7 Best Things to Do in Quebec City

By Hishama Hashim | 17, Apr, 2018
7 Best Things to Do in Quebec City

No matter how many times you’ve been to the spectacular French Canadian city of Quebec, there is always something new and unforgettable to discover. North America’s only walled city, Quebec, is undeniably one of our most favourite cities in the world. Small, but offering so much to see and do. It is one destination rich in history, culture and nature. Cruise your way through Quebec as they boasts their mesmerizing castles, charming streets, chic cafés, evoking the romantic ambience of this city. On the other hand, this city is also a place of wonder for all you adventure seekers, looking for activities that will get you out of your comfort zone! The UNESCO World Heritage site is magical no matter when you visit; summer or winter. This French-speaking city and its unique identity never fails to impress even the most well-seasoned travelers.

While the attractions in Quebec City are aplenty, not many stay long enough to experience them all. So if you’re planning a short trip and are wondering what the top places to visit in Quebec City, then we’ve got you covered! Our guide covers things that if missed, in our opinion, will deem your trip incomplete, so be sure to include all of it in your itinerary for the trip of a lifetime!


1. Explore Old Quebec

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No trip to Quebec City is complete without a visit to its famed Old Town; where narrow, winding cobblestone streets meet quaint stone buildings, making it a living museum. The designated UNESCO World Heritage Site is the perfect example of what living in a fortified city was like centuries ago. The sweeping view of the Saint-Lawrence River from the Upper Town is a must-see for every visitor, and the numerous historic buildings and sites. Places such as the Place Royale and the Plains of Abraham will definitely leave you in awe with their brilliant architecture. While you are here, make sure to take a stroll along the fortified walls surrounding the Old Town, and get yourself a picture with one of the most photographed hotels on the planet - the Château Frontenac! Also filled with countless impressive restaurants and cafés, including some of Canada’s best stores and boutiques. You’ll have plenty to do and see in Old Quebec, so make sure you have your walking shoes on when visiting!


2. Experience Carnaval de Quebec

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If you’re visiting Quebec during its coldest months of January and February, then the famous Winter Carnival is one thing you cannot miss! The massive, colourful festival embraces the weather - ice, snow and all - and is one of the city’s most important events, highlighting its history and culture. Locals look forward to it, and tourists from all over the world fly in just to experience it right before their eyes. The magical event spans a couple of weeks, and these activities include live shows, parades, their traditional ice canoe race, sleigh races through the Plains of Abraham, snow sculpting competitions, skating and so much more! Attended by around a million people annually, this event is one of the top things to do in Quebec City during the winter months, so don’t miss out!


3. Snack on Maple Syrup

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Did you know that Quebec is the home of maple syrup? Producing around 77% of the world’s supply of maple syrup, Quebec is the place to go to get your hands on these sweet and sticky Canadian treat. Get your sweet fix at one of the many ‘sugar shacks’ or cabanes à sucre in the province that are open year round. Just a short distance from the Old Town, these sugar shacks will give you the opportunity to learn all about the maple syrup and the whole process on how to produce it. Here you'll experience hands-on activities, taste Canadian delicacies all centered on maple and even experience shows where the syrup takes center stage! Sampling taffy that is poured hot-hot on snow to cool it and then shaped onto a stick before hardening is an absolute experience you won’t forget!


4. Stay at the Ice Hotel

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Have you ever visited a hotel made entirely of snow and ice? Well then, Quebec City’s incredible Hôtel de Glace will leave you a little cold, and quite a bit speechless. Located just a few minutes away from downtown Quebec City, and offering you a one-of-a-kind experience, Hôtel de Glace attracts thousands of visitors each year during winter. The hotel which has 45 original themed rooms and suites is entirely redesigned and rebuilt each year in winter. If you’re not convinced about spending your night in room made of ice, then just take a tour of the hotel, learn all about its construction and its fascinating architecture. See what it’s like to spend a night in an sleeping on a bed of ice instead of actually doing so. The hotel also has spas and saunas to counter the cold, and they are known for their drinks like apple cream and maple cider served in glasses, again, made of ice!

Address: 1860, Valcartier blvd, Valcartier, Quebec, G0A 4S0, Canada
Contact: +1 418 844 2200
Website: www.hoteldeglace-canada.com


5. Check out Petit Champlain

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One of the most popular places to visit in Quebec City is the district of Petit Champlain. Located in Old Quebec, Quartier Petit Champlain or the Petit Champlain district is where you need to head for a bit of shopping. But here’s what makes it even more famous; the district is not only the best place to pick up some souvenirs, but also great for those looking to immerse themselves further into city’s fascinating history. Known to be the oldest commercial district in North America, the Petit Champlain district’s cobblestoned streets are lined with historic buildings, great restaurants and cafés, art galleries, and souvenir shops. While in Petit Champlain, also make some time to climb the Escalier Casse-Cou or Breakneck Steps; named after the steep rise of the 59 stairs it is made up of. Built in 1635, this is Quebec City’s oldest stairway.


6. Wander around Montmorency Falls Park

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Just a short drive from Quebec City, along the St. Lawrence River, Montmorency Falls Park or Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is one of the most scenic sites in the province. A nature lover’s paradise, Montmorency Falls Park is spectacular no matter when you visit, as its natural beauty shines be it summer or winter, day or night. The park is home to numerous hiking trails leading to breathtaking views, playgrounds, and bike paths, but it is most famous for being the location of the thundering 83 meter high Montmorency Falls. 30 meters taller than the Niagara Falls, the Montmorency Falls is the park’s key attraction. While there are numerous ways to appreciate the attraction; from the many lookout points, from a cable car, a scenic stairway and even a suspension bridge, we think the best way to take in the falls, and its magical surroundings is to zip line across the cove of the falls! Starting at the top of a cliff, the zip line takes two people at a time, across 300 metres of the falls and lands at the scenic La Baronne viewpoint. Take in the adrenaline rush and the indescribable view of the amazing Montmorency Falls!

Address: 5300 boulevard Sainte-Anne, Quebec City, Quebec G1C 0M3, Canada
Opening Hours: Open throughout the day, year round
Ticket Price: Entrance to the Park and Falls: Free
Visit website for seasonal rates for the double zip line and cable car
Contact: +1 418-663-3330
Website: https://www.sepaq.com/ct/pcm/index.dot?language_id=1


7. Stroll down Terrasse Dufferin

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Offering stunning views of the St. Lawrence River and overlooking Old Quebec, Terrasse Dufferin is a popular spot amongst locals and tourists alike as it is the perfect place to enjoy the city’s rich history along with its natural beauty. Today, one of Quebec City’s most popular walkways is the Terrasse Dufferin which was once a military fortification. While you see the old cannons that once protected the city lining, the walkway has become a lively area packed with street performers and entertainers, artists and sightseers. If you’re visiting during winter, an ice toboggan ride is not to be missed! For history buffs seeking for more information on the attraction and its surroundings, there are guided tours of the area that can be taken at a small fee.

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