Things We Miss In Hong Kong

By Nazirah Nurfatin | 18, May, 2020
Things We Miss In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant city, with many attractions and iconic landmarks that lie in the city. There are many places to explore and appreciate here in Hong Kong. Its high rise buildings, local heritage, and the food are some of the many attractions that Hong Kong has to offer. However, due to the current unfavourable climate where travel is no longer possible, we may not be able to enjoy that just yet. As tourists, particularly those who have gone to Hong Kong at least once, here are the things that we will definitely miss in Hong Kong! 

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1. Vibrant Neighbourhood

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Hong Kong has a very distinct neighbourhood scene; certain housing estates in Hong Kong are well-known amongst celebrities, social influencers and tourists to get some of their best photos taken. The Choi Hung Estate is one such famous housing estates; the vibrant colours and the location of the place itself had definitely attracted tourists and photographers. It was said that having your picture taken there could make you feel that you’re at the centre of the world. Other popular estates include the Lok Wah estate and the Ping Shek Estate. These are definitely some of the famous tourist hotspots. 

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Other than these, we will also miss the high rise buildings with shops just below them that fill Hong Kong’s neighbourhood. Yik Cheong Building offers such aesthetics where housing units are situated in close proximity with each other and various shops are situated below these units. This offers a rare opportunity for tourists to enjoy the architecture of the neighbourhood. We will surely miss Hong Kong’s vibrant neighbourhoods that add to the uniqueness of Hong Kong. 


2. Local Food 

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When you think of Hong Kong, surely you’ll think of their famous local food scene! Handmade Dim Sum, egg tarts, roasted duck rice, veal goulash (yum!) and many more. For the authentic taste and experience of these local delights, Hong Kong is the perfect place to go. Sure you can find some of these Hong Kong delicacies elsewhere but we will miss the authentic taste that you can get specially from Hong Kong. The taste of freshly made Halal veal goulash from Ma’s restaurant, the wide variety of Halal Dim Sum menu that you can choose from over at Islamic Centre Canteen or the egg tarts from Chrisly Bakery that just melts in your mouth (oh we miss them!). 

We will also miss the experiences that come with getting some of our local Hong Kong food. I’m sure some of you have experienced queuing up for dim sum or the famous egg tarts, with the smell lingering in the air outside these shops. 


3. Michelin Starred Halal Certified Food

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We will miss enjoying Halal Certified food with Michelin Stars. As a cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong offers a wide range of food from all over the world, including local food fused with Western ones. Thinking about the fine quality and savoury taste of some of the best Halal Certified food in Hong Kong makes us tourists hungry and yearning for them now. 

Image Credit: Bombay Dreams on Facebook

Bombay Dreams, an Indian restaurant, which has a Michelin Star awarded to them, is dedicated to serving some of the best cuisines that highlight the taste of Northern India. We will miss dining in at this restaurant, enjoying the ambience and company of those dining with us.

Image Credit: Imperial Patisserie on Facebook

Also, for those of us with a sweet tooth, we will miss going to this newly Halal certified bakery like Imperial Patisserie. This bakery, which is also awarded the Michelin Star, offers a variety of sweet treats like cookies, cakes, pastries, which tourists can choose from. The design of the bakery combines both the modern and traditional style to give off a nostalgic feel to customers. We will miss getting our sweet treats from this bakery either as gifts for our friends and family or for ourselves. 


4. Trams in Hong Kong

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The trams in Hong Kong, also known as the tramways, are popular modes of transportation amongst the tourists. This is mainly because the tramways cover a wide range of tourist spots so it will be easier for tourists to take a tour around Hong Kong. The tramways also provide a more affordable alternative to get around the city, with a good view of landscapes and iconic buildings all over Hong Kong. Not only that, it is convenient to use; passengers could easily buy the Octopus Card at any MTR station and use it to pay tram fares. 

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The tramways have had a long history in Hong Kong, it was one of the first few public transportations in Hong Kong, that had lasted from the British rule till now. Seeing it on the roads or directly taking it may bring nostalgia and fond memories. Riding the tramways will be missed as it reminds us of the beauty and unique feature of Hong Kong through iconic landmarks and buildings that we get to see while riding the tram. 

5. The Cool Weather 

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One of the things that we will miss in Hong Kong is the cool weather. Hong Kong’s weather from October to December is considered to be the most ideal as it is sunny and cool. It is highly recommended for tourists to visit Hong Kong during this period. 

Looking back at the past when we were able to visit theme parks like Hong Kong Disneyland and take beautiful pictures at the Victoria Peak in this favourable cool weather, we definitely would love to return to Hong Kong to experience this feeling once again.

6. Hospitality In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is famous for being a tourist-friendly destination. Most of the locals in Hong Kong can speak English and they often offer their help to foreign tourists. There are also locals at train stations who never fail to offer help to tourists who face difficulty trying to get around the city. 

Other than this, road and street signs can also be found in English, making it easier for tourists to manoeuvre their way in the city. We will miss this wonderful hospitality provided by the locals in Hong Kong in order to ensure that foreign tourists enjoy safe and comfortable travel. 


7. Local Culture and Heritage Hong Kong Museum of History | 香港歷史博物館

Image Credit: Hong Kong Museum of History

Don’t you miss learning more about the local culture and heritage in Hong Kong? Because I do! Hong Kong offers various iconic landmarks, historical buildings and museums that show you an insight into Hong Kong’s rich history and culture. 

The Hong Kong Museum of History features a wide range of exhibits and artefacts spread across 8 galleries. You can learn a lot about the culture and heritage of Hong Kong as this museum highlights the development of Hong Kong and showcases key events and actors that have played a major role in the development of Hong Kong. 

There are also both Chinese and Colonial heritage sites that we could visit to know more about the history and culture of Hong Kong. We will miss museum-hopping and visiting famous cultural and heritage sites in Hong Kong. 

There you have it, 7 things we will miss in Hong Kong. Even though we no longer have the luxury to travel due to the unfavourable situation we are in, we hope that you never forget all the fond memories you have spent in Hong Kong. Hopefully, when the situation is better, you will be able to relive some of these memories once again and even create newer ones by visiting other places in Hong Kong. 

This article is brought to you by Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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