7 Best Things To Do in The Faroe Islands

By Abdelhakim El Moene | 23, Sep, 2021
7 Best Things To Do in The Faroe Islands

About halfway between Norway and Iceland are the Faroe Islands. They are a North Atlantic archipelago, self-governing yet under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark. It may not be a place you frequently hear of, but knowing about what beauty there is in the Faroe Islands will entice you to visit and discover!

The Faroe Islands are 18 amazing rocky volcanic islands, connected by road tunnels, bridges, and ferries. These islands are home to some 50 000 friendly people only, blessed with the natural beauty of no equal. Exorbitant coastal cliffs, ferocious waves, and winds, mesmerizing waterfalls, mighty mountains often engulfed in mist…just as much as beautiful as you can get from nature! And more!

The Faroe Islands, remote, unseen, unspoiled, rugged, and wild, are an out-of-this-world destination. Discover with us the beautiful Faroe Islands! Here are the 7 best things to see in the Faroe Islands.


1. Trælanípa Lake
Traelanipa Lake Faroe Islands

Image Credit: Sebastian Boring on Unsplash  

This is a lake above the ocean! No doubt the overwhelming sight of it will captivate your senses. Stand at the edge of the cliff and behold a masterpiece of nature, an optical illusion that makes the lake look as though it floats in the air above the ocean. The howling sound of wind and the mighty waves crashing hard against the rock wall will invite you to linger here. At the edge of the lake, there is the breathtaking Bosdalafossur waterfall. This lake is located in Vagar Island near the airport of the Faroe Islands. How to get there? Hike!


2. The Bird Cliffs
Vestmanna Cliffs Bird Puffins Faroe Islands

Image Credit: Guilherme Romano on Unsplash  

The Faroe Islands harbor amazing wildlife. Birdwatchers flock in here to watch a paradise of seabirds that nest and flourish alongside the cliffs. Puffins are the star of this magical show. One of the most popular cliffs here is the Vestmanna cliffs. They rise up to 600 meters and are coated with vivid green moss. No sound here is louder than the squawking and the twittering of birds.


3. The Northern Lights
Northern Lights The Faroe Islands

Image Credit: Kevin Lofthouse on Unsplash  

There is something that nature does in these parts of the world that dazzles the eye and charms the mind: the aurora borealis. Living to see this magical atmospheric phenomenon is a spine-tingling memorable experience. Faroe Islands’ location on earth allows the skywatchers to get a chance to see the Northern Lights. With some luck, these magical light waves will shine and dance in the sky above you.


4. Gjógv Village
Gjogv Village Faroe Islands

Image Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash  

Gjogv is a village located on the northeast tip of the island of Eysturoy. The name literally means gorge. It refers to a stunning gorge that runs from the village into the ocean serving as a natural harbor. Surrounded by mountains, the village is a quiet and charming place where 50 people live in their colorful sod-roofed houses and cottages dotted over the valley.

The village has a camping site and plenty of hiking trails. If you wish to have a longer stay in the village, there is a guesthouse and a teashop where you could meet a few Faroese people and hear about their lives.


5. Múlafossur Waterfall
Mulafossur Waterfall the Faroe Islands

Image Credit: Rogério Toledo on Unsplash  

Located in the village of Gásadalur on Vagar island, Mulafossur is a mesmerizing waterfall the like of which you would never see! It is pretty much easy to reach the waterfall, so it has become a major attraction for hikers and photographers. You would wish for time to stop once your eyes catch sight of waters falling off the cliff onto the ocean and the beautiful houses of Gasadalur village on the green foothills in the background.

No surprise Faroe Islands has many more waterfalls for you to see! Some call it the Land of the 10,000 waterfalls! For instance, Fossá waterfall in Streymoy island is a stunning cascade of waters that fall on two levels. It is the highest of all in the Faroe Islands, and certainly, one of the most impressive waterfalls on earth. Should you be tempted to see it up close, be prepared for mist.


6. Tjørnuvík Village
Tjornuvik Village Faroe Islands

Image Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash  

Tjørnuvík is another beautiful Faroese village. It is the northernmost village of Streymoy Island. It is blessed with a stunning beach that is enclosed by mountains and a wonderful panoramic view over the ocean. To reach the village, you need to drive, or better hike if you like, through a narrow road on a steep hillside from the nearest village, Haldórsvík. Along the way, you discover amazing views before you reach an even more amazing destination.


7. Kallur Lighthouse
Kallur Lighthouse Faroe Islands

Image Credit: Maxdifra74CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located on top of a steep cliff on the island of Kalsoy, the Kallur lighthouse is a popular destination among hikers. Whether it is the spectacular views or your fear of heights, hiking through a narrow trail along the peak of the hill is a literally breathtaking experience, just as everything else seems to be in the Faroe Islands.

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