Top 10 Things to do in Tioman, Malaysia

By Bella Arti | 05, Oct, 2021
Top 10 Things to do in Tioman, Malaysia

Known for its magnificent white-sandy beaches, Tioman Island is situated in the South China Sea, approximately 65 km off Kuala Rompin, Malaysia that makes this island a perfect spot for local tourists or tourists from all over South East Asia and the world!


What is special about Tioman Island?

Not only for its white-sand beaches, in Tioman Island, but you will also uncover dozens of ecological and geological beauties. Being ever recorded as one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Tioman offers you its diverse marine life, clear water, lush inland rain forest, panoramic waterfalls, and an array of wildlife. Being an arcadia for nature lovers, and thrill-seekers especially surfers and snorkelers, Tioman is also perfect for those of you who crave a break for a staycation with its resorts and spas.

Now, has it raised your interest and curiosity on Tioman Island? If so, therefore, no need to wait, let's now uncover Tioman Island with these top 10 things to do in Tioman!


1. Go Around the Island to See Its Infinite Beaches
Pulau Tioman Island Beach

Image Credit: Kishor on Unsplash  

There are 11 beaches on Tioman Island. Those eleven beaches in Tioman are namely Paya Beach, Tekek Beach, Juara Beach, Nipah Beach, Air Batang Beach, Salang Beach, Genting Beach, Mukut Beach, Monkey Beach, Lalang Beach, Lanting Beach. However, it is not limited to its existing numbers since there are a bunch of deserted beaches in Tioman.

Nevertheless, here are some of Tioman’s best beaches that you deserve to know!

Trust me, here, you can pick any beach that suits you. Function-wise, head to Paya Beach if you are looking to sunbathe.

Then, there is Tekek Beach that is perfect for swimming due to its clear waters. There lie some resorts too, which makes this beach a perfect location for a staycation.

Next, let’s head to Juara Beach. Resembles its name which means champion, Juara Beach offers an array of things that you can do. From swimming to seeing baby turtles at Juara Turtle Project hatchery.

Some other beaches worth mentioning are Nipah Beach, Salang Beach, and Mukut Beach for their serenity.


2. Enjoy Fresh Seafood at ABC Restaurant

Saltwater, sun-kissed skin, and fresh seafood. Ah… what a perfect combination for a tropical getaway.

We have the beaches, now what about the fresh seafood? Well, if you are looking for the best place to eat seafood in Tioman, then you should go to ABCD Restaurant which is a part of ABC Chalets. This is one of the most favorite restaurants amongst tourists in Tioman. You should expect some crowds going there due to its infamous BBQ Special. Expect to be lured by their mouth-watering smell of grilled seafood that is seasoned with signature Malaysian spices. Other than seafood, they also serve flavorful chicken BBQ.


3. Heal Your Soul by Jungle Trekking in Tioman
Pulau Tioman Island Jungle trees

Image Credit: Cecile Hournau on Unsplash  

Have a wild adventure by trekking through the trails in the jungle of Tioman. There are two trails in Tioman that you can go through and those are Tekek Village to Juara and Salang Bay to Monkey Bay or Turtle Bay.

Beforehand, please prepare your hiking apparel especially hiking shoes and insect repellent. Furthermore, doing this can be therapeutic especially if you love nature and wildlife. In the path, you might encounter waterfalls. You can also learn about medicinal plants along the way if you decided to use a trekking guide.


4. Go Sea Kayaking and Snorkelling at Salang Beach

With its clear and calm water, Salang Beach is the best place to sea kayak in Tioman. Other than that, coral reefs are very close to the beach which makes it also perfect for snorkeling. Renting snorkeling gear is relatively very cheap here, which costs around RM 15. Some tourists rather choose both activities where they go kayaking and snorkeling. However, you can also swim towards the reefs without much effort, literally.

What’s best is that in Salang Beach, you can see with your own eyes how astonishing marine life is on the Tioman’s coral reef. Maybe these are the factors that make Salang Beach a backpacker's favorite place in Tioman.


5. Learn How to Dive and Get Certificated

Talking about snorkeling is not enough if we have not talked about diving in Tioman. If you are staying long in Tioman, you might consider taking their Diving course which costs around RM 1,200. There scattered diving center all around the island that offers diving certification (PADI). Just to be sure, this is not an activity for those of you that are afraid of water or the deep sea.

For those who already can dive, diving in Tioman Island will be one of the most fantastic experiences you would never forget. Experience and witness Tioman’s incredible marine life including sea turtles or blacktip sharks with your own eyes which mostly costs RM 250 for 3 hours.


6. Go on A Fishing Trip to Catch Your Dinner
Pulau Tioman Island

Image Credit: Manon Brousse on Unsplash  

If eating seafood that has been served for you feels less challenging, then you should probably try catching your dinner out in the sea with your own hands. Yup! On Tioman Island, you can try fishing out in the sea up to 25 kilometers offshore.

There are a lot of places that serve fishing trip private charter services in Tioman. A full-day fishing trip packages including lunch and professional equipment for fishing costs around RM 4430. The boat can take up to four people which is perfect for a family or group.


7. Conquer the Waves and Surf at Juara Beach

Juara Beach is where you should be heading for the first time arriving in Tioman if you love surfing. You can witness Juara Beach’s swell that can go up as tall as 20 meters (as tall as a 5-floor building) in the rainy season. Seriously, you should see it for yourself!

Surfboard rental can easily be spotted on this beach. This makes it easier for you to surf when you are not able to bring the equipment by yourself. Therefore, rest-assured at Juara Beach and just enjoy the waves.


8. Play Golf on an Incredible Landscape at Tioman

You might never expect that there is a golf driving range at Tioman, but there is. This driving range first opened in 1989. There is a total of 18 holes on the driving range that were designed by two people. The first nine holes are called the Seaview, were designed by Ronald Fream. The second nine holes are called the Hillview, were designed by Michael Coate.

Imagine golfing with the view of the wide ocean in the Seaview and the view of the hills on the Hillside. Playing golf with Tioman’s fantastic view can become the best memory you have ever recorded on your mind. A game at all 18 holes at Tioman’s driving range costs around RM 290, including buggy and clubs.


9. Admire Asah Waterfall
Air Terjun Batu Asah Waterfall Pulau Tioman Island

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There are a lot of ways getting to Asah Waterfall, from hiking or boat ride to taxi. It all depends on your level of comfort. Had become one of the main attractions is Tioman, Asah Waterfall has featured in the film entitled South Pacific (1958).

Located in the Tioman’s pristine rainforest, getting to Asah Waterfall by hiking is the best way of getting your best experience on the island. You can see its rich wildlife and most natural ecosystem on your way to the waterfall. After arriving, you will never be disappointed because the water that falls in Asah Waterfall is very fresh that you can wash your face with the water.


10. Mingle with Local Fishermen at Genting Village

If you choose to go to Genting Village, make sure your goal is indeed to observe and mingle with the fishermen because their beach is rather rocky than sandy. To get to see the fishermen hauling back their catch in Genting Village, you will need to wake up early.

Going here can add perspective to your thoughts of how we should respect fishermen’s work and our nature in producing food. Since you might miss your breakfast because of going here early, there are a lot of eateries in Genting Village. Therefore, you do not need to travel back to your place of stay and have a plate of fresh catch there.


Final Thoughts

Those are all the ten things to do on Tioman Island. We sure do hope this list can help you in choosing the best activities there! Other than that, you need to know that there are more than 5 mosques scattered around the Tioman. One of the most beautiful mosques is Masjid Kampung Tekek. It is where you can see the most breathtaking view.

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