Top 10 Things to do in Taichung, Taiwan

By Arwa Munnaverali | 05, Mar, 2021
Top 10 Things to do in Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung is known to be a fun-loving city where there is an abundance of exceptional things to involve yourself in. Taiwan’s second-largest city, Taichung provides tourists with a brimming and vast cultural aspect and is specifically sought out for its art, chic hotspots such as restaurants and boutique cafes, and their plethora of universities. Due to the overgrowing availability of attractions, delicious food, and cultural phenomenon this city is becoming well-known amongst tourists which makes this destination a must-visit when in Taiwan.

A couple of must-knows before your trip to Taichung:

  1. The Taichung MRT is in operation. You can get to Taichung from Taipei using the Taipei High-Speed Rail from any of the main stations in Taipei. It will take you approximately 40 minutes to get to Taichung.
  2. Taichung buses are free for rides under 10 km.
  3. An alternate travel method could be utilizing the YouBike service or renting a vehicle/scooter.
  4. Portable wi-fi is available.

Here is a list of attractions and activities you could do while in Taichung:


Take a stroll in Taichung Park
Taichung Park Taiwan

Image Credit: Fcuk1203CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Considering the number of parks Taichung has to offer, Taichung Park is known to be one of the largest parks in the vicinity of the city center which dates back to the early 1900s. It brims with scenic and breathtaking views and is the perfect spot to visit for a morning jog or an evening walk. To top it off, what makes this attraction additionally spectacular, especially during nighttime, is the view of the Taichung Park Pavilion which is on the opposite side of the lake.

PS – Make sure you take in the views by taking a boat ride on the lake!

  • Address - No. 65, Section 1, Shuangshi Road, North District
  • How to get there - Taichung Park is approximately 10 minutes from the Taichung train station
  • Operating timings – Open 24 hours, daily


Bask in the vibrant colors of Rainbow Village
Rainbow Village Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: Nico Kaiser on flickr

Rainbow Village a sight for sore eyes! This attraction was once the home of former military employees and is now known for its flamboyantly decorated houses and streets. The story behind this Village is quite an extraordinary one. Back in the day, there was a former Chinese soldier by the name of Huang Yong-Fu who was reluctant to leave this area even after his colleagues did so. To prevent the settlements from being demolished he started to paint the walls of his house in vibrant shades. To this date, Huang Yong-Fu still resides in the area and is known as ‘Rainbow Grandpa’. He allows tourists to tour his home for free of charge and bask in the uniqueness of this Village.

PS – It is highly recommended to visit during the morning time when the crowd is less.

  • Address - 25, lane 56, Chun An Street, Nantun District
  • How to get there – Hail a taxi or bus number 617 from the Taichung HSR station or from the Taichung train station you can hop onto bus number 27 from across the street to Gancheng Village which is about an hour’s journey. From the stop, it is a 10-minute walk to the Rainbow Village.
  • Operating timings – 8 am to 6 pm, daily
  • Contact number - +886423802351


Catch a glimpse of My Neighbor Totoro at the Totoro Bus Stop
My Neighbor Totoro Bus Stop Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: @ititaitra on Instagram

Fan of anime? The Totoro Bus Stop is a must-visit! This location portrays sculptures and paintings of Totoro and No-Face by fans who have gained inspiration from the 1980s Japanese animated film – My Neighbor Totoro. Another location you can view these paintings are at the second Totoro bus stop located at Painted Animation lane. Recall the episodes of the anime from this beautiful intricate art which is also very picture-worthy!

  • Address - No. 133, Qiao Cheng Road, Dali District, Taichung City, Taiwan
  • How to get there – From the Taichung train station, head south for 30 minutes or catch a bus to Dazhi Qiaocheng Intersections


Confucius Temple Taichung
Confucius Temple Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: Yu-Chan Chen on flickr

If you like paying a visit to temples when you are a tourist in another country, the Taichung Confucius Temple is definitely worth your time. Taiwan has more than 20 temples dedicated to a renowned Chinese philosopher, Confucius, and Taichung’s Confucius Temple is one of them. This temple goes back to 1976 and is known for its simplicity, splendid architecture, and abiding by the phrase ‘less is more’. Located close by is the Taichung Martyr’s Shrine as well.

PS – Try to visit during September, during the month of Confucius’s birthday. Celebrations are in full swing!

  • Address - No. 30, Section 2, Shuangshi Road, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404
  • How to get there – From Taichung Park head north for a 15-minute walk towards Taichung Confucius Temple. Other accessible transport means are either a bus or a cab.
  • Operating timings – 9 am to 5 pm
  • Contact number - +886 4 2233 2264


Feast at Feng Chia/ Fengjia Night Market
Feng Chia Fengjia Night Market Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: dabing626CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If it is one thing Taichung is most popular for, it is their night markets! Feng Chia/ Fengjia Night Market is situated right next to the Feng Chia University and is always overflowing with aromas of delectable cuisines and street food. Not only are they famous for their street food but it is also known for clothing and accessories at a steal of a price! To make it more convenient for visitors, this night market has stalls that open up by 2 pm and close by 2 am. You are advised to go early to avoid getting pushed and elbowed by large crowds that the Feng Chia Night Market attracts!

  • Address - Wenhua Road, Xitun District
  • How to get there – It is a 20-minute walk from Chaoma Bus Station or alternatively, you could even catch a bus that will drop you off at the Feng Chia University stop.
  • Operating timings – 2 pm (most stalls around 4 pm) to 2 am
  • Contact number - +886 4 2451 5940


Reminisce at Earthquake Museum
Earthquake Museum Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: Mk2010CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This spot is best suited for somebody who is into History and historical events. The Earthquake Museum portrays scenes from the 1999 7.3 magnitude earthquake which to date is known as one of the most disastrous devastations in the history of Taiwan. It was given the name ‘Jiji Earthquake’ and was accountable for over 2400 people's lives and billions worth of destruction.

One of the key features of the Earthquake Museum is how the Guangfu Junior High School has been depicted which is an area center and worst hit by the earthquake. Visitors are still able to view the broken-down buildings and structures which were unmoved since the disaster.

PS – Sign yourself up for the simulated earthquake experience which occurs approximately every 30 minutes for a small fee.

  • Address - No. 192, Xinsheng Road, Wufeng District, Taichung City, Taiwan 413
  • How to get there - Hop onto bus number 151 from the Taichung HSR station to Guangfu Village. From there it is a 10-minute walk to the Earthquake Museum.
  • Entrance - NT50 for adults. Free of charge for children under 6 years.
  • Operating timings – 9 am to 5 pm
  • Contact number - +886 4 2339 0906


Gulp down Pearl Milk Tea at Chun Shui Tang
Pearl Milk Tea Chun Chui Tang Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: Lisanto 李奕良 on Unsplash

This is a callout to all bubble tea lovers! Head over to Chun Shui Tang to get your cravings satisfied! Bubble tea, or popularly known as boba and pearl milk tea is one of the delicacies that are famous in Taiwan. Chun Shui Tang has over 15 locations in Taiwan and they are also spread across the globe in regions such as Hong Kong and Japan. If you have a craze for pearl milk tea and are a fan of any kind of tea, this spot is a must-visit when in Taichung! You will not be disappointed!

  • Address - No. 30, Siwei Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403
  • How to get there – this spot is a 12-minute walk from the Taichung train station
  • Operating timings – 8 am to 10 pm
  • Contact number - +886 4 2229 7991

Disclaimer: Consume at your own discretion. We advise you to check with the staff there on the halal assurance of the food sold just to be safe.


Get a brain freeze from Miyahara Ice Cream
Miyahara Ice Cream Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: Shou-Hui Wang on flickr

Pastries, souvenirs, scrumptious cookies, ice cream, and pineapple cakes! What more goodies could a tourist ask for? Radiating a very Harry Potter rustic-like vibe Miyahara houses a range of delectable delicacies and memoirs you can take back home. You can also visit the elegant café and tea spot on the second floor which houses some of the best uniquely created ice cream your taste buds will ever meet! Perfect for the weather of Taichung, this spot is famous amongst both tourists and locals. Truly melts in your mouth and is creaminess galore!

PS - there are often long lines at Miyahara so try your best to beat the crowds and visit close to opening or later in the evening when it is less crowded.

  • Address - No. 20, Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan 400
  • Operating timings – 10 am to 10 pm
  • Contact number - +886 4 2227 1927

Disclaimer: Consume at your own discretion. We advise you to check with the staff there on the halal assurance of the food sold just to be safe.


Relive your childhood at Painted Animation Lane
Painted Animation Lane Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: @a_yogis_universe on Instagram

I am sure all of us have had a hard-core love for cartoons during our childhood. If you wish to relive these moments, head over to Painted Animation Lane and go crazy exploring a street brimming with art and paintings of famous cartoon characters ranging from Super Mario, Looney Tunes, etc. This lane is known to be picturesque and the ideal source of pictures for all you Instagram lovers. There are also a couple of souvenir boutiques from where you can purchase toys, and anything cartoon-related!

PS – if you end up making the journey to Painted Animation Lane, stopover at Liuchuan Riverside Walk which is a lovely place to take a walk.

  • Address - Lane 100, Linsen Road, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403
  • How to get there – It is a 20-minute walk from Taichung Train Station
  • Operating timings – Open 24 hours, daily


Catch a Sunset
Sunset over Taichung Taiwan

Image Credit: David Guenther on Unsplash

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy and overwhelming Taichung city lifestyle and head over to the Kaomei Wetlands or the Gaomei Wetlands to catch one of the most perfect sunsets you will ever witness.

At the Kaomei Wetlands not only would you be able to catch a beautiful sunset, but you will also get to see fascinating creatures such as a plethora of exotic marine life, crabs, and different species of birds. Grab a jacket a take a stroll on the seashore while you take in the windy breeze!

Even though Gaomei Wetlands is not as stunning during the daytime, the sunset experience you will go through will change your entire perspective on the location. Take a walk to the finish of the 800m path and you will encounter a wide-open area where you can either walk on the wet sand or just dangle your legs over the edge.

PS – Make sure to check the weather forecast before visiting. Sunset timings in Taichung are ideally at around 5 30 pm.

Kaomei Wetlands

  • Address - Qingshui, Taichung, Taiwan

Gaomei Wetlands

  • Address - Qingshui District, Taichung City 436, Taiwan

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