Things To Do To Keep You Entertained During a Long-haul Flight

By Babajide IJIYODE | 09, Jan, 2023
Things To Do To Keep You Entertained During a Long-haul Flight

Long-haul flights allow you to travel the world and visit great locations. But they may also be quite tiresome and dreary. It's not always enjoyable to spend several hours in the same chair. Because of this, many tourists look for activities to pass the time.

So, what can you do on the plane to improve your flying experience? You may engage in a wide variety of activities throughout your travel. This article will discuss how to have fun when flying and what to do on a lengthy journey in a variety of circumstances, such as when you're flying alone or with children.

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Watch A Moviewatching a movie onboard

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This is one of our top recommendations for things to do on a long-haul journey. No matter the airline, long-haul in-flight entertainment is often excellent and offers access to films that haven't yet been made available for home viewing. Watch the newest and best movies as you unwind! See what's available to watch for your travel dates by visiting your airline's website.

Bring your phone, laptop, or tablet and download many TV episodes and movies before your flight if the airline you're traveling on doesn't offer personal entertainment displays or you're unsure whether it does. Your flight time will be nicely spent watching each movie for a couple of hours.


Use Wi-Fiusing wifi on flight

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The days of taking off into the air and spending the entire day cut off from the outer world are long gone. In-flight satellite Wi-Fi is increasingly common in today's airlines, allowing you to access the internet, stream content, use Instagram, communicate, and conduct as much research as you like. Depending on the airline, Wi-Fi may be either free or charged, so be certain to visit their website first.


Stream Podcasts

Another great method to kill time is to listen to podcasts. You may close your eyes or look out the window while listening to your favorite hosts talk about discourses that intrigue you, such as life talks, economics, or sports. If you discover a program you truly enjoy, you won't even realize the minutes and hours passing. One of our recommended podcasts would be The Halal Travel Podcast, which is a lighthearted space that discusses the heart and soul of Muslim millennials. Available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and Anchor.


Write a Journal

If you frequently travel, regularly write notes in a diary, or think it would be something you'd be interested in, why not spend the time in the air to reflect on your most recent trip and list all of its highlights? Your future self will appreciate the happy recollections, and it's a nice method to recall the minute nuances of your days that you would otherwise forget.

Your travel diary may be written in whatever format you choose. Also, we suggest updating it daily or near the conclusion of your journey while everything is still vivid in your memory.


Go Through Your Picturesediting photos

Image Credit: Igor Lypnytskyi on Unsplash

You can bring out your laptop and go through your vacation photos. You can also transfer new pictures from your phone to your laptop to save yourself time when you come home. While it might be a tiresome task to complete while jet-lagged, it can also be an enjoyable opportunity to reflect on your trip while you fly home. You can edit the photos and make them appear fantastic or upload, review, and organize your photographs into folders. The flight is the ideal time to get your images ready if you intend to post them to a blog or social media.


Practice Meditation

Utilize and channel your inner calmness by meditating as you travel through the air. Meditation is growing in popularity. It can put you at ease, help you overcome your fear of flying, and lull you to a light slumber while you're in the air. It requires just 20 minutes a day of meditation to start feeling more sombre, enlightened, and self-aware.



That concludes our list of activities you can do to help manage a long-haul flight. These flights can be monotonous, draining, and tiresome, but if you have patience and remember the tips above, you'll arrive at your destination refreshed and feeling good!

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