The Halal Travel Podcast | Kaven Siddique Lim On His Convert Journey & Performing Umrah as a New Muslim

By Halal Trip | 30, Apr, 2021

In this episode, we spoke with Kaven Siddique Lim from Converts Central, a podcast focusing on the challenges that Muslim converts face along with the conversion journey to help Muslims from all backgrounds.

Kaven Siddique Lim reverted to Islam at the age of 18 and since then, he has been active in the local Muslim converts association. He, together with a team of volunteers, manage The Converts Central — a podcast focusing on the challenges new Muslims face along their conversion journey. Listening to his personal conversion journey was truly inspiring and also relevant to the blessed month of Ramadan that we are in. We hope you love this episode and Siddique as much as we do!


What to Listen For

  • Kaven's Backstory, his convert journey
  • Growing up and he was first exposed to Islam and the teachings
  • His first visit to a Mosque
  • Biggest Challenges when entering Islam
  • Questions and approach to religion
  • Going to Darul Arqam, Muslim Converts Association of Singapore, to learn more about Islam and the Quran
  • The converting process and telling his family about converting to Islam
  • The support from his family
  • The reasons behind Converts Central
  • Struggles and support of converts during the Circuit Breaker
  • Being Muslim in a non-Muslim majority place
  • Being Podcasters — Content Creation and sharing stories
  • Ramadan for Converts — Kaven's first Ramadan
  • "Selective Islam"
  • Communities in Darul Arqam - A pillar of strength
  • Sharing about Islam — Showing as a form of sharing about Islam
  • Kaven's Umrah — Post-ORD trip
  • Darul Arqam — More than just for Converts
  • Shout out to Converts Central!
  • Converts Central's future plans — Series, Events, and Direction


Selected Links From the Episode

Converts Central
Instagram |  Spotify 

Darul Arqam
Instagram |  Facebook |  Youtube 


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