID-19, many flights would require you to put on a face mask throughout the entire journey to your next destination. Therefore, we recommend bringing a compact mask case to store your disposable masks in a safe and clean manner.

This is especially perfect if your disposable face mask straps happen to snap, at least you would have extra masks to spare!

With these items on hand, we hope that your traveling experience would be much more enjoyable and safer during this pandemic. Stay safe and have an air-mazing journey!

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